Senator Corker – Murder Plot on Tape! Tom Heneghan

Huge news in today’s broadcast with Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb.   Here’s some of the highlights.

Bob Corker is afraid to go back to his home state of Tennessee for Christmas!  I wonder why?

Bob Corker thinks he’s going to get a plea deal for his past crimes and a huge wad of money for his vote on the tax bill!  But Trump isn’t aware Corker has no leverage because he’s caught red handed in a murder plot!  Inform Donald Trump about Bob Corker’s murder plot now @potus and @realdonaldtrump on twitter!    Alex Jones wouldn’t expose this murder plot caught on tape even after thousands begged him to play the audio tape by emailing him at   Those people thought he was real but not one person was even answered!  Try it yourself and see if you’re ignored too no matter how much iodine you bought from him!  I dare you.

Bob Corker was involved with former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former South Dakota Senator Sheldon Songstad in a murder plot on Leo Wanta!  Bob Corker’s buddies, Sundquist and Songstad, were recorded by Leo Wanta’s answering machine plotting to kill him!  They talk about what type of security he has and one of them says that the killers won’t have any problems regardless!   Eric Holder was forced to resign when he wouldn’t prosecute the swamp for this plot!  Here’s where Bob Corker’s business partners plot to kill Leo Wanta!  Get this everywhere!


Tom and Stew are asking all patriots to send this article to Trump @potus @realdonaldtrump and through your social networks so the truth goes viral and Alex Jones and the Fake News can’t keep hiding it!   Keep in mind that Alex Jones lied to the world when he said “Leo Wanta Was As Real as the Easter Bunny”.    Here’s the proof that Alex Jones lied about Leo Wanta.  All lies comes from satan.  Are you okay with this lie?


Alex Jones protected the men who wanted to kill Leo Wanta by ignoring this huge story!   What patriot doesn’t put out an authentic audio recording when thousands of his fans begged him to do it?    I also emailed Rick Wiles about this audio tape who I thought was a patriot.  I quickly found out he has an agenda also.   He blocked me on facebook and wouldn’t cover the story even though he interviewed one of these murder plotters on his show!   There are wolves out there pretending to have your back in alternative media.  You want to see who’s real.  Email them this story and see who reports on it!   You have the permission of Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb and myself to copy all youtube videos and the article to your own platforms.  Please let me know at  who in alternative media ignores you.  Those are the ones who have an agenda and it sure isn’t winning the fight against the swamp.  Only a traitor to this Republic censors this murder plot!




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