Mushrooms That Treat Cancer?

What if I told you some weird looking mushrooms not only have antibiotic and anti-diabetic properties, but can fight tumor and boost your neuron growth, possibly protecting you against Alzheimer’s?

For more than 2,000 years, the Japanese, Koreans and the Chinese
have harnessed the healing power of these medicinal mushrooms.

I’m not talking about the tasty button mushrooms or the portobello we love. There’s a big difference between the mushrooms we cook and the medicinal mushrooms that heal.

Let me explain:

Western mycologists called some of these miracle mushrooms as “varnished conks” for many years because these mushrooms have
pores on their undersides.

The Japanese government has even listed some of these mushrooms
as cancer treatments to fight cancer and other infectious disease.

All over Asia, certain species of mushrooms are known as the ‘
mushroom of immortality.’

In several clinical studies, a few powerful ones have shown to assist
in slowing the growth of tumors in breast cancer.

... here’s how these medicinal mushroom work

So now you’re probably wondering, if these medicinal mushrooms
are so powerful, why aren’t doctors prescribing it?

The answer is simple:

Drug companies cannot patent mushrooms.

Which means that they are not able to make money directly from it and they won’t fund the studies.

The only way for them to make money is…

… if you stay sick for a long long time

However many years back, some drugs companies did isolate parts of the mushrooms and patent them as drugs.

For example, Penicillin, is one of the most prescribed antibiotics in the world that is derived from certain mushrooms.

Thanks to penicillin, death rates are 5% what they were in the 1900’s.

There’s also another reason why very few people are taking these medicinal mushrooms.

And that’s because you can’t just purchase them from the supermarket shelves.

The good news is that you can now purchase a supplement, which uses some of the best medicinal mushrooms directly into your immune system.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing supplement, plus how these medicinal mushrooms work and what they can do for you…

… go here and watch
Yours Truly,

Laura Lindsey
Chief Nutritionist

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