REPORT: Room Service Said Paddock Was “Speaking with Others” in His Room

On Thursday Tony Hernandez Armenta, an employee at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, posted a room receipt that shows killer Stephen Paddock was with a guest at the hotel four days before the massacre.

Via Infowars

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer also posted evidence that Paddock was in the hotel earlier than was reported.

Now this…
Waiters at Mandalay Bay said they heard Stephen Paddock “speaking with others” in his room while ordering food.

But the FBI says he was faking that discussion.
That’s what the waiters are now saying — Paddock was “speaking with others” but he was just pretending

How would room service know he was not speaking to another person?

Here is the video from ABC News:

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Reporter Laura Loomer says the employees may be coerced to say it was just pretend.


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