Is Your WIFI Destroying Your Health?

Can a tiny household electronic device make every single cell in your body age FASTER?

At first we were skeptical and thought this sounded NUTS.

But now we are second guessing the wifi-extender we added to our house just a few months ago 🙁 “There’s NO way a simple wifi router — found in 71% of all US households (1) — can harm your health, impair your sleep, or age you prematurely”, or so we thought.

But as we started reading this brand new, doctor-acclaimed book exposing the pernicious ways electromagnetic radiation can disrupt human health, we realized the unfortunate truth…

Wifi Routers Might Be Handy, But The Radiation They Emit Stresses Your Body On A Cellular Level…

Wifi radiation — one of the many kinds of electromagnetic fields, or “EMFs” we’re exposed to these days — has now been confirmed to be
a major stressor to the human body.

It’s not that surprising that EMF signals can disrupt your body’s ability
to function normally. After all…

– Your nervous system
– Your heart
– Cell-to-cell communication
– Your brain
– Your muscles
– Your retina

…they all run on ELECTRICITY!

If you ever fracture one of your bones, the only way they’ll ever be
able to glue back together is by generating low-level electric shocks — which will trigger healing. (2)

The point is this: your body is a bio-electrical machine which can,
and does get disrupted by foreign EMFs signals, like those coming
off your wifi router.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions you can start applying today
to protect yourself:

==> How to Clean Toxic EMFs OUT of Your Home

But It Gets Worse. This Cellular Stress Induced By Wifi Radiation Can Even Break Your Very DNA.

Wifi radiation might just be aging you faster than DNA-breaking,
cancer-causing X-RAYS.

In one German study, researchers looked at how much 24 hours of
cell phone radiation damages human DNA when compared to x-rays.

The results were horrifying… (3)

What you’re seeing above is a renowned scientific research technique called the “Comet Assay”, which is used to identify substances or signals that are harmful to the human body because they break your very DNA.

The more something breaks your DNA, the longer the “tail” of the little comets you see above will be.

The conclusion? Researchers have found that 24 hours of cell phone exposure can damage your DNA as much as 1,600 chest x-rays.

Is This Nothing But A Crazy Scare Tactic?

The French government doesn’t think so.

In 2015, they passed national laws to ban the use of wifi in nurseries — over the fear that this new kind of EMF pollution would impair children’s growth. (4)

The inconvenient truth is — EMF pollution might just have become the #1 toxin you have to worry about at home… way before glyphosate, the kind of paint you put on your walls, or any other environmental contaminant.

The Good News (finally!): Cleaning EMFs Right Out of Your Home Can Be Cheap, And Dead Simple…

Our colleague and Investigative Health Journalist Nicolas Pineault recently released this revolutionary guide where you’ll find simple and dirt-cheap solutions you can use to clean the worst sources of radiation right out of your home environment.

– How to automatically turn off your wifi at night using a device that costs less than 9 bucks on Amazon

– How to talk on the phone without increasing your risk of brain cancer, disrupting your blood-brain barrier and suffering from headaches

– How to safely use your laptop without blasting your hormone-producing organs with disruptive radiation, causing leaky gut or putting you at risk for autoimmune diseases

– Exactly where you should put your wifi router to make sure it doesn’t destroy your entire family’s sleep quality

– What to do if your home is near a cellphone tower, high-voltage power lines, or has one of those EMF-emitting “smart” utility meters installed

We understand this does sound “doom and gloom”, but the best you can do before tech companies are finally FORCED to create brand new, safer wireless devices is to take action.

Learn how to protect yourself today.

You can get started in a matter of seconds.

===> Reduce Your EMF Exposure By 95% — And Experience Slower Aging, Better Sleep and Incredible Mental Clarity

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