Multiple Explosions Rock Venezuela Oil Refinery

Multiple explosions from unknown origin rocked the Petro San Félix oil refinery near San Diego de Cabrutica in Anzoategui, Venezuela around 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

The oil refinery is now on fire and is requesting emergency help as there is no control over the blazes.

The refinery is located deep in the heart of Venezuela as shown on the map below:

At this time, it is not known if there are any injuries or deaths from the explosions, or how fire crews can battle the blaze without electricity to pump water to fire hydrants.

Meanwhile, today marks almost a full week that Venezuela has suffered massive electrical outages nationwide. Although progress is now being made to restore electricity in many places, new Sub-station fires and explosions seem to be taking place as power comes back on.

Nicolas Maduro spoke to the Venezuelan people today and made astonishing accusations about the electrical outage. He says the outage was caused by a Cyber-Attack which came from two cities in the United States: Houston, TX and Chicago, IL.

Maduro said "We are moving forward to discover the full truth of this attack" and went on to say "I will ask for the help of international specialists, from the UN, Russia, China and Iran; countries with great experience in these defense issues in cyber attacks."

Finally today, reports are now coming-in that certain places in Venezuela are seeing what appears to be CRUDE OIL flowing from their WATER FAUCETS!

It is not known whether or not this is actually crude oil or just stagnant water which has been laying motionless in water pipes since March 7 when electricity first failed, or if - by some strange act - actual oil has somehow been pumped into the water system.

We await additional information on this.

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