NFL fan turnout so bad that Fox Sports is soliciting actors to play fans, fill seats at Sunday’s pre-game show


Warm bodies now getting paid to attend games, sit-in as ‘fans’

It’s no big secret that NFL viewership and fan turnout at live games has diminished to all-time lows as teams struggle to sell even their lower-level tickets for as little as $3 and $4 after players decided to kneel during game numerous opening national anthems but no one would have ever thought it would come to the point to where fans have to be paid to fill stadium seats.

That’s right, you heard me, in the latest barrage of NFL shenanigans, Fox Sports has put out a casting call and is looking for Rams fans to attend Sunday’s pre-game in Los Angeles. The geniuses that took a knee to spite America have now created their own demise.

The solicitation posted on reads:

Casting directors are now looking for NFL fans for Sunday, December 10th in Los Angeles, California.

Producers are seeking the following:

  • We’re looking for LA’s biggest NFL fans to be a part of #NFLSunday’s Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles Pre Game Show!
    Calling all LA Rams fans!

Maybe we should give all that NFL money the players have been getting for decades to Monster Energy Supercross riders, athletes who really risk life and limb to do what they do.

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