‘Iran, Turkey to stop new Israeli scenario’

If this story is taken at face value then it is tremendously good news for the people of the Middle East – the two remaining strong, independent, sovereign nations uniting to stop the nefarious plans of Israel & their US supporters to further destabilise and Balkanise the region.

Minister Hatami was being open and honest when he stated that the strategy of disintegrating the regional countries is the new plan to replace the failed ISIS project, VT has known this for some time.

However, there are many in Syria and Iraq, including many in positions of power who simply do not fully trust Iran, and they do not trust Turkey at all; they know Erdogan is a ‘slippery customer’ who changes sides as it suits him and is little more than a gangster, the head of a mafia which rules Turkey with an iron fist.

So while, on the face of it, this Turkey-Iran alliance against the Israeli-US agenda is a good thing, few in the Middle East will view it without strong suspicions, especially about Turkey’s role. Ian]

Tehran Times
‘Iran, Turkey to stop new Israeli scenario’

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Tuesday that Iran and Turkey, as two influential countries in the Mideast region, will stop new scenario of the Zionist regime of Israel.

“The U.S. and Israel have put strategy of disintegrating the regional countries on agenda after failure of Daesh scenario, but Iran and Turkey, as two important and influential regional countries, will not let them enact the new scenario,” he said during a meeting with Turkish Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar in Tehran.

Hatami noted, “Developments in the region during the past years have served the interests of the Zionist regime and harmed the world of Islam and have marginalized the issue of Palestine.”

He also said that protecting the regional countries’ territorial integrity is Iran’s principled policy.

“Cooperation among Iran, Turkey and Iraq can be effective and helpful in establishing stability and security in the region and countering division seeking actions,” he added.

Elsewhere, Hatami said that Iran attaches great importance to Turkey in its foreign policy.

Akar said that Iran-Turkey cooperation helps the regional peace and stability.

He also said that Turkey supports territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria and is against any move to change borders.

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