#PedoGate is as real as it gets… #SnuffGate & C.P.

VIDEO: Programed to Kill series: https://youtu.be/GUrqLhbfjeo?list=PLS… I am blowing the whistle on a network of very wealthy satanic people who procure snuff and cp content for values as high as 10,000 dollars per video. This network has had glimpses of it exposed during investigations of serial killers, people like Peter Scully who was just arrested for running a network of snuff / child rape content online. Seems the more you dig into the long list of serial killers, the more you find they are the fall people for a larger group of wealthy people that remain at large and often the tapes made by the killers are gone. Somewhere out there in some very wealthy people’s private vaults is all the evidence of what took place.

Also wanted to briefly touch on the Donald Trump immigration debacle going on. I believe illegal immigration should be stopped 100%, you don’t have a country if you don’t secure the borders. However separating children from their families is also not acceptable. Trump should get the legal immigration reformed so families can immigrate to the United States, and they should stop all illegal immigration immediately. They should also free every last child being detained from their family and return them to their families immediately. No government has the right to take children from their loving parents. I don’t care when the policy was enabled it must be stopped now. Cheers, everyone, will be back soon to discuss the IG Report page 294 revelations and more. See my twitter for up to date info before videos go out.

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