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Gordon T Long: Global Central Banks Won’t Ever Decrease Balance Sheets?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former CFO and long time corporate executive, Gordon T Long http://www.gordontlong.com/. Gordon has decades of experience working in corporate America and the technology sector.

Gordon runs a market research site for global macro analysis & analytics for professionals & serious investors, https://matasii.com/

How come Central Asian States have become a Breeding ground for Terrorism

by Jean Périer,   … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

No matter how many are killed, they get replaced by new recruits

[ Editor’s Note: Jean Périer presents the Central Asian participation in Islamic Jihad as a recent concern, due to a few well-publicized terror attacks, but it is not.

These people have been fighting with ISIS in Iraq and Syria for some time, but corporate media did not have much interest in them, as it knew the readers would not care where they were from, when the readers can neither spell it, nor know where it is located.

They all got swept up into the “foreign jihadis” moniker which has been working fine for years now. Poor economic futures at home have found them commonly emigrating to Russia and even to Europe, with ISIS sometimes paying their way to get them planted in places like Europe for future use.

Their home countries do not have the level of counter-terrorism forces needed to stay on top of them, especially given the online technology and evolving skills that are required to get ahead of the Jihadi recruiters.

As I have always said – and been ignored – killing them on the battlefield is a short-term accomplishment, when they can be easily replaced by those waiting in the bullpen training camps. These could be run by ISIS themselves, or any number of foreign intel agencies wanting to have trained jihadis to use in their endless regime-destabilization activities.

I see no way to cut off the supply of replacement recruits. The draw of being part of building a religious Islamic State is a strong one, where devotees expect a long, hard fight. These are not people looking for a change-of-pace summer vacation endeavor, but to be part of something big.

ISIS getting defeated in Iraq and Syria should dampen recruitment, but I fear it will not kill it. A counter-jihad ideology needs to be deployed – a 24/7 website channel with non-stop publicity not only of their horrors but spot-lighting who their supporters are, the ones with sovereign immunity, for now anywayJim W. Dean ]

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Stockholm attack

– First published  …  April 25,  2017 –

Even before the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm, during which a Central Asian native drove a truck in a crowd of pedestrians at high speed, other immigrants from the region were suspected of launching two terrorist attacks in Turkey last year, along with the recent one committed in St. Petersburg.

The fact that the man suspected of Stockholm attack, which resulted in the death of four people, came to the EU from Uzbekistan drew the attention of western security operatives to the former Soviet republics of Central Asia that have recently become a source of extremism.

But how natives from CIS countries have so suddenly become a major terrorist threat to the world? The answer is pretty logical, since the rise of terrorism in Central Asia is closely linked to the chaos that Afghanistan has been submerged into in the last couple years.

This trend is aggravated even further by the fact that such states as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan have no special services to speak of, while social conditions in these states leave much to be desired. Additionally, the armed forces that most Central Asian states have are not capable of adequately negating the flow of terrorists in and out of their countries.

Therefore, one could hardly expect that any of the above listed states would be able to single-handedly bring down ISIS or track those Central Asian citizens that were fighting on the side of this terrorist organization before returning home.

It should not be forgotten that any criminal environment can be a potential breeding ground for terrorism. Large criminal groups or other marginal social groups that are turning individuals into would-be-terrorists if they are to be approached by radical recruiters. However, at the heart of any criminal activities lies the economic situation that a state has found itself into.

Countries with weak economies and high unemployment rates are virtually pushing the lowest strata of the population into getting engaged in offensive activities. That is where extremist recruiters come in, offering both significant financial benefits to those willing to take the risk of becoming a terrorist and the long-time occupation to all sorts of marginals. If there’s no financing, there’s no terrorism.

The low cultural level of the marginals that are usually getting recruited by terrorist groups usually can be easily transformed into the fanatical devotions to the ideas of radicalism, that exists with the sole purpose of reducing the costs of needed to stage a terrorist act.

Today thousands of migrants from CIS countries are leave their homes in a bid to earn a little bit of extra in Russia, Europe, and the Middle East. How many of them are prepared to learn demolition techniques or execute a terrorist attack – is a tough guess to make. It matters not that terrorist groups are pursuing somebody else’s political and financial goals, instead of being engaged in any sort of genuine religious warfare, as long as they pay good.

The German Sueddeutsche Zeitung notes that a great number of terrorist attacks in recent years were committed by Uzbek-born terrorists. The media source is convinced that Uzbekistan is gradually sliding into the chaos of terrorism, while notes that ISIS has recently been recruiting large number of militants from the Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. In total, according to some estimates, up to five thousand citizens of these countries are fighting in the ranks today.

In addition, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) (also known as the Islamic Party of Turkestan), which began its malicious activities back in the 90s and is now considered one of the most active extremist groups in Central Asia. It has recently expanded its area of operations to Tajikistan, serving as a recruiting center for the Al-Qaida, but now its militants swore their allegiance to ISIS. Their stated goal is to create a single Islamist stretching all across the Central Asia.

The same Sueddeutsche Zeitung has recently been citing an unnamed source in the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany that would claim that IMU has a wide network of affiliates and supporters in a number of countries. Extremist from all over the globe have been joining its ranks, in particular, the movement has managed to recruit several German Salafists who were then used to urge their fellow citizens to start an armed struggle against the government.

The terrorist groups in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have decided to make it their goal to introduce the Sharia law across the region, notes the Swedish Aftonbladet. The media source argues that they were initially created as a form of protest against the harsh repressive regimes that were established once those stated countries gained independence from the Soviet Union.

The number of militants from Central Asia that are fighting in the Islamic States was underestimated initially. However, once the fight against this terrorist group in Iraq and Syria moved into an active stage, they began to return to Afghanistan or Turkey and, in some cases, they just go to Europe, notes an analyst of African and Eurasian Affairs for the Jamestown Foundation, Jacob Zenn.

That is why the anti-terror efforts must be a struggle that countries embark on together. Russia has recently been showing its readiness to join hands with its neighbors for the common good of all the states, which has motivated some European politicians to rethink the stance they’ve been taking against Moscow.

Zimbabwe Central Bank To Accept Cows, TVs, Fridges As Collateral

Long before China Huishan Dairy Holdings, China’s largest daily farmer, became known as the latest Chinese corporate fraud whose stock crashed 90% in seconds after a Muddy Waters report brought attention to its questionable shadow banking funding, exposing the company as a hollow sham and leading to the prompt departure of four of its directors who hope (in vain) to escape prison time, the company was best known for being the first ever company to do cow-collateralized stock buybacks.

For readers whose recollection on this particular topic, fascinating as it may be, is vague, this is what we wrote last May:

 “China Huishan Dairy is selling about a quarter of its [cow] herd, about 50,000 animals, to Guangdong Yuexin Finance Lease for 1 billion yuan ($152 million) and then renting them back. The reason: to obtain urgently needed cash (let some other sucker CEO worry about paying the coupon on the lease), so it can repurchase glorious amounts of its stock.

And yes, cows were used as collateral. “It’s not very common to use cows as collateral,” said Robin Yuen, an analyst at RHB OSK Securities Hong Kong Ltd. “The value of a cow would fluctuate depending on milk prices and other factors, so it’s a risky asset for lenders. It would be hard to do forced selling – there’s no liquid market for a large number of cows.”

So anyone wondering where Muddy Waters may have gotten the idea that not all is well with the company engaging in the sale-leaseback-of-cows-to-buyback-it-stock, Robin Yuen, an analyst at RHB OSK Securities Hong Kong, who had a Sell rating on the company long before Muddy Waters appeared on the scene, explained:

“Huishan Dairy seems to be selling cows and leasing them back in order to raise money now, because they’ve been using cash to buy back shares…. “It’s not very common to use cows as collateral. The value of a cow would fluctuate depending on milk prices and other factors, so it’s a risky asset for lenders. It would be hard to do forced selling – there’s no liquid market for a large number of cows. The chairman wants to prop up the share price for reasons that are unclear.

One year later the reasons became clear: the company was a fraud, and only his relentless buybacks provided the levitation needed to offset the pesky sellers and shorts, which incidentally led to our conclusion, which predicted the inevitable failure of this particular Chinese fraudcap: “what’s the point to propping up the stock price in an unviable company, and not to sell to the greatest fool? Especially since if there is one thing Chinese capital markets have a lot of, it’s the latter.”

 The above, very long preamble takes us to the “logical” continuation of the cows-as-collateral story, because less than a year after cow sale-leaseback transactions emerged in the “financial bubble banana” country that is China, they have now moved to the original banana republic: Zimbabwe.

Bloomberg reports that commercial banks in Zimbabwe will soon be forced to accept livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep as collateral for cash loans to informal businesses under a new law presented to Parliament Tuesday. Under the “Movable Property Security Interests Bill” tabled for debate by Finance and Economic Development Minister, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will compile and administer a collateral-security register in which small-business operators and individuals can register their movable assets as security for credit.

Translation: step aside cash-collateral, fractional-reserve banking, here comes cow-collateral reserve banking.

It gets better.

 In addition to cows, pretty much anything will soon be bank-eligible collateral as Zimbabwe desperately attempts to restart its monetary system. Vehicles, television sets, refrigerators, computers and other household appliances will become acceptable as collateral once they are evaluated and registered in the central bank’s register, according to Chinamasa.

It probably makes sense: the US has loan sharks; Zimbabwe has a central bank.

“As minister in charge of financial institutions, I feel there is need for a change of attitude by our banks to reflect of our economic realities,” he said. Banks are “stuck in the old ways of doing things and failing to respond to the needs of our highly informalized economy,” he said.

It remains unclear if this latest Zimbabwean monetary experiment will work: the southern African nation has mainly used the dollar since economic mismanagement and runaway inflation rendered its own currency worthless eight years ago, BBG notes. A liquidity squeeze ensued as growth faltered and a strong dollar eroded the competitiveness of Zimbabwe’s exports.

And now, over a decade since its infamous hyperinflationary episode, Zimbabwe finds itself in another cash crunch so severe that banks are limiting customer withdrawals.

That’s where the cows come in.

And yet, in all of this one thing remains unclear: once the debtors are unable to repay the central bank, and the lienholder collects on virtually every piece of livestock, as well as every “car, TV, refrigerators, computer and other household appliance” and nationalizes every asset that is and isn’t nailed down in Zimbabwe , what happens then?


We have been highlighting the wave of billionaires who are all getting out of the stock market this summer and buying gold.  Well, now it’s a trillionaire…

Image result for ROTHSCHILD

Of course, he’s not “officially” on top in the “most wealthy” lists… but that is because the Rothschilds have been experts in hiding their wealth for centuries.

When Jacob’s great-great-great-great grandfather, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, died in 1812, his will explicitly stated that no public inventory of his estate was to be published and that no legal action was to be taken with regard to the value of the inheritance. It’s also been suggested that the Rothschilds use private, unrecorded, limited partnerships to accumulate wealth (you know, like all the ones in the Panama Papers).

By the end of the 19th century it was estimated that the Rothschild family controlled half the wealth of the world. No one can prove it of course, but it seems likely. You can see their fingerprints on many current events. In fact, their family has likely caused and financed both sides of nearly every war since and control virtually every central bank (to see a full list of all their crimes against humanity click here).

And so, when Jacob Rothschild says that he is buying gold because the central banks are out of control, you have to laugh.  He and his family have been in control of the world’s central banks for centuries.

But he has said it nonetheless.  In his semi-annual address to shareholders of RIT Capital Partners, Jacob Rothschild, announced that they are reducing stock market and currency exposure and increasing their gold holdings and warns that the world is now in “uncharted waters” and that the consequences are “impossible” to predict.

He stated:

The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world.

We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30% of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale.”

It’s not impossible to predict. There’s going to be a gigantic crash.

That’s what Rothschild is telling us and what our analysis of Shemitah and now Jubilee 2016 reveal to us.  Financial disasters track these timelines and Rothschild knows all about it. He’s the best man to predict what is going to happen because he and other globalist elites have created the timeline of catastrophe that we regularly analyze and predict.

And he’s being clear that this timeline of catastrophe is moving ahead. For observers like us – and you – he is stating the obvious. And others are making it clear as well. With just a month-and-a-half until the end of the Jubilee Year, very connected billionaires are warning that things are going  horribly wrong.

It’s no coincidence. George Soros began to move heavily into gold a few months ago and so did his buddy Crispin Odey. And now Jacob Rothschild himself is moving into gold… We are certain they already own tremendous sums of it… but he is buying even more now in the final days of Jubilee 2016.

Rothschild and the others want us to believe they are concerned about this state of affairs. He’s pretending he’s making his move because he is worried.

He’s not worried. He KNOWS what is going to happen. He helped plan it.

They are acting concerned.  But, it’s just an act.

Rothschild, for instance, points out that despite central bank money printing boosting stock markets, this growth is detached from the real economy. In fact, he’s basically warning that years of overprinting and 0% interest rates have destroyed economies around the world.

This isn’t just speculation on our part. It’s not hypothetical. Globalist financial elites, and even now the super elites, are rushing into gold. They have the wherewithal to do it but unfortunately others do not.   It is estimated that 0.5% of the average American’s portfolio has exposure to precious metals.  And, that, is probably all they’ll have left once Rothschild prepares to destroy the system he created in order to buy up everything at pennies on the dollar, like they did in 1929.

If you haven’t begun to get a significant portion of your assets outside of the financial system (the banks, fiat currencies and the overall stock market excluding gold stocks), you’re preparing to play the victim. When Rothschild announces his own central banking system is in “uncharted waters” in the “greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world,” and moves into gold… you should be right behind him (or right in front of him as we have been the last few years).

There are very few places that were built to help survive and profit from this very event… but this is what The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) was built for.  And we can help.

We’ve written the e-book “Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge” (available for $44.95 – or included with a subscription to TDV) to help you easily invest in precious metals and internationalize them for protection without leaving the comfort of your own home.

And we also have a private group for subscribers across the world who have already taken steps to protect themselves and are more than happy to help you. And, our Premium newsletter’s subscriber portfolio is up 200% in the last year as we have predicted nearly everything that has been happening and is ongoing.

For less than $30/month you can get all that and more… it’s obviously money VERY well spent.  You can seeeverything offered here.

We are now getting very close to a massive event.  Most of the biggest globalist elites are not only warning about it but moving into precious metals and mining stocks… and out of the overall stock markets.

Even just a few months ago, the bond manager of what was once the world’s biggest bond fund had a dire prediction about what was going to happen:

Janus Capital Twitter2 - The Dollar Vigilante

It’s never been clearer… nor have you ever received more warning. Yet most people are not acting. Many are not even aware how close to the edge we are dancing.

Submitted by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante: