Secrets (Volume 260)

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media:

(1) Announcer at softball game says there will be no National Anthem, so the crowd sings it a cappella;

(2) There are 3.5 million more registered voters than those who are alive and eligible to vote!;

(3) Disgraced former NAACP-Spokane Chapter head Rachel Dolezal has been charged with welfare fraud;

(4) Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe spent $70,000 of taxpayer funds on a conference table, and the FBI tried to hide it from Congress;

(5) Boy Scouts of America, now a genderless organization, announces new mandate that condoms must be available for all participants of its global gathering;

(6) Armed citizen ends madman’s shootout in Oklahoma City restaurant;

(7) Starbucks, which recently closed all of its stores to have racial bias training, is facing another controversy;

(8) Cheesecake Factory employees berate a black man for wearing a Make America Great Again hat in its restaurant;

(9) The Center for Disease Control (CDC) diverts millions of tax dollars for liberal political campaigns;

(10) New Jersey school board member is facing pressure to resign after a recent video surfaces of a confrontation with local police;

(11) NFL Players must now stand for National Anthem…if they leave the locker room and come to the field;

(12) Valedictorian’s speech censored by principal because he planned to mention Jesus;

(13) Red China ramps up its purge of Christians;

(14) New contact lens could let you shoot lasers from your eyes.

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