Runaway Morons – The Reason Ebola Will Spread

Three patients, one of whom was almost cured, ran away from quarantine at the local hospital in DR Congo. One went home and died that night and had to be carried back by family members...the same ones who carried him home.

The second taken from hospital by family was brought back but died that night. The one almost cured was found but the hospital did not force him back in quarantine because as they stated, patients have ‘rights’… Not in my book, they don’t, when they can spread a deadly disease far and wide.

More and more of the ignorant villagers are running away from hospitals and heading to churches and to witch doctors. All the while, they are carrying this mega-deadly disease to other areas of the well as to other countries where they go to visit relatives until Ebola blows itself out.

In other words, ignorance is making the people do stupid things that serve to spread the disease. Younger men of military age are heading to Kenya to camps to await passage to Europe and US. No wonder the CDC has 4 planes on the continuous runs to pick up people in Malta, Europe *(Shannon, Ireland and Iceland.)

The DR Congo is trying an experimental treatment, antibodies from cured Ebola patients. (I am not confident this will cure Ebola, my worry is it might serve to spread it. The last outbreak in 2014 we found that Ebola virus could be spread via eyes and other body fluids…maybe ALL of them. Does the virus die or does it become dormant waiting to come back to life? My guess is it simply goes dormant.

Also. a new vaccine is being used as well. The sad fact of extremely low indigenous IQ and Stone Age witch doctor cultural beliefs will make it nearly impossible to stop a major outbreak. In point of fact, we really don’e know how truly bad the outbreak is now.

These people simply do not have the brain power to understand how easily a virus will spread. They actually think they can run away from it. Meanwhile, while still ambulatory, they will spread the virus to other family members and potentially every person they come into contact with. These people are, without question, virtually hopeless.

The situation will continue to worsen until MSF can try to get through to the villagers. Also, their eating of bush meat must be stopped. Bats and primates are a big risk for Ebola and poaching bush meat must stop as well. Fat chance.

Rhinos and Tigers are almost all gone due to poaching for bush meat. There is plenty of meat to eat and one does not have to kill endangered species or species going extinct to survive. These people are not capable custodians of the land or their environment. Their population needs to be controlled.

In summary, I think we could see Ebola spread quickly, all the ingredients are present. Our ER docs and first responders in the US and Europe need to be on the lookout for Ebola in the West. Jacoby and Einstein Hospitals in the Bronx, NYC need to be on full alert. They are in close proximity to bush meat stores where there are brown paper unmarked packages of meat always for way. It is believed human meat is among these packages. - Patricia Doyle


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