Synced videos from night of Las Vegas massacre reveals timeline of events

The “Truth Tracker” YouTube channel has done an excellent job syncing videos from the night of the October 1 massacre with archived flight radar data to paint the ultimate three-dimensional picture of how it all went down.

Using surveillance camera footage posted to the “5×5 News” YouTube channel, “Truth Tracker” was able to recreate the entire event and better establish a timeline.

However, I have identified something in Truth Tracker’s video that I would like to point out. It’s a minor correction, nothing big and should not take away from the veracity of the video in any way.

In the video, the narrator explains that two “unidentified helicopters” departed from the vicinity of “Maverick Helicopters” just before they could be seen heading due north, overflying the two fuel tanks in the footage between 10:13 and 10:15 p.m. which is true. However, shortly after the two choppers become visible on the radar (from a more zoomed out position) and appear to be making a standard tour loop through the city.

I identified all seven choppers in my October 30 report titled “Vegas flight records reveal well-planned air assault and elaborate getaway extraction all possible” where I go over the entire helicopter theory.

As I reported, “The N-numbers of the seven helicopters with active transponders at the time are as follows: N858MH, N853MH, N848MH, N868MH, N821MH, N854MH, and N816MH.”

Based on the footage released by the “5×5 News” YouTube channel a total of 7 helicopters overflew the fuel tanks at the following times:

  1. 10:11:59 p.m. (N858MH)
  2. 10:12:49 p.m. (N853MH)
  3. 10:13:20 p.m. (N848MH)
  4. 10:13:39 p.m. (N868MH)
  5. 10:14:27 p.m. (N821MH)
  6. 10:15:05 p.m. (N854MH)
  7. 10:15:29 p.m. (N816MH)

This accounts for all seven of the aircraft.

You can see the full surveillance video from the night of the shooting here:

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in the background from the McCarran International Airport. (Ken Lund/Flickr)
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