Skripal Poisoned for Hillary! Heneghan Dump

Intel Bombshells – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (4-3-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Tom Heneghan unloaded both barrels in the broadcast today.  One of the biggest bombshells was about Sergei Skripal being poisoned to coverup the Hillary / Christopher Steele phony dossier on Donald Trump!   Heneghan reports Sergei Skripal was an aid to Christopher Steele and worked on the dirty Hillary Clinton dossier!  They wanted to kill him to cover up for Hillary!  Tom reports his sources state this poisoning was done by the Swedish mafia who frequently wash the hands of MI6!  They are desperate to start war with Russia so please tweet this show to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump so he learns the Russians had nothing to do with this poisoning!  It’s absurd!  But the liars around Trump will tell him anything to cause friction with Russia!  Mueller is doing nothing but clean up and cover up for the deep state!

Other things being reported in this broadcast are the following:

The Novichok nerve agent was being manufactured by both the British and the US!  Russia stopped making it long ago.  It was made in the US at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois.  Hillary Clinton covered up this illegal never agent manufacturing while she was at the State Department and she made money from it of course!

Clinton Global Initiative Offices were raided in the last few days in connection to massive child trafficking and NXIVM sex cult!  This is very good news but is of course not being reported by the fake news who didn’t report not he anthrax attacks on the Marines Tom covered at the time it happened.

Hillary and the DNC paid CNN to promote Donald Trump during the primary because she thought he would be the easiest to beat!

Roger Stone!  He is being tied to the NXIVM sex cult by who reports on the connections between powerful people and organizations.  This is blowing up on twitter right now.

I’m just reporting on information being reported by researchers on Twitter.

I don’t know if or how Roger Stone is tied to NXIVM but if you go to and type in “NXIVM” you will find Roger Stone reported as being somehow tied in with the NXIVM sex cult in their database! reports to the connections between powerful people and organizations.


Roger Stone reported on NXIVM recently in the following show but failed to mention he had any connection to them whatsoever.  So if he doesn’t have ties to NXIVM, he needs to talk to because their database shows him tied to NXIVM.

What we do know for sure about Roger Stone is he worked for Richard Nixon who was certainly deep state scum just like every President after JFK who protected the illegal Federal Reserve scam!   Nixon was seen at the after party celebration that occurred the night after JFK was killed according to Stew Webb’s personal friend who was at the party!  This eyewitness saw Nixon partying with the rest of the conspirators at the Murchison estate!   Roger Stone has never admitted Nixon was deep state of course and still talks fondly of this deep state roach.  This is the main reason Roger Stone can never be trusted.  Every President since JFK with the exception of Donald Trump was a deep state Federal Reserve stooge.     Trump wasn’t supposed to win!

Roger Stone also helped elect the gun grabbing scumbag Sheriff Scott Israel in Broward County.  Sheriff Israel also raped a minor and made her get an abortion!  You can see this video below.   Roger Stone never seems to mention his aid to the dirty gun grabbing Sheriff but you can read about it in the link below.  He’s not bragging about it on InfoWars.   Roger should be PROUD he got that filthy gun grabber elected!  His work for Sheriff Israel, at the center of the Super Fishy Parkland shooting already resulted in several illegal gun laws!  Great job Roger!  Your work for Sheriff Israel helped chip away at our 2nd Amendment!

Sorry for the Roger Stone rant but I just trust the guy or those that promote him.  Did you know he was the one who organized the group in Florida to barge into the recount to insure George W. Bush got elected!  He bragged one time on InfoWars that he stole the election for the NWO Bushes!  Now he says he hates the Bushes!  He changes his spots depending on who is paying him the most!   Who can trust a guy like that?

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