Las Vegas Massacre: An Ongoing Police State Op

The corporate media has moved on from Las Vegas.

The news cycle is focused on a possible hurricane, Trump dumping the birth control mandate, and Weinstein, Weinstein, Weinstein.

The official story—minus the logic of motive—is now set in stone.

There are still questions unanswered.

It’s being reported Stephen Paddock was not alone in his luxury suite. If investigators can be believed, somebody used his hotel key card when he wasn’t there.

According to investigators, Paddock was spotted with a “mystery woman” prior to the attack. Did she use the card and does the phone charger belong to her?

Now we have a receipt posted on 4chan that shows Paddock was at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on September 27, one day before what the official timeline would have us believe. The receipt shows room service delivered food for two guests.

Like John Doe #2 in Oklahoma City, we will probably never discover the identity of the mystery woman or the guests.

Here’s my take on the event. It’s valid as the one put out by officialdom and the establishment media.

1. In some way or form, Stephen Paddock worked for intelligence. He was employed at the Post Office, the Internal Revenue Service, and worked as an auditor with “defense” contractor Lockheed Martin. LM has expanded its reach into the national security and intelligence fields. The Volant LLC connection is disputed. Volant Associates, according to its website, also offers intelligence services. An aircraft flown by Paddock is registered with Volant. Both companies—if indeed they are two separate companies—are in the CIA’s backyard in Virginia.

2. Paddock was a Las Vegas casino high roller. This made him attractive not only to casinos but escort services as well. The woman he was spotted with was possibly an operative working a honey trap operation. Example: the CIA’s Operation Midnight Climax. Brothels were used to lure victims into MK Ultra’s LSD experiments. The CIA denies it sets honey traps.

3. Paddock was controlled with sex, drugs, or both. He was an ideal candidate for a false flag. He led a secretive life, previously worked for the government, and—again, if we can believe the media—was acquainted with firearms and collected a number of them. The latter is useful for propaganda purposes. The corporate media is portraying Paddock as a lone “gun nut,” a narrative that feeds into the anti-gun agenda of the state.

4. It’s unlikely Paddock participated in the attack. He was probably dead or disappeared hours or even days before. Some say the body found by the SWAT team was not Paddock. They point to a tattoo on Paddock’s neck that is missing from the body found in the suite. I believe this is mistaken and the “tattoo” is in fact wrinkles and shadows on Paddock’s neck.

5. There is evidence of a second sniper. A taxi cab driver recorded a video of muzzle flashes coming from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay. Witnesses claim there were multiple shooters.

6. The Las Vegas attack is part of an ongoing operation designed to inculcate the public and get it to accept further intrusive police state measures in addition to the demonization of firearms and the Second Amendment. Expect more attacks.


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