Parkland Story Busted With Banned Videos!

Parkland Shooting Falls Apart! Evil Google Censors! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

NOTE: Evil Google targeted me and banned my 4th Youtube channel! To fight this treason,  make sure you join my Newsletter and get my free ebook on curing ALL diseases called Suppressed Health Secrets!  It’s the ONLY way I can reach you always!  We will destroy the fake news scum and the Devil’s search engine together!  Prizes for truth warriors so get on my list now!  Let’s do this together! 

Post this article and video everywhere and tweet to Trump at @potus and @realdonaldtrump and nobody will believe the fake news anymore when it comes to the Parkland High School shooting!   This ends their lies!  Tell all your friends to share it too!  This is WAR!  We need everybody to join in for the WIN!  Google dropped their cute mask and it’s on like Donkey Kong!  Fire everything you got and wake up everybody to Google’s evil and the fake news!  Only evil needs to censor and lie.  The truth always wins in the end!

I’ve compiled the video clips that evil Google is banning off Youtube as fast as they can find them!  These videos all contain eyewitness testimony that prove the Parkland High School shooting did not happen as they told us!  This video couldn’t exist on Youtube anymore!  They are purging the youtube accounts of all patriots.   They purged me and many others!  So let’s destroy forever their fairy tale that Nikolas Cruz shot up the school and let’s expose their Sandy Hook Hoax!  These videos prove 100% this is a lie!  The fake news and Google is FREAKING!  I love it!

Now we have the teacher who saw the shooter and they were dressed in full SWAT gear!  Helmet, bulletproof vest the entire SWAT outfit!   Did Cruz have the SWAT gear on in the Uber?  No, he did not!  Did he put it on as he walked to the door where he opened up fire?  No, he did not!  Not one report of this either.  It takes a while to do this and the official fairytale said the shooting started 2 minutes after he arrived in the Uber!  Of course the “authorities” won’t release the video but want you to believe their lies as usual.  Well we’re not buying ANY of it!  We have many students in this video proving they had an active shooter drill on this day.  That alone proves it was inside job since it’s impossible for a real shooting to break out on the same day as an active shooter drill unless it was an inside job!  That’s why when a few of these people talked about the school doing an active shooter drill those interviews disappeared forever or were never shown on the Fake News again!  You never heard from those students again!  That’s why we must wake up everybody now!  No new gun regulations!  It never ends once you give an inch.  FBI let this happen as usual to take our guns!  Fake News went with the Fairy Tale as they did on 9/11!

I believe there was at least one black ops shooter who killed all the kids at the same time they lured Nikolas Cruz to the school.  They could have easily lured him with the texts from a pretty girl who told him to meet her after her class or something.  Once he got to the school the real black ops shooter(s) shoot up the school and that’s why the one witness says she was standing right next to Nikolas when she heard the shots!  They probably screwed up because most of the time the shooters always die.  Then maybe those 4 cops hauling out a huge and heavy black bag needs to be considered.  I think this was the guns the black ops guy used to shoot up the school plus any other evidence they needed to do away with before they opened up the crime scene.  Looks VERY fishy on video.  They would carry out their own guns!  They wouldn’t haul out evidence out the back door and throw it in a truck and run away fast.

I think the plan messed up and Cruz got away somehow but once they captured him, they probably gave him the MK Ultra drug cocktail and he confesses the next day.  Witnesses said he looked like he was drugged out of his mind!  It’s very easy to give somebody the drug Scopolamine and make them do anything!   All they had to do is drug him all night and use the MK Ultra technology on him so he confessed in court the next morning.  After that, it’s over!  They got their patsy and the fake news takes care of the rest.  They don’t do any investigating and bury anything that doesn’t fit the fairytale.

Here’s Wolfgang Halbig telling about how he’s been talking on the phone with some of the kids from Sandy Hook who they told us DIED!   It was a HOAX!  He’s proven it when one of the scumbag fake parents pulled out of a civil lawsuit when Wolfgang put him in deposition!  He ran like a little coward when he was going to be forced to tell the truth on tape!   Now these kids are graduating from high school and want truth out!  He talks about it on this program!  Alex Jones still covering this up and refuses to have Wolfgang on his program with evidence that would literally BLOW up the death star!   Unbelievable that Alex still refuses to have Wolfgang on his program after thousands BEGGED him to let Wolfgang tell his story!  I guess somebody is paying Alex very well to keep the Sandy Hook fairy tale going!  Nobody but a traitor wouldn’t let Wolfgang get out the truth!  If I was Alex, I’d be given Wolfgang a million dollars to throw these guys in court!

Sandy Hook Bombshell! Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Even Jake Tapper appears to have done a 180 degree turn and instead of hammering on taking our guns actually fried this scumbag Sheriff, Scott Israel for 30 minutes!  You’ve got to see this interview!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when Tom Heneghan told me about it!   It’s like Jake Tapper had a “Come to Jesus” meeting or something!   Tapper almost passes for a human being not after our guns in this interview!  Amazing!


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