Revelations From the Underworld Part 1&2

Revelations From the Underworld Part 1&2,

Unless it involves a false flag operation, I am not one who writes much about the ET phenomenon. However, in the next few days, I am going to make an exception. But before I reveal what I am learning about this highly controversial area, I am compelled to share I how I have gathered data over the past several years and have managed to be several years ahead of the curve in many areas, particularly with issues such as border security and the UN’s role in undermining our nation.

My professional expertise lies in gathering intel from a variety of intel sources and then cross-validating these sources to look for common themes. The techniques I use for this kind of analysis are descriptive (ie qualitative analysis as opposed to quantitative). Quantitative crunches numbers and looks for cause and effect or, correlations, or both. Qualitative looks for the demonstrable themes and then this compared to the target of the investigation in order to provide context. Let me provide a couple of contemporary examples.

Before launching into some highly controversial intelligence information, I also want the readers to understand the difference between closed source and open source intel. Closed source would be looking at a document that has been smuggled out of a military or intelligence facility without permission. The possession of such a document can be considered to be treason. I don’t like prison so I do not accept intel that is raw or is possessed by others because that would prohibit me to claim inevitable discovery if the feds were ever to come against me. The second broad type of intelligence is open source. This type of intelligence is the type that is hiding in plain sight. The trick is that one has to know where to look. No doubt the readers are familiar with the tremendous work of two contributors to the CSS, Marilyn Rupar and Alexandra Daley. These two researchers are masters at gathering the second type of information because they know how to ask their literary search mechanisms the right questions. Often the gathering of open source information comes from multiple publications and some type of analysis is needed to put it together (ie qualitative or quantitative or both). Many times a source, not wanting to risk their life or chance going to prison will tell me where to look. The following examples exemplify this principle of data gathering.

In 2014, when the last contrived and pre-planned Central American invasion took place, I was told by a DEA agent to look at a Chicago court case involving a cartel member on trial in Federal District court. This would be open source. The defendant claimed he had immunity from prosecution because the Obama administration had informally entered into an agreement with the Sanchez-Paredes drug cartel, the largest in the world (ie the cartel that forms coalitions between Central American drug cartels, their governmental partners and Middle Eastern terrorists such as ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood and then trains them into becoming a future Red Dawn invasion force in covert bases in El Salvador and Honduras). The agreement between the Obama DOJ and this major cartel stated that they would only interdict 20% of all drug shipments coming into the United States. This case made me fully realize that the DOJ was fully in business with the drug cartels who would have been covered by this covert drug/legal arrangement. This also exposed the fact that Fast and Furious was not about former Attorney General, Eric Holder, putting arms into the hands of the cartels, via American gun stores in the Southwest, it was arming the cartels to the point where they could establish dominance in the 3 areas of trafficking (ie guns, child sex and drugs) for reasons of efficiency in this criminal enterprise. This also created efficiency to accumulate slush funds to grease, meaning bribe certain Border Patrol, ICE, Sheriffs, DEA, FBI, ATF and key American and Mexican politicians as needed. If you ever wondered why key members of the Democratic Party are so opposed to any type of border control, even if it was limited to only detecting terrorists, you just discovered why. This also explains the Fetanyl/Opioid drugs coming into the country and killing tens of thousands of Americans is not being stopped. It is not being stopped because your corrupt political leaders are deriving benefit from this enterprise. This is no accident!

In one way or another, they are ALL on the take. For example, Feinstein, Pelosi and Harris are all on the take from these cartel interests and have accumulated vast wealth as a result of their corruption (see Daley and Rupar’s work/radio interviews on the CSS). Feinstein, for example entered the Senate as barely a millionaire and is going to retire as a multi-billionaire. How does one do that on a public servant salary of just over $170,000 per year? Sometimes, as I have learned, cash payments are not often involved to these crooked politicians because they are too traceable unless they go offshore, but even then, it could be open season for political opponents used to blackmail the corrupt politicians, primarily Democrats. Many times, these corrupt politicians are simply pointed in the right direction for various business deals with insider information. Feinstein is the best example of this practice and it always involves Communist China which means that Diane is a traitor to this country. Harris has protected child-sex-trafficking and drug cartel leaders when she was the Alameda County District Attorney. 

All of this information was obtained by open source. In fact, 80% of all intelligence is estimated to open source and this is where sources frequently refer me to. Although, a lesser known technique, is to refer a journalist to a series of sources that have different parts of the same story which avoids the illegal use of classified documents and the disclosures are fragmented enough that the Federal government trying to  collusion would be very difficult. I rarely take the word of one source for a story, or one open source intelligence. If I use such a piece of information derived in this manner, I will refer to as “the trend indicates …”. However, if a source is a trusted high-level source known to me for years, I have made exceptions to this rule of thumb (my ground-breaking Benghazi story of a failed coup attempt against the Obama administration, and the story was correct). All, meaning 100% of this information came to me from open source information provided to me by insiders who are disgusted by the evil monsters that they are forced to serve.

Let’s look at one more example of how intelligence is gathered and it involves the Justice Democrats and the infamous “squad”. AOC is an absolute ignorant individual who is very naïve to matters of intelligence and even basic government. I think when one is elected, they should know what branch of government they were just elected to. AOC’s early comments made it clear that she had no clue. I knew right away this was nothing but a mouthpiece. Then my suspicions were supported when I discovered the Justice Democrats, a group designed to hold Hollywood type casting calls and choose puppets with public appeal to run for office. When you look at the qualifications of the squad, as my research revealed, they were never political. Then these candidates, like the squad, were used to upset more conservative Democrats in the primary elections. This is, in part, how the Democratic Party became so radicalized. AOC was one of these puppets. In fact, the entire squad is of the same background. I mean AOC was doing wet t-shirt contests in a bar when she was discovered. How unqualified can one get? Have your ever wondered how first-term members of Congress get more and better press than the Speaker of the House? That means that the MSM is part of this operation as well. Omar is the most astute member of the squad, however, her immorality and embezzlement of campaign funds to support her immorality may prematurely end her political career that is based upon treason and sedition. I discovered the Justice Democrats through a series of sources using some of the research methods I outlined in the previous paragraphs.  Often, open source intelligence is more effective in producing actionable intelligence. My point for sharing this information is to demonstrate that one can uncover some of the darkest and most nefarious secrets that certain agencies of our government are involved in through these techniques.

Why am I revealing this information to the reader? I am about to embark on a series of revelations over the next couple of days that could, to some, make me look I fell, landed on my head and lost all of my common sense. In coming to grips with what I know, in the highly controversial area of ET investigations, I admit my understanding is limited at this point but growing exponentially in the moment.

Now to the point of this emerging series. My father worked with captured German scientists in an effort to extract valuable information about vertical lift-off craft and the advanced physics behind the operation of the craft. My father asked the Germans where they obtained such advanced information and they unanimously said “aliens”. My father told me that he asked these scientists if they had ever met one of these aliens and they said “no”, but they were told their commander had. My father did not believe the story but extracting this information was beyond his purview. I think it is likely that the Nazis were dealing with entities who were pretending to be aliens.

Recently two stories have appeared in the media. One was a tweet from DARPA stating that they needed underground access to already developed tunnels and related structures and they needed this by 8/30. The second revelation came when the Army admitted to developing robotics in order to fight a subterranean war beneath major metropolitan areas. Both stories are disinformation and in the next part in this series, I am going begin to reveal what I have learned. The information comes to me from a few insider sources and some very fake open source material from which we can make assumptions from. Greenland and Antarctica come into play in this story as well. And yes, the ET question figures prominently in the coming revelation. 

Revelations From the Underworld (Part Two)

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, September 2, 2019 – 14:30.

Revelations From the Underworld Part 1&2,

My readers and listeners know me as someone who writes about corruption and plots to undermine our country and dramatically alter our culture which includes the attacks upon our culture. However, there is a side to my background experiences that only a few know about until now 

Since 1984, I have known about demonic entities here on the earth that are “waking up” and plan to bring death and destruction to the planet on an unprecedented scale. I have always been much more knowledgeable about this topic than what I write and broadcast about today. I am more than qualified to speak about this topic. I am going to introduce the audience to the existence of these nonhuman entities but they are aren’t what you think. I am going to introduce the topic by describing my relevant background which contains the necessary information needed to help one understand the full revelation about what is coming which is the final battle for control of this planet and this precedes the return of Jesus. 

As contextual background, and as I have stated before, my father was “retired” by order, from Navy six months early, with full retirement and was subsequently sent to Littleton, Colorado to work with captured German scientists from the World War II era. Sometimes, under guard, my father would bring them home accompanied by a security detail. He will later tell me he did so to avoid the scrutiny of the CIA which has never been the friend of the United States people.

I was only 4 years old but I remember some of these German scientists. Being that my father’s family was from Germany, and my German grandmother was living with us, I was somewhat fluent in German and I would converse in German with these scientists. However, it will not be until 1984, that I will come to understand what I was looking at.  

In 1984-85, when my father became terminally ill, I would visit him on a near nightly basis. He began to tell me what he had been doing his last few years and in his new DOD duty assignment at Martin Marietta (now Lockeheed Martin) in Littleton, Colorado. Here is a summary of what I learned:

  1. The Germans knowledge of physics as it applied to such things as vertical take-off craft was an estimated 300 years ahead of what we had. My father’s job was to reverse engineer what the Germans knew in actionable form to be used by our military.
  2. The Germans had told my father that they had received the technology from a group of aliens but that there was a significant delay in transferring the information because these aliens were opposed by another group of aliens that interfered with the technology transfer. These German scientists admitted that they had never met the aliens but had been told about them in briefings by their commander, the alleged inventor of the Nazi Bell. He had other information that involved the supernatural and he warned me that a mass of supernatural and demonic beings would one day be brought to earth through special portals and some were already here. When you read this, does CERN come to mind? My father believed the German scientists were lied to by their commanders about the alien presence so the Nazi leaders could protect the origin of their real power, the occult. World War II history buffs will remember the “Foo Fighters” and the jets that could break the sound barrier at the end of WWII that were inflicting significant losses on allied bombers. For the war effort, however, it was a case of “too little, too late”.
  3. Much of the leadership of the Nazis escaped to South America and some set up shop in Antarctica where they still operate today. Steve Quayle has detailed this in his book “Empire Beneath the Ice”.  Steve contends that the Germans were not defeated and they have teamed up with non-human entities (not Hollywood’s traditional ET’s). The late Jim Marrs reached somewhat similar conclusions but was not as detailed as the Quayle account.
  4. In 1993, I had a chance encounter with the show Coast to Coast with Art Bell. The first time I listened to the show, Vance Davis from the NSA was on the show. Vance revealed much of what I am going to reveal here. He discussed the secret space program, which is where my father suspected his research was going because it never showed up on NASA’s radar so to speak. Knowing I was barred from going public, I desperately wanted to discuss what I knew, privately, with someone who would understand the importance of what I knew. I reached out to Vance and sent him a cryptic message that only someone like himself would understand. Instead of answering, he sent the late Bill Pawelec to meet with me. Bill had an extensive background in intelligence and in satellite technology. In fact, he had actually worked with my father at Sundstrand Electronics in Westminster, CO. on advanced satellite technology. That would be the last job my father would hold. The three of us became close friends. When I finally met Vance, I learned of a new science that he had learned about. Vance told me that when he joined the NSA and was stationed in NATO in Germany, he was told, as part of his training, that there was a war in the cosmos. The ultimate prize was the possession of the human soul. The secret of the soul could be unraveled by the evil ones that had come to this planet to steal God’s most precious property. We would know these entities as fallen angels and Lucifer was the leader. Since they could not be possessed by these evil entities and destroy God’s creation, they invented a science to destroy the holder of the soul, namely the human being. Vance was writing about this in 1993 and people thought he was crazy. Today, we call this science, Transhumanism. Vance, because of his training, was a generation ahead of the curve. Bill Pawelec also had this information. The attacks upon our nation, today are inspired by Lucifer. There is a deliberate attempt to fully demonized mankind and fully implement depopulation strategies. From Vance, I was introduced to Robert Dean. He was retired from the US military, but had become the top noncom in NATO, which means he had the power of a General.
  5. Robert Dean, Bill Pawelec, Vance Davis and myself, along with about 15 others met on a Sunday afternoon in the back of a hair salon in Mesa, AZ., in 1995 The meeting was highly secretive and had security. My part of the meeting was to privately share what I knew from father’s work. Robert Dean revealed that in his role as senior noncom of NATO, he learned that there were several, over two dozen competing nonhuman entities vying for control over the Earth. Some were relatively benign and some were very dangerous (ie cannibalism of humans, desire to enslave the survivors of a planned holocaust).
  6. From 1993-1999, Vance Davis and I walked the perimeter of downtown Phoenix. He would show me where deep underground technology was stored and that the technology was over 20,000 years old. He felt safe in revealing this information because I had already been briefed by some of the Hopi Elders on the fact that we were living in the 5th world meaning that mankind had risen up was destroyed and the survivors had to start over four times previously and that advanced technology had existed in the 4 previous worlds. I spoke with the Hopis because I knew one of their grandsons as he was an undergraduate student of mine and he approached me because he felt “I had knowledge”. The Hopi’s explanation of the 5th World explains things like the pyramids, which modern man did not create, because the technology was far in advance of anything we possess today. The Hollywood story of erecting mega-ton stone slabs at a 12 degree angle with a margin of error of placement of 1/200th of an inch is laughable. And when we look at the fact that the Egyptians were using pulleys to accomplish this feat, it is even more laughable. Princeton’s John Anthony West told us that the fulcrum would have to been 1.5 miles long and would have needed 1.5 million slaves to perform the task. At that time in our history, there weren’t 1 million people in the Nile River Valley. Modern man cannot duplicate this feat today on a single family home.  Atlantis, Lemuria, etc., are examples of past civilizations. Before the reader wrinkles their nose up against what I am saying, please realize that Plato also wrote about Atlantis for which the Atlantic Ocean was named.
  7. In March of 1997, while I was still living in the metropolitan Phoenix area, I was out shooting baskets in my driveway under the lights when I saw the infamous Phoenix lights. I saw a major portion of the sky become black with no stars. A silence overcame the area. And the craft was running parallel to I-17 which was about three miles from where I living at the time. We were later told that the lights were actually a training exercise for the Illinois National Guard and it was taking place south of South Mountain. Is that the best they could do for a cover story?
  8. Through Bill Pawelec, whose interview with Steven Greer, can be viewed on page two of my website, I had dinner with Mike and Frances Barwood. At the time of the Phoenix Lights, Ms. Barwood was on the Phoenix City Council. She publicly asked the question what was it that flew over Phoenix and was seen by no less than 100,000 people? She was vilified for asking the question. Arizona Governor Symington held a press conference to specifically discredit Barwood for asking the question. Symington had a man in a fake alien suit come out as he had promised to reveal all. Later he apologized for this antic and professed a belief in UFO and ET life. In my meeting with Barwood, she shared that the Feds demanded that Phoenix donate the land for the Federal Center. Today, the Federal Center, over a generation later, sits nearly empty. In my walks in downtown Phoenix with Vance Davis he pointed to the Federal Center and said it had to be built to conceal underground operation in retrieving the 20,000 year old technology beneath the city.  
  9. One last thing, my father’s last duty assignment in the Navy was to be one of the people in charge of rewiring the Combat Information Center of the carrier, Roosevelt. This was in the days before advanced satellite surveillance. Therefore, as the ship left its port in Jacksonville, FL., it sailed around Cape Horn to do the work. Why? So the Russians would not know what we were up to. However, someone, or something else did know what they were up to because for 4 straight nights they were followed by glowing orbs. I asked my father if that was not proof of aliens. He said it was proof of demons. He predicted CERN in this conversation and that is what it was created for. To usher in nonhumans to literally raise hell on the earth. We are moving towards the final battle on this planet before Jesus returns. 

This is a brief summary of what bring me to the point where I am going to be joining a mass of journalists who are going to be exposing what we know on this topic. You better get used to this America because even Mike Adams is covering this in Branson and he has an alien article on his website today. The late Jim Marrs once told me that one cannot understand world events without looking at the ET contribution. We all know about this. However, the subject has been so categorized as the topic of crazy people, that most of dared not touch this, until now. 

There is not a more knowledgeable person on this topic than Steve Quayle. I am interviewing Steve for two hours on these topics. This topic also bends into earth changes which are nearly upon us. 

In the next two parts of this series, I am going to be covering who DARPA is preparing to fight in this publicized subterranean war beneath American cities. I am also going to be covering related earth changes that will conservatively kill millions. 

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Revelations From the Underworld Part 1&2,