Sub-Stations EXPLODE as Venezuela Tries to Restore Sabotaged Electric Grid

Numerous electrical sub-stations EXPLODED in Venezuela Saturday as the failed Socialist state tried to restore electricity from a blackout which has now gone on for over forty (40) hours.

The photos and video below show the Sido Substation completely engulfed in flames:

A SECOND large electrical sub-station has now exploded in Venezuela and is burning ferociously:


Mike Adams

Over 100 people in hospitals are now reported to have died from the power blackout, as their respirators had no electric to help them breathe.

Venezuela's entire Aluminum production industry is DESTROYED. Plants which melt the raw aluminum to be poured into casts, lost power and could not dump the molten metal. As the metal cooled, it cracked the smelting vats; which are now just giant hunks of metal that can no longer be used for anything.

This is permanent destruction of a major industry in Venezuela. They have no hope at all of recovering without external help. Since economic sanctions prevent such help, Venezuela is unable to bring that industry back online.


If you can imagine what an EMP attack would be like, this is it.

In Venezuela the phones don't work.

The ATMs and banks don't work, so there is no access to money.

The internet doesn't work.

The refrigerators don't work, so the food is spoiling.

The subways don't work, so there is no going to one's job.

The generators are failing at hospitals as staff struggle to keep them going and the patients are already dying. Respirators stopped working and those who needed them to breathe have died. The preemies (infants born early) lost their incubators.

Nobody can get the doctors on the phone.

The transport isn't working, and food is running out.

The water isn't pumping, no water from the faucet. Too bad if you get thirsty.

The schools are all closed.

Much of the staff with the expertise to fix the system have long ago fled the country.

The money that could be used to hire someone from the U.S. or someplace similar, to make the repairs, has been stolen.

These reports describe the terrible conditions in just Caracas — in the rest of the country, the situation is reportedly far, far worse. And yes, the result looks as though it's going to be famine.

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