Humic Cures Cancer, Stops Viruses and More!

Humic acids are made in the soil and are essential for plants to grow.    They contain all the known vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Fulvic acids are humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content.   Fulvic acids opens cell membranes to allow nutrients inside.  Kerry describes in this video how humic and fulvic work for the human body and how fertilizers and pesticides stunt the microorganisms in the soil so none of the Fulvic acid is produced thus none of the minerals from the soil get into the plant!

If you give your body the humic acid it needs you’re going to notice immediate results!  Mineral absorption goes up and that helps all processes in the body!  Watch the video and see the amazing benefits of getting enough humic!

Ancient Health Secret – Humic and Fulvic! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

But the news about humic gets even better and this is the stuff the medical establishment don’t want you to know!  Humic has also been found to be the only natural substance to stop virus replication!   It stops the ability of viruses to replicate.  If a virus can’t replicate out of control your body can fight it and win!   Your Rockefeller trained MD isn’t taught this right now because they want to sell you big pharma garbage that never seems to cure you of anything thus making you a lifetime customer who gets sicker and sicker!  Do you think the new world order wants you to know humic stops virus reproduction!  Think of all the money they would lose out on treating HIV, Herpes and even the common flu!


Here’s some great research that proves Humic has antiviral properties!   It stops Viral replication!

“Medical Aspects and Applications of Humic Substances” Regarding the Antiviral Activity of Humic Substance

Multiple Viruses Inhibited

“Preliminary in-vitro studies with Coxsackie A9 virus, influenza A virus and herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) have already shown that (Humic Substances) are effective against both naked and enveloped DNA viruses (Klocking and Sprosig, 1972, 1975; Thiel et al., 1977).”

“Further investigations corroborate the ability of (Humic Acid) to inhibit selectively viruses for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and type 2 (HIV-2), cytomegalovirus (CMV) and vaccinia virus (Schols et al., 1991; Neyts et al., 1992).”

Viral Fusion Inhibition

“With most viruses, the inhibitory effect of (Humic Acid) is directed specifically against an early stage of virus replication, namely virus attachment to cells (Klocking and Sprosig, 1975; Schols et al., 1991; Neyts et al., 1992).”

“…it appears likely that the poly-anionic Humic Acids occupy positively charged domains of the viral envelope glycoproteins, which are necessary for virus attachment to the cell surface (Neyts et al., 1992).”


“The effect of (Humic Acids) on an early stage of herpes virus replication has been confirmed by the results of animal experiments. The number of lesions in the cornea of HSV-1-infected rabbits was strongly reduced when a solution of the (Humic Acid) was applied into the conjunctival sac of the eye along with or immediately after the infectious agent.”

“Current interest is directed to the prophylactic effect of (Humic Acids) on recurrent HSV infection.”

“It is known that topical application of (Humic Acid) may significantly reduce or even completely suppress experimentally induced herpes in the mouse ear (Durre and Schindler, 1992), though the mechanistic basis of this effect remains to be elucidated.”


“A low-molecular weight (Humic Acid) (HS 1500, M.W. = 1500 Daltons), was found to strongly inhibit HIV-1 in vitro (Schneider et al., 1996).”

In the video above, Kerry Lyn Carter tells an amazing story of curing her cancer with something 100% natural!  Her entire world was shattered when she was told in 2005 she only had 3 years to live!  She was diagnosed with brain cancer!  She didn’t want to do traditional chemotherapy which was smart because Dr. Coldwell told me chemotherapy only works in less than 2% of all cases on average!   They consider it worked if you live 5 years!   So Kerry began looking into natural alternatives and took a trip down to Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula to meet a healer there.  That’s where she learned about the secrets of Humic and Fulvic which she began taking.  Within a year her MRI showed her cancer was regressing!   She knew she was onto something now!   She discovered Humic and Fulvic were in fact ancient health secrets used by the Chinese and Indians.  It’s mentioned thousands of years ago in ancient Indian Sanskrit!

The inventor of the first bioavailable copper  at who I call Mr. X told me about a special green tea he formulated using Humic and Fulvic as well as Noni.  He told me since he began taking this product he hasn’t gotten sick in over 7 years!   You can find this green tea supplement with Humic and Fulvic on this page at also.  I can’t claim anything of course about this Green Tea product I began selling except to say it contains Humic and Fulvic.  You can see the research for yourself!   Kerry Lyn Carter swears by Humic and Fulvic and credits it for her being alive today!  Do your own research.  I plan on spreading more truth through the sale of Mr. X’s special green tea with humic through so if you like the stories I put out I hope you will try some and contact us!  Mr. X told me his tea has been designed so that if you take two per day you get the recommended dose to stop virus replication which is 500mg!   So the choice is yours, you can continue to fall for the scam of the flu shot that doesn’t work and damages you or take some humic every day.  I’m getting mine with a great green tea that helps curb my appetite as a bonus.

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