Las Vegas Shooting Proof: The Dark Helicopter by Truth Tracker

Proof that Maverick Helicopter N848MH disappears off radar for over 20 minutes, reappears with a pack of Maverick tour helicopters before landing in the desert southwest of Mandalay Bay and McCarran Airport. Maverick Helicopter N848MH Owned By Mustang Leasing. Departure- 21:41 Military Time or 9:41pm the night of the Las Vegas Shooting. Arrival: 22:27 Military Time or 10:27pm the night of the Las Vegas shooting. Lands in the desert next to Freeman Audio.

Yes 3 helicopters go dark behind Mandalay Bay, but what makes N848 special is, on Flightradar24, it’s arrival time and departure time remain consistent throughout the entire time of the Las Vegas shooting. The other 2 Maverick Helicopters that go dark behind Mandalay Bay are: N858MH, and N854MH After a quick inspection of 858, and 854’s departure and arrival time on Flightradar24, you will see that both of these choppers have time changes occur. When 858, and 854 are behind Mandalay Bay and dissapear, there arrival time is reached and there flight time is suspended.

When 858, and 854 take off again from McCarran around 10:15pm, both helicopters have new departure and arrival time. Therefore one must conclude that these 2 helicopters landed at the airport ending they’re flight time around 9:53pm. Why? Because when N858, and N854 are seen taking off from McCarran airport around 10:15pm they have new departure and arrival time that correspond with Flightradar24’s UTC graph at the bottom.

As for N848MH, it’s departure time and arrival time remains consistent unlike 858, and 854 therefore, one must conclude this chopper was still in the air when the other 2 choppers landed. But it’s not visible? Proof N848MH was dark and its arrival time and departure time were not just a glitch in the radar. This is a clip from the documentary The Disappearing Helicopter and The Imaginary Plane by Truth Tracker. To view the entire documentary please visit my channel and subscribe.
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