South Africa has serious problems with murderous cannibals

This August, a South African “traditional healer” walked into a police station, complaining that he was “tired” of being in a secret cannibal ring. At first the cops didn’t know what to think, but when he produced a gaggle of dismembered human body parts, they started to suspect there might be something to his story. When they followed him to his house, they found a cooking pot full of human ears.

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South Africa cannibals become a serious threat.

Since then five men have been arrested for possessing human body parts, which these “healers” told their clients had magic properties if consumed.

Of course, they never explained them that the flesh offered was obtained by robbing graves. Police charged the men with murder after they found a missing woman buried under some nearby rocks.

The local Traditional Healers Organization had to clarify that they were “against bogus traditional healers who use human body parts.” Local residents took to the streets with signs reading “Say no to cannibalism.

A month later, in September 2017, Mount Frere police found a man who had beheaded a woman and was eating her body on his front lawn. He charged at the police, screaming, and they shot him in true horror movie fashion.

It looks like South African cannibals pop up in clusters, like movies about asteroids.

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