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Something Huge Just Change the Internet in a Massive Way & CNN Can’t Stop It

Narrative control. Mainstream and social media is about narrative control. If you can control the narrative…if you can push your agenda with minimal or no resistance you can win the battle for the minds of the masses. And leftist-propaganda machines just can’t have that.

Matter of fact as people who love liberty put out content exposing the left-controlled narrative in the mainstream and on the internet, SJW’s have constantly screamed with fervor, “if you don’t like it build your own”…as if they were the owners of the airwaves or their internet. Well, somebody went out and build their own work around to internet dominating, censorship-enforcing giants like Twitter. It’s called Gab. And because Silicon Valley boneheads hate free speech so much and they were so threatened by Gab, Google wiped the Gab app from the app store and GoDaddy joined the list of companies ending their business relationship with Gab. Saying that its a “social network that’s popular with the far right” for “its policy of not policing hate speech.”

They even went so far as to put some blame on Gab for the alleged synagogue shooting.

See this isn’t about them caring about the existence of so-called hate speech…..we know they engage in plenty of hate speech of their own as they parade their teleprompter reading race-baiters in front of their cameras on a routine basis. This is about them wanting to control the narrative…and push the desired agenda. They want to continue as the undisputed social engineers of our time as they continue driving us off the cliff. But they don’t want road blocks on the way TO said cliff. And that’s what Gab is. A huge road block.

So they said, “if you don’t like it build your own.”

And now we also have Dissenter. And what is the first thing that they do? Whine about it.

The leftist-propaganda machines are already trying to smear Dissenter as “far-right” and enabling “hate speech.” And boy do they hate the idea of people being able to have discussions that aren’t moderated by the ministry of truth.

I think this could be a huge step forward in internet free speech

Gab is the free market’s answer to the SJW lying antics of Twitter and basically all of silicon valley

and Dissenter is the free market’s middle finger to censorship. It’s the comments section of the internet. You can read comments and leave your own comments on any URL on the internet…even if you’re blocked from doing so by youtube, facebook and twitter thought police.

Has somebody blocked you on twitter…leave a dissenting comment on their page.

For example, Brian Stelter banned Mark Dice from his twitter account. Now Mark can circumvent that ban and leave a comment through Dissenter.

Is there a video on youtube that they placed in limited state with comments disabled? Leave a comment anyway.

Did some SJW want to stifle dissenting voices on some movie where they went full Brie-tard? (you never go full brie tard) Use the dissenter tool to navigate around any comment-restricting censorship tactic.

This is the free market’s answer to Those who wanna shut you up and shut you down. It’s free…and as much as they wanna say this is only a tool used by the alt right or neo-nazis, anybody can create a dissenter account. And think about that statement anyway. They’re trying to paint, in the minds of the masses, this idea that if you love free speech and hate censorship, your some right wing, Alt right, neo-nazi.

How it works is super simple. You can use this tool one of two ways. 1st way… Open Dissenter.com in one of your browser tabs. Open another tab and go to the page you wanna leave a comment on. Copy that URL, paste it in the Dissenter bar. Right here I’m going to copy AOC’s twitter URL and paste it in the Dissenter bar, click “dissent this” and Boom. You can see and respond to other comments and make comments of your own. You can also share these comments publicly on Gab. We bypass Twitter censorship or any censorship by leaving a comment that attaches itself to this corresponding URL that everybody who has dissenter can see and respond to. And the poetic irony of this is that we bypass these censorship-infested platforms as we use their platforms to do it!

The second way to use this is to install the Dissenter extension in your browser. And it doesn’t matter what browser you use, Chrome, Firefox, explorer, Safari…whatever. You go to Dissenter.com/download follow the instructions and in the upper right hand corner of your browser window you’ll have a dissenter Icon once you extract the file.

So I go to a video from RTRTruth Media that’s been removed by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.” Go to the upper right hand corner of my screen, click on the dissenter Icon. And I can leave a comment. I already left a comment on this. But again, you can leave a comment, comment on a comment and share comments.

Like I said, Dissenter is the free market’s middle finger to censorship. It is the unrestricted comment section of the internet. It’s what free speech is all about and it’s a game changer.

Check out Dissenter and enjoy your newfound ability to say whatever you want, wherever you want on the internet. Also…be sure to follow me on gab @highimpactflix. Also, feel free to leave a dissent on my youtube channel, on my twitter page, on Gab…anywhere I have a social media presence. You can even leave a dissent on this video. I’ll be looking for it. Open the Video

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