Secrets (Volume 248)

Texe Marrs examines news the mass media dare not cover, including:

(1) Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, is she back?;

(2) Pan and Baphomet also make a revival;

(3) Senator Bernie Sanders, an atheist and socialist, publicly attacks a Christian nominated by President Donald Trump for his Christian beliefs. Is there now a Religious Test to serve in the government?;

(4) British radio host says the only way to end terrorism is to stop importing Moslem immigrants;

(5) Fifty-seven scientific studies in 2016 say that Climate Change is a myth;

(6) Pedophilia is a Jewish obsession;

(7) A Christian Church in North Carolina converts to Islam—local Christian pastors celebrate and say Moslems worship the same “God” as do Christians;

(8) This man was beheaded the same day he became a Christian—a stunning report!;

(9) Special Counsel Robert Mueller was FBI Chief who covered up 9/11. He hires Clinton Foundation lawyer and other democrat operators to assist him in his bogus “Russian” investigation;

(10) Navy Chaplain kicked out for praying in Jesus’ name;

(11) Southern Baptists make big money by promoting immigration invasion—paid millions by government;

(12) Democrats create an Orwellian sense of unreality in society to destabilize America and overthrow President Trump.

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