Huge Pedogate Bust: Founder of Street Kids International, Former Senior UN Official FACING PEDOPHILIA CHARGES IN NEPAL


Canadian Pedophile Peter Dalglish
L to R: Peter Dalglish with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

KATHMANDU — Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Nepal has arrested sixty-years-old Canadian Peter Dalglish in pedophile case from Mandan Deupur-1, Kavre on Saturday morning around 6:30. Danglish was staying at Chil Kaji Maharjan’s home and was found with two children aged 12 and 14. The children have been rescued and Dalglish is now under investigation for pedophilia.

Dalglish was involved with Himalayan Community Foundation since last two years and have been involved with the community. He was helping the locality for their education, water sanitation, and selected children to help them in their studies and even take them abroad. CIB Nepal has been investigating since the victims could be more than two.

According to Wikipedia, Peter Dalglish “(born 20 May 1957), is a Canadian humanitarian and founder of the Street Kids International charity and the Trails Youth Initiative program. He is currently the Country Representative for UN-Habitat in Afghanistan”. He is also an alumnus of Stanford University and Dalhousie University. Dalglish has worked as Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Party for UN-Habitat in Kabul, Afghanistan between October 2010 to December 2014. He also became the Chief of Party until the end of his mission in July 2015 from December 2014.

According to Nepal’s law, Dalglish will be sentenced to jail for 15 years and has to compensate to the victims too.

Dalglish was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2017.


CIB Nepal detains Canadian Pedophile Peter Dalglish for 25 days, investigation going full-scale


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