Netanyahu Wants WW3 With Iran! Heneghan

Tom and Stew go over exactly how G.W. Bush stole the 2000 election.  Tom even found the old clip where Bush admitted that his “Brody Technology” failed!  That was the first attempt at stealing the election that did not work!   They were siphoning votes off from states where they had extra to win states they were losing like Tennessee!  Do you honestly think Bush could beat Gore in Gore’s home state of Tennessee where his family has been popular for decades?  That state was stolen along with Florida and others this night!

He said this quote about his man Brody’s technology failing at the Four Seasons hotel around the 1 minute mark.  Then they high tailed it back to the Governors mansion where their second attempt stealing the election using British Galileo satellites worked!   Watch it all play out in this brief clip!   President H.W. Bush’s expression is priceless.  He knows it’s going to cost him a fortune to STEAL IT!  You don’t steal a US election without billions changing hands!

Then the deep state did 9/11 to legitimize Bush as the President because there were people complaining about the election bitterly.  They knew Bush stole it and they were talking!   Once Daddy Bush and his satanic minions pulled of 9/11 all that talk about stealing the election faded and Gore had no chance of trying again.  His political career was over but don’t feel too bad for him.   He was given billions for his global warming scam as his reward for going away and conceding the steal.

George W. Bush Election Theft from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Also covered is the convicted felon Ollie North becoming President of the NRA.  Oliver North is a really bad hombre who is still a narcotics trafficker according to Stew’s information.   Very bad choice for the NRA to allow this to happen.

Tom Heneghan also talked on the Iran nuclear deal.  We all know if Obama and Skull and Bones Kerry did the deal, it is evil and bad but did Netanyahu just put us on a path to World War III?   Tom says there were other ways this could have been handled.  Why are we slaves to anything Netanyahu wants when he funds ISIS and Israel was involved in 9/11!  Will Israel ever be called out for anything by the US?  We know from the testimony of Cynthia McKinney that every person in Congress is approached by AIPAC members to sign an oath to Israel!   When they came to her, she refused and told them her oath was to the United States.  They smiled and and told her they would fund her opponent.  She lost her next election!  Cynthia McKinney has mentioned this on many alternative media talk shows but if you search Youtube for her appearances on Alex Jones, you’ll see how Alex Jones never let her go there!  It’s all about control with Alex Jones.  Interrupting or making sure certain topics never come up.

A quick search on Youtube for Cynthia McKinney and you’ll see radio show after radio show talk about Cynthia McKinney and her exposing the “oath to israel” all people in Congress are forced to take!   But it’s amazing, not one clip of Alex Jones going there!    When Alex interviewed her, he always made sure to never have her talk about it just as he never talks about dual Israeli citizens in our government!   Wow, I wonder why?  Could Alex be a crypto Jew?   My bet would be yes.  He loves Michael Savage the big phony Jew who says we don’t need “assault rifles”.  He also says Matt Drudge another Jew will save us!  I’m sure it’s all just a big coincidence though and these Jew leaders in alternative media who censor and lie about things will carry us in for the big WIN!  🙂

Jews always insert themselves in prime leadership positions in all organizations and control both sides of every position.  Start noticing how the game works.  You have to hand it to them, they have pulled off this evil against our country and few of you reading this even know about it because you follow their controlled opposition.    Sorry but I don’t trust Matt Drudge (fake name who censors everything), Michael Savage (who wants to take assault weapons) or Alex Jones who never mentions the dual Israeli citizens and the oath to Israel of our Congress!

Why don’t I trust Jews to save me?  Well maybe it’s their motto.

Netanyahu will lie, steal and do anything possible to get the US to go to war for him on Iran.  Iran would never launch a nuke at Israel because they know Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons!  I hope Trump wises up and under no circumstances gets into any more actions in Syria or delves into Iran.  Stay out of all wars and focus on putting people in handcuffs!  It’s time to go Lincoln on them!  They Clintons are NOT nice people!

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