Route 91 ‘VIP East’ bartender who escaped the massacre tells all: Shocking details

Looking to the west, inside the venue where the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival took place. (Patriot Blaze/Intellihub)

A bartender by the name of Noeaimi claims that she was working the “VIP East” section at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival during Jason Aldean’s performance on the night of Oct. 1 when she heard what sounded like “fireworks” popping off and that’s when she and several of her co-workers started to wonder what was going on.

According to Noeaimi, once she realized that the gunfire “at a distance” was real she decided to flee the bar area and headed east until she encountered an unclimbable fence laced with razor wire at the top and a green cloth over the mesh.

“The shooting kept going,” she explained. “The shooting was louder and louder […] it sounded closer and closer.”

That’s when a heard of people began to push a section of the fence down in order to escape volley after volley of fully-automatic gunfire.

“You can not tell me that there was nobody there because those shootings sounded like they were walking towards us,” she said. “When all of those people, including myself, heard those [gunshots] we were frantic.”

“I mean, people, in the beginning, were just trying to throw people over the fence but when that happened that is when everybody tried to tilt the fence and tried to break it down so we could run.”

Once the fence gave way, the bartender ran east across Giles down Ali Baba where she eventually took refuge inside of a concrete structure located within the airpark where she was told by a security officer to “remain quiet” because more “shooters were still outside.”

Astonishingly, not only does the bartender’s account match up with other eyewitness reports of multiple shooters but it dovetails with an Oct. 29 Intellihub report titled “Air traffic control audio from the night of the Las Vegas shooting reveals there were active shooters on the runway” which proves that authorities were, in fact, trying to round up additional shooters who were reportedly “on the property” at the time.



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