Race & IQ – Jewish 115 Average IQ


Open the Video One’s worth as a human being, spiritual or otherwise, has nothing to do with one’s education or IQ. We are all human beings, and warrant respect and kindness regardless of education, race, IQ, gender, or sexual orientation.

But, one cannot simultaneously have both equal opportunity and equal outcomes in life, sports, academics, or financial wealth. Fact: controlled for population size:

For every American Black with a 140 IQ, there are 2600 Whites/people of European DNA, and 15,000 Ashkenazi Jews. For every African Black with a 140 IQ there are 42,000 Whites.

IQ is the most peer reviewed field within psychology. IQ results have been verified by Black universities such as Howard, and Liberal universities such as Harvard, Yale etc. IQ distribution by race (average IQ):

• Ashkenazi Jews = 115

• Asians = 106 (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

• Whites = 100

• Non-White Hispanic = 89

• American Blacks = 85 (American Blacks average 20% White/European DNA)

• Sub-Saharan Blacks = 70 (Only 2% of Whites score this low IQ of races are averages.

For example: There are Jews with 85 IQs and Blacks with 130 IQs. Note: 1/2 a population has an IQ less than the average IQ, and the other 1/2 has an IQ higher than the average.

One devastating comparison: 1/2 of American Blacks have an IQ UNDER 85 1/2 of Ashkenazi Jews have an IQ OVER 115 IQ

required for: A real college degree? A PhD in hard science? To run a business? To run a Fortune 500? To be a programmer at Google?

IQ required to be smart enough not have a child out of wedlock if one has no money, job or education?

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