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Vote fraud alert: NY law granting driver licenses to illegal aliens means THEIR ballots will cancel out those of American citizens

(Natural News) The Democrats who run New York have just struck another blow against the Constitution and one of our country’s founding principles: That only citizens should decide how it is to be run and who should be chosen to represent us.

A new law passed by the New York Assembly and signed by Left-wing Gov. Andrew Cuomo will allow illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license, further solidifying the state’s slide into anarchy as it becomes an even bigger haven and ‘sanctuary’ for people who broke into our country.

But, according to both critics of the legislation and one the bill’s authors, the new law will make it much easier for illegal aliens to cast ballots in both state and federal elections, both of which are against the law.

As the New York Post reports:

A loophole in the new law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants could allow hundreds of thousands of people to fraudulently register to vote in New York, according to critics, the state Board of Elections and the bill’s own sponsor.

Earlier, Cuomo asked Solicitor General Barbara Underwood to read over the legislation and assess it for safety concerns; she reported back that she had found none, even as state Attorney General Tish James claimed the measure was lawful and that her office “will vigorously defend it” should individuals or organizations sue the state over the measure’s legality.

Critics called it more Left-wing radicalism.

“[A] major concern is that many states, including New York, use their DMVs to enroll voters. Since New York does not have voter-identification laws like the majority of other states do, this bill increases the potential for voter fraud,” said state Senate Republican Minority Leader John Flanagan. “This means that New York will soon have the most radical, open-ended law in the entire nation.”
‘Theoretically, they could have the ability to vote’

The Post noted that the legislation, called the “Green Light Bill,” passed the state Senate on a 33-29 vote Tuesday. It gives illegal immigrants the right to obtain a “standard” driver’s license that can also be used as an ID and to board domestic flights. (Related: By pushing the National Popular Vote Compact, leftists are deliberately working to ensure the “tyranny of the majority” that will overrule liberty and law.)

But Flanagan isn’t exaggerating when he said that the potential for vote fraud is great: Driver’s licenses are also the only document required in New York to register to vote — and, as The National Sentinel reported, it’s highly likely that the Democrats supporting it knew that:

According to critics, the NY Board of Elections and the sponsor of the bill, it could lead to “radical” changes that will throw future elections into doubt in the Empire State, leaving some to question whether Democrats who passed the bill knew exactly what they were doing.

The Democrat sponsor of the bill, Sen. Luis Sepúlveda, also admitted that yes, the new law could by used by illegal aliens to commit vote fraud.

“Theoretically, they could have the ability to vote,” he said Monday, while nevertheless arguing on behalf of the bill — which, by the way, would undermine the citizens of his district who sent him to represent them, not people in our country illegally who did not vote for him.

John Conklin, a spokesman for the Board of Elections, confirmed: “If you have a driver’s license number, you basically stop there” in terms of determining who can and cannot vote.

When people register to vote, Conklin said, they have to check a box swearing they are eligible to do so in the U.S. But he added that “it’s basically an honor system.”

Like other Democrats, Sepúlveda claimed that anyone who wanted to commit voter fraud already could, but such instances are very rare.

Sure it is. But no matter, it’s about to become a lot more common in the Empire State.

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TSA Lets Illegals Skip Airport Security Lines Ahead of Citizens

In violation of its own policies, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is allowing illegal aliens to fly on commercial airlines without proper identification, a privilege not afforded to American citizens.

The TSA lets illegal aliens board with a Form I-862, Notice to Appear, which informs them about their immigration court date—a court date that about 40 percent of illegal aliens will never attend, the Center for Immigration Studies reported.

The TSA allows 15 different forms of identification for security purposes, but Form I-862 is not among them, The Washington Examiner reported.

A group of Republican Congressmen sent a letter to Kevin McAleenan, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, to inquire about the TSA’s guidelines for transporting illegal aliens.

“Some of us have heard additional, unverified stories of groups of aliens being allowed to bypass TSA screening altogether and board flights prior to both the traveling public and federal law enforcement, the latter of whom are normally allowed to board first,” wrote Reps. Biggs, Babin, Gaetz, Cloud, Roy, Gosar, Duncan, and Hice, according to a press release.

They asked what, if any, form of identification illegal aliens need to board planes.

“Are aliens who are not traveling in ICE custody permitted to use a Form I-862 or any other form of identification that is not among the 15 acceptable forms identified by TSA?” the group wrote.

They also inquired about where DHS is transporting the illegal aliens, who is funding their air travel, what health screenings they undergo, and whether they have to pass through “TSA screenings, including x-rays or full body scans and search of baggage,” as Americans citizens do.

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Video: “Above Majestic” – Full Movie: Implications of a Secret Space Program – Suppressed Technologies, Cures for Cancer & More!

Viewers discretion is adviced, here on Totalrehash, you will find the real reasons for secret technologies, and that there is proof of a more sinister explanation for “aliens”, in this movie they push a “disclosure” and as I see it, it’s the roll out of the “United” world aka NWO, this is the Beast system in the book of Revelation.

Aliens are the demons, and fallen angels told from the Bible, Cancer is already very possible to cure. Read my Medicin section.

Reason I repost this video is, to point out that the end is near, and bits and pieces of the evidence is hidden in plain sight. Be aware, and always keep in mind, what you are seeing, is the deception, they only need to give you a little chip for DNA enhancement, to join in the computerized NWO ultra tech, Mark of the Beast society.

They will promise prolonged life span, even eternal life. Don’t believe it. You will seize to be human, and non redeemable. Destined for the lake of fire, that burns for forever.

Open the Video

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Video: The Fall of New Mexico: By the Time YOUR STATE Wakes Up, It Will Be Too Late!


I first reported on New Mexico Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, three months ago. Since that time, the safety and the security of the people of New Mexico has significantly worsened. She is unquestionably a liberal’s liberal and supports the demise of the Constitution and the destruction of the American culture by replacing it with a borderless social utopia based upon strong communistic principles. She is also closely adhering to Rules of for Radicals as she attempts to create the atmosphere where the takeover of the United States can be completed by overwhelming the border beyond the government’s ability to respond to the crisis.

This so-called governor has prevented the defense of her constituents property rights. Towns like Demming are overrun with illegal aliens and they are being housed in an overflow situation in places like Demming.

According to Deming City Administrator Aaron Sera, in Luna County, buses unload between 300 and 500 immigrants each day. As a town of a 14,183, it has been mercilessly overwhelmed by the governor’s dangerous game of partisan politics. Even larger enclaves, such as Las Cruces, have been overrun with illegal aliens, completely depleting community and local government resources as they’re  forced to house and care for 6,000 asylum seekers

I received the following email from a citizen of Demming

Dear Dave,

I don't know where to turn, our small town of about 15,000 people is being overrun. These people are not just immigrants looking for work. I have seen MS-13 and you can tell who they are by their special tatoos. Our governor is forcing our people to take on these people. One police officer told me that we are getting 300 immigrants per day. Soon the immigrants will outnumber the Americans who live here. I am afraid to let the kids play outside. I don't know who these people are and what they might do. What can we do?



Sierra County,  has a population 11,116 and a 21% poverty rate. Sierra County alon with Otero and Lincoln counties have passed resolutions opposing the relocation of migrants to their communities.

Lujan-Grisham Is Aiding and Abetting Major Threat to National Security In Her State

The social charities of New Mexico have long dried up. Two weeks ago, the Denver Post reported that Lujan-Grisham’s office paid $4,000 in taxpayer funds to various social charities in Denver to house thousands of immigrants that cannot be housed in New Mexico as the shelters in several New Mexico towns and cities are filled beyond capacity.Earlier this Spring, the Governor sent in law enforcement to disarm and arrest border citizens who had gathered to defend themselves against the onslaught of immigrants. She kicked the National Guard off the Border citing the Pelosi line that the border was a non-event.

The Border Patrol hates this woman with a passion and so do a growing number of people in her state. Now 31 of 33 of New Mexico’s counties are up in arms over the betrayal they have experienced at the hands of Governor Lujan Grisham. This is being expressed through resolutions, the governor is now asking President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security for their help. The governor wants to continue to urge the federal government to increase its personnel on the border. And amazingly, the Governor is asking DHS for reimbursement for the cost of handling the immigrants.


Here is a summary of where the crisis now resides.

Open the Video

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Trump Quietly Reversed Obama Policy That Allowed Illegal Aliens To Work

Quietly, it seems, President Donald Trump reversed the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s policies, which enabled illegal aliens to work far easier in America. The return of “no match” letters appear to be part of the administration’s Buy American, Hire American policies.

Bloomberg reported:

The Social Security Administration has revived an old practice of notifying employers of mismatches between information on tax forms and the agency’s records.

Starting in March, the SSA began sending employer correction request notices, also known as “no-match letters,” to employers with at least one employee whose name and Social Security number combination on a filed W-2 doesn’t match SSA records. The letters instruct employers to register for the agency’s Business Services Online and correct the mismatch within 60 days

Some 575,000 employers already have received letters.

The return of no-match letters, which haven’t been sent to employers for more than a decade, already is stirring controversy among advocacy groups and some Democratic lawmakers. The move is viewed as another Trump administration policy targeting immigrants, sparking concerns that companies could fire employees pre-emptively, fearing that they might lack work authorization.

While some like Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-IL) refer to this as scare tactics, one has to question what the problem actually is? If Social Security numbers don’t match names, shouldn’t that be a red flag that not only do you have an illegal alien using it, but that a true American’s identity might have been stolen? Of course!

Of course, Democrats are protesting this!

The Hill reported on their efforts:

The no-match letters, Democrats argue, are being instituted as part of the Trump administration's crackdown on immigration as a measure of outing to employers undocumented immigrants working with false or stolen SSNs.

The agency has defended the practice of using the letters in the past, telling NPR in late March that it was focused on improving the accuracy of its record.

"If we cannot match the name and SSN reported on a W-2 to our records, we cannot credit earnings to a worker's record," spokesman Mark Hinkle said in a statement at the time. "When earnings are missing, the worker may not qualify for Social Security benefits he or she is due or the benefit amount may be incorrect."

At least 46 Democrats signed a letter that was sent to acting Social Security Administration Commissioner Nancy Berryhill earlier this month urging her to retract that orders she was given.

“This action will cause numerous problems by diverting resources away from frontline workers whose primary mission is administering benefits,” the Democrats wrote of the Employer Correction Request Notices. “Additionally, this rule can result in increased discrimination and abuses against U.S. workers, particularly women.”

Berry was also sent another letter signed by 146 labor and immigration organizations that claims that such letters are ineffective, endanger citizens and labor rights and could overwhelm the SSA’s resources.

“Other than to instill fear and to add to the series of attacks that have come down against the immigrant community — whether it’s the Census question, whether it’s the public charge initiative against lawful permanent residents — this is one more tool in their arsenal, I think, to drive the community into the shadows of society, to create more anti-immigrant sentiment in the country and just to create fear and instability in communities with large immigrant populations,” said Rep. Jesús García (D-Ill.), the lead signatory of the Democratic letter.

OK, look, I don’t care for the Social Security Administration anymore than I do the IRS, and I don’t doubt there will be some hangups concerning errant letters, but are these people seriously arguing against these measures when, again, not only could we be talking about illegal aliens but identity theft of Americans?

“You should not use this letter to take any adverse action against an employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing or discriminating against that individual, just because his or her SSN or name does not match our records,” according to a sample “no-match” letter

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White House Immigration Plan Likely to Include Mandatory Nationwide E-Verify

An immigration plan being drafted by the White House is likely to include a provision that mandates, nationally, the E-Verify system that prevents businesses from hiring illegal aliens over American citizens.

Sources close to Breitbart News said President Trump’s administration is looking to include provisions of former Rep. Lamar Smith’s (R-TX) Legal Workforce Act, which makes the E-Verify system mandatory across the country, to ensure that U.S. jobs are reserved for Americans and U.S. wages are protected from illegal, cheaper foreign competition.

The White House is expected to detail the plan next week. White House officials did not respond to comment request.

Politico, likewise, reported that sources close to the White House confirmed that the administration is weighing an immigration plan that includes mandatory E-Verify.

As Breitbart News reported, the inclusion of mandatory E-Verify in any large-scale immigration plan was a must for Trump’s base of supporters, including for immigration reform leaders, as well as for Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) — two of Trump’s closest populist allies in Congress.

Gosar recently told Breitbart News that mandatory E-Verify “is fundamental” to any immigration deal to solidify that American workers are hired over illegal aliens.

“E-Verify would help employers know immediately if the employee was lawful,” Gosar said. “This provision is fundamental to reforming our system and making sure only lawful employees are hired.”

It remains unclear which specific elements of Smith’s Legal Workforce Act may be included in the White House immigration plan. For example, sources were unable to confirm if the mandatory E-Verify provision would be retroactive for employers — thus forcing businesses to verify the legal status of their currently employed workers — or whether the program would only apply to future employees.

Mandatory E-Verify continues to be one of the most popular national immigration policies across the party lines and the American electorate. In November 2018 exit polling by Zogby Analytics for FAIR, a total of 75 percent of American voters said they support mandatory E-Verify to prevent businesses from hiring illegal aliens over U.S. workers

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Open the Video The news is not good. Mexico has decided to continue its Open Border policy by allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens to enter its borders. The so-called ‘Mother of All Caravans’ has begun arriving in what appears. The first wave of this human tsunami stormed violently across the Guatemala Chiapas port of entry from all parts of the globe.

What will it take for Mexico to cooperate, if at all, with the US demands to shut down its southern border in order to stop what in all terms is being labeled as an ‘invasion’ of the once great nation of Mexico? Will the southern border be shut down?

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Video: DO IT!… Trump Campaign Proposes Busing Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities

Another caravan of thousands of illegal immigrants left Honduras on Thursday.

One hundred thousand illegal aliens were apprehended at the southern border last month.

Democrats don’t want to fix the crisis.

The Trump administration this week discussed busing the illegal aliens crossing the border directly to sanctuary cities.

Do it. Open the Video

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Mo Brooks: Illegal Alien-Flooded States Diluting Votes of Red States

During testimony at a House Oversight and Reform Committee this week, Brooks said asking United States residents on the upcoming 2020 Census is necessary to know the number of illegal aliens living in the country and to ensure that congressional districts are drawn based on the number of American citizens, rather than entire populations, including citizens, noncitizens, and illegal aliens.

“I submit the inclusion of the citizenship question on the next census is not only common sense, it is a Constitutionally required,” Brooks said.

After the 2010 Census, illegal aliens were counted for reapportioning Congressional districts and electoral college votes. Hence, states that had fewer illegal aliens saw a shift of their political power to states that had more illegal aliens. [Emphasis added]

Law-abiding states lost not only Congressional representation in Congress, they also lost electoral college votes that elect the president of the United States. I submit the citizenship power of citizens in low illegal alien count states was diluted as their Congressional seats and electoral college representation was disproportionately cut. [Emphasis added]

Similarly, the counting of illegal aliens for reapportionment of political power purposes violates the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause by unconstitutionally diluting the representative and political power of citizens who live in low illegal alien population states. [Emphasis added]

As Breitbart News has reported, the counting of only American citizens to divide up congressional districts and electoral college votes would shift power away from the affluent, metropolitan coastal cities of the U.S. and towards middle America.

If congressional districts were set by the number of citizens, the overall average population needed per congressional seat could decrease to about 670,000 citizens per district. This would give a stronger advantage for states with small illegal alien populations to gain and keep their current number of congressional seats.

For instance, if by only counting citizens, a state like Ohio, with few illegal aliens, could possibly gain a congressional seat, increasing the state’s total number of representatives to 17. Current projections suggest Ohio will lose a congressional seat.

In West Virginia, which is also slated to lose a congressional seat, the state could keep their three districts if the redistricting is counted by citizens. Indiana, as well, — with less than 180,000 noncitizen residents — would potentially increase its congressional seats from nine to ten if apportionment is based on the number of citizens in the state.

On the other hand, deep blue states with affluent coastal cities are set to make major gains in terms of congressional representation. California has an estimated three million illegal aliens, a total of about 5.3 million noncitizens, and a total population of about 39.5 million residents. Currently, California has 53 congressional seats, the most in the country.

If California’s congressional districts were set by the number of citizens in the state, it would potentially lose three to five congressional seats, leaving the state with about 48 to 50 seats.

“Congressional districts with lower percentages of citizens — because of higher illegal alien concentrations — grant their citizens an unequal representative power when compared to citizens in districts with higher percentages of citizens and lower percentages of illegal aliens,” Brooks said.

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide in the coming months the constitutionality of asking American residents their citizenship status on the 2020 Census.

Currently, the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants every year, with more than 70 percent coming to the country through the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. In the next 20 years, the current U.S. legal immigration system is on track to import roughly 15 million new foreign born voters. Between seven and eight million of those foreign born voters will arrive in the U.S. through chain migration.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

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