NZ Mosque Shooting Vid An SFX Production Why The Video Is Now Poison And Being Deleted

The ‘live mosque shooting’ and video was a False Flag event made with the extensive use of SFX and CGI.

The people in the mosque were killed (or posed) before airing the ‘live event’ either onsite or off-site.
This ‘Blair Witch Project’ sort of short film is a COINTELPRO production. The video was intentionally filmed
In a ‘First Person’ gamer style to give the viewer a dynamic and dramatic ‘gamer’ feel to the video.

The ‘live event’ was likely shot in front of green screen aided by SFX CGI editing software which explains
how ejected brass casings VANISHED before hitting the ground! This stunning proof was discovered by a
sharp video analyst and posted today. Unfortunately, the Supreme Soviet has already forced many postings
of the ‘vanishing brass’ video to be removed from the net.

A second video taken from in front of the ‘woman’ NZ Prime Minister walking toward the cam shows, unequivocally,
that PM Ardern has a large, pronounced bulge of MALE genitalia protruding from his-her groin area. Like Michelle Michael Obama
…we have yet another Tranny. Take a look!

It’s a Tranny World and don’t forget how John Podesta was in New Zealand just 4 days before the mosque shootings.
He actually called NZ ‘A JUICIER TARGET’ for terrorists. Here is that video of Pizza Podesta…note the shot of Podesta’s wildly
FIDGETING hands while he is making his statement…at 1:18 into the video…

John Podesta’s Creepy New Zealand Statements

Another, earlier, smart phone video placed on an 8chan board clearly showed two additional shooters running away.

Look at it the Rense analysis of the 8chan video and see for yourself !!!

DARPA’s Lifelog 2.0 – aka Facebook – was the official broadcaster of the event which is why the ‘live feed’ was never interrupted.
After the video was out in the public just long enough to get the desired effect on the human psyche, the internet-wide AI
scrub of the video commenced and FB alone removed over 1.5 million posts of the shooting video.

The support of the videos after their release was given to the now, obvious, transexual NZ PM who has been given
the supporting role of his lifetime. The NZ PM gives legitimacy of the event. To help aide in the fastest coverup possible, the
transexual PM immediately ordered totalitarian Soviet STASI measures to punish with 10-15 YEARS in prison for anyone who
who simply HAS a copy of the film on their computer! Or, apparently, for anyone who challenges the authenticity of the video.

Transexual PM Ardern will oversee the complete totalitarian gun confiscation over all New Zealand under the threat
of EXTREME imprisonment…and might possibly have police shoot to kill a few gun owners to make examples out of anyone who resists.

The Tranny PM will also use the ‘live event’ to push through implementation of new totalitarian, draconian hate speech laws.

Such new laws will no doubt ban ANY form of criticism of Islam, Zionism, minorities and LGBTQ people under the threat of long term prison sentences, leading to eventual death sentences in the future.

Who won’t be protected by any new hate speech laws? Whites and especially White Christian Men and Women. Whites are NEVER included in any form of protection laws because doing so runs counter to the worldwide white Christian genocide ethnic cleansing agenda now taking place under the supervision of World Zionism.

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