Israel Nuke Sub Codes Leaked! Heneghan

Tom Heneghan discusses his latest intel today.  First big thing he discussed is somebody has leaked Israeli nuclear submarine secrets to North Korea who transferred the information to Iran.  Israel is freaking out about it and wants to go to war against North Korea right now!  They are preparing a massive missile attack against North Korea!  If North Korea attacks Israel, Trump will have an excuse to attack them.  It’s a very serious situation that could go hot at any time according to Tom.  Israel is not even supposed to have nukes on their subs but everybody knows they do of course.

Here’s what the CIA boys at Sorcha are saying relating to Israel and North Korea.  Sorcha is saying that North Korea is sending missile technology to Iran and nuclear weapon material.  Sorcha says Israel could start some type of nuclear war over this nuclear technology transfer to Iran.


“The “scheme” being employed by North Korea to smuggle its nuclear weapon and ballistic missile technology to Iran, this report explains, involves Iranian oil tankers leaving Chinese ports and their then being met by smaller North Korean vessels offloading oil to break the US sanctions regime, and whose payment for same contains some of the most feared nuclear weapons known to exist—and that the United Nationshas been working furiously, but to no avail, to stop.

With the United Nations failing to stop the transfer of nuclear weapon and ballistic missile technology from North Korea to Iran, however, this report notes, Israel has countered by the deployment of their small but very deadly submarine fleet to Asian waters—who are now preparing to strike, and reviving fears that Israel’s Navy could actually start a nuclear war.”


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