Rense Frame Analysis – Was Mystery Man Being Quickly Hustled Out Of Tropicana Casino Under Heavy Armed Guard, Saudi King-To-Be Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – Otherwise Known As MBS?

By Jeff Rense

See The Entire Video Of The Extraction Of The
Mystery Man From The Tropicana Hotel

Seven Heavily-Armed Guard Moving This Man Very Quickly
Through And Out Of The Tropicana Casino - Note How First Guard Has Finger ON The Trigger

Beardless, Dressed Like A Slob Tourist, But Identical Physiology,
Forehead And Receding Hairline

Insets Show Mystery Man Could, Indeed, Be MBS…
An Assassination Target Being Hustled To Safety

Watch The Video…This Is Clearly Someone Very Important

Head Shape, Hairline, Eyes, Forehead All Within Reasonable Comparison
His Beard Was Shaved Off But Close Look With Magnification
Shows It Is The Same Beard Pattern

Here He Is With Mega Zionist Boy Wonder, Markie Zuckerberg

More Images Without His Saudi Headwear


Seems About 50-50 That The Mystery Man Could Easily Be MBS




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