Mandatory Vaccine Hell! Nurse Spills Beans!

This brave nurse just spilled the beans when it comes to the mandatory vaccine evil they are doing at all the hospitals now!  You better listen to what she says because if you don’t, you’re going to get the poison jabbed in your body even if you come in for a stubbed toe!  The people pushing these vaccines are usually ignorant or in some cases absolute EVIL!   They are never going to stop trying to get their vaccine poison into us until they are all thrown in prison it seems!   I will NEVER EVER take any flu shot or any other vaccine for any reason.  I don’t believe known liars who hide miracle natural cures like Bioavailable Copper (I) that gets rid of all the spirochete bacteria hiding in your red blood cells.  They’re probably hitting us with these spirochetes in the chemtrails and water supply.  They’ll never tell you about this type of stuff because the man who invented it hasn’t had a cold in 6 years!  The NWO can’t have you not being sick for 6 years!  Nope, they’ll just tell you to get your flu shot.  They’ll even give the flu shot to you for FREE because they LOVE you so much!

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