Jan 22 2017 Get Ready: Trump Set to Sign Up to 200 Executive Orders on Monday

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Wednesday that first thing Monday, newly sworn in President Donald Trump may sign upwards of 200 executive orders.


Townhall reported:

“On the executive orders, he told me he expected to be signing 200 orders on Monday,” Napolitano said. “He will decide what he needed to sign on Friday.”

“His philosophy, level the playing field, get rid of all of the lawmaking that Barack Obama did by his executive orders, level the playing field, ask Congress to change laws that need to be changed,” he said. “What he will do if Congress doesn’t give him what he wants? I don’t know. He is probably going to get the lion’s share of what he wants because he has a lot of goodwill and the Republicans control both Houses.”

The targeted topics include a wide range of Obama policy favorites like gun control, immigration, and climate change.

According to Trump’s new Press Secretary Sean Spicer, there are four or five Trump will probably sign immediately tomorrow.

“He’s got a few of them, probably in the area of four to five, that we’re looking at on Friday,” said incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. “Some of it is logistical things that you have to do in terms of government operations. Then there are some other ones that I expect him to sign with regards to some other issues that have been on his priority list.”

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