Israel Is Surrounded


…The Stage is Set



There are numerous factors , updates , twists and turns that are pulling the world into war!

At present here  several clips on the latest stories to shed light on some of it !

Lebanese PM Hariri Resigns Over Tensions With Hezbollah, Vows Iran’s Arms ‘Will Be Cut Off’
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How does this affect Israel ?

The Lebanese Israeli conflict has already been long standing since 1948 and was ongoing, but as of
of 2015, the situation remained generally calm, but both sides violated the ceasefire agreements; Israel by making near-daily overflights over Lebanese territory, and Hezbollah by not disarming.

Israeli leaders have been preparing for the next war with Hezbollah since 2006. Iran’s increasing assertiveness across the region makes clear that, even more than the last war, it will be a fight to diminish the Iranian threat on Israel’s borders. Israel and Saudi Arabia are fully aligned in this regional struggle, and the Saudis cannot help but be impressed by Israel’s increasing assertiveness to strike at Iranian threats in Syria.
Israel will have to make its own decision when the time is right for that fight. When the moment of truth arrives, Israel’s allies, with the United States in the lead, should give it full backing. An act of Iranian or Hezbollah aggression may well be the spark, as their malign intentions are perfectly clear.
But Israeli leaders will want to take care not to find themselves backed into a premature confrontation by the maneuvers of their allies who sit in Riyadh.

Quoted from Haaretz
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How does this draw in the USA ?


Israel–United States relations are a very important factor in the United States government’s overall policy in the Middle East, and Congress has placed considerable importance on the maintenance of a close and supportive relationship.
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, was one of the first foreign leaders to visit US President Donald Trump after his election in November and his inauguration in January for a simple reason — the US and Israel have one of the strongest military to military alliances in the world.

But why?

The US supports Israel in diplomatic and military matters not because of the strength of pro-Israel lobbies like the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, or out of sympathy stemming from the events of World War II, but for practical reasons.

Michael Koplow, a Middle East analyst at the Israel Policy Forum, told Business Insider that the US’s alliance with Israel owes to two key factors — intelligence sharing and ideological unity.

If Israel is attacked it will draw USA into this war making them both targets.

How does this make them vulnerable ?

Look at the map. They will be literally surrounded. Aside from the geographic….

And most recent news shows how  it makes USA a target
Iran slams ‘dishonest’ US & lays into Europe after Saudi Arabia’s ‘ACT OF WAR’ accusation

IRAN has described the US approach to their nuclear deal as “dishonest” and called on Europe to clarify their position as tensions soar in the Middle East.

The Risks  of the Alliance
Quote by Alex Locki of Business Insider Military and Defense

Like the US, or virtually any country on earth, Israel is not without its enemies. The United Nations has pushed back on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and their support for Jewish settlements outside of Israel’s borders.

Specifically, Israel just pushed through legislation that retroactively legalizes about 4,000 settler homes built on privately-owned Palestinian land in a move that a UN spokesperson called a “contravention of international law.”

“If you’re a supporter of the Palestinian cause, it’s reasonable to ask why the US is supporting Israel,” said Koplow, adding that many in the US “take exception to the US funding Israel given the treatment of Palestinians.” Furthermore, US military aid and weapons have been used by the Israelis against Palestinians in their territory.

Others worry about the balance of the US’s aide to Israel. In 2015 more than half of the US’s foreign military aid went to Israel. That’s about $3.1 billion dollars. Much of this money Israel spends on US defense projects in return.

According to Koplow, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians have not gone unnoticed by its neighbors in the Middle East. “Historically, support for Israel obviously causes tension with allies in the region … there are people who question whether our support for Israel is worth the friction it causes with other US allies.”

But the US’s allies have learned to deal with Israel.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations no longer protest the US-Israeli relationship as they did in the 1970s with the oil embargo, as the US now has many sources of oil and the price of crude oil has plummeted.

Iran, however, is not a US ally and remains a sworn enemy of Israel. Iran openly supports Hezbollah and Hamas, militant groups in the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon which wage war against Israel. Iran tests ballistic missiles with “Israel must be wiped off the face of the planet,” and launches naval vessels with slogans like “death to America.”

Today the US and Israel find themselves at odds over issues such as the Jewish settlements in the West bank or if Israel should pursue a one or two state solution to their borders, but in the past, confrontations have been much more substantial, and sometimes violent.

In 1967, Israel’s air force attacked the USS Liberty, a US Navy vessel in international waters in the Mediterranean.

The attack killed 34 virtually defenseless US sailors as Israeli planes and torpedo boats made multiple attacks.

Israel apologized for the attack, claimed it was a mistake, and compensated the US, but survivors of the attack maintain that it was deliberate.

In the 1980s, Jonathan Pollard, an American naval intelligence analyst passed classified information to the Israelis that the US had withheld despite a memorandum of understanding between the two nations that such intelligence should be shared. Pollard eventually pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit espionage and served 30 years in prison.

“The decision I made was based on fear and concern” for Israeli lives being endangered because the US wasn’t sharing information as they had agreed to, Pollard told Israeli TV. “Those were emotions that got the better of me,” he said.

So while the US alliance with Israel puts American diplomats in some tricky situations with the UN over human rights concerns and Iran, the alliance has survived sometimes extreme difficulties to massively benefit both parties while supporting a strong, liberal democracy in the Middle East

Meanwhile ..These are all very STRONG SIGNALS of prophecy unfolding at a rapid pace in the middlemost at this time which prompts you to the reality of the Messiahs footsteps upon this earth!

The Imperial Regent of the Messiah has passed word more than once on this matter

The Messiah is in the final phase of operations before Armageddon, and major world events will now become
more dramatic and expedited. The most important thing ALL of you can do now, is to work on opening the
doors of Islam, as a representative or key connection to Muslim Royalty or influence on behalf of the Messiah to usher in peace!  He has a solution! Make his presence known to all and these leaders who are seeking solution!

And finally, PREPARE! Those of you who have been “lukewarm” (Revelation 3:16) in your following and service to the Lord and the mission of The Crown, may find yourself cast into the outer darkness at the time of
judgement… Take that really seriously.

This is the “end game” people. There is no longer time to waiver.
In 2011 Lord RayEl  ( He returns with a new name that only he knows Rev 19:12 AND IT MEANS WORD OF GOD) warned everyone to leave Babylon (America), before his judgement began. Now it is been  happening and about to reach a critical point.

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May God Bless , Protect and Guide You All !!!


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