Law Enforcement Is Now Looking Into Terror Arms Dealing In Las Vegas Case

The Las Vegas Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies are looking into the possible involvement of terror arms dealing in the Mandalay Bay shooting case.

The FBI initially ruled out Stephen Paddock’s possible connection to ISIS when the terror caliphate claimed credit for his actions, but Las Vegas Police Department officials persisted in investigating every avenue. Federal law enforcement sources in the executive branch now believe in an arms-dealing connection.

Details continue to emerge about the detail with which Paddock plotted his crime.

Suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s companion Marilou Danley is back in the United States to undergo questioning by the FBI. She showed up to the FBI building in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

It was reported that Danley was recently in Dubai, though she arrived at the airport in Los Angeles from the Philippines. Her sisters in Australia claim that she was “sent away” by Paddock prior to the shooting. The Inquisitr reported that her Facebook photos show her in Kuha Sa Jumeira Beach in Dubai. Since mid-September, Danley has also been in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Here is the photograph of Ms. Danley in Dubai.

Law enforcement has not come to any firm conclusions about motive, but it is well known that Paddock was stockpiling weapons. His brother Eric said whatever happened that made Paddock commit this crime, it must have happened over a period of the last several “months.”


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