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Secret ET Global Takedown or just another Internecine Illuminati War?

The current massive rise in populism in America is obviously an emergent byproduct of the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press and this new populism is now deeply challenging the power and control of the Ruling Cabal. But is it just another internecine war between individual Illuminati sub-groups fighting for supremacy over the rest? Or is it actually a serious challenge to displace the Illuminati itself, a secret Cosmic Space War against the Illuminati and all its sub-groups?

When I was briefed on Secret Space War matters over 20 years ago by a highly connected Intel man, it was not significant to what I was involved in at the time and I was unable to see much relevance to fully integrate it. To me it was irrelevant and just another set of defense contractor rip-offs of taxpayers and the use of Black funds obtained from illegal drug trafficking and weapon sales to dictators.

At that time the Secret Space War Fleet was just being assembled to run out of the four corners area of the USA from several Beyond-Black well camouflaged secret Military bases, all linked to Deep Underground Military Bases by high speed trains in an underground tunnel networking system connecting them.

Now many years later the Secret Space War Program runs in full functional mode with capabilities far beyond normal everyday societal expectations or awareness, perhaps best described in the fantasy content of Hollywood movies about Alien ETs, US Star Fleets, and secret space wars.
So now in the last several years, as all this information has been leaking out on the Deep-Black and Secret Space War Program, it turns out everything I was briefed on 20 years ago was very accurate. If you think the Deep-Black Secret Space War Program is the deepest of the Secret Shadow Government secrets, you would be mistaken.
There is a whole other deeper category referred to as Beyond-Black and these are solely contained in special access unacknowledged programs, not even known by the Board members of the Defense Contractors they lie hidden deep within because their security clearances don’t go high enough. These programs involve time warping, quantum technologies far beyond anything most can conceive of, including time projections from the Looking Glass and psychotronic and psi-powered mind-kontrol using miniaturized technologies, remote entrainment and hiving of the human mind.
Beyond-Black involves worm holes, deep space factional battles, and off-planet bases where some from deep within the Secret Shadow Government go to live to get away from Planet Earth and live out the rest of their lives which have been extended beyond normal with high technology. Right now Beyond-Black disclosures are still forbidden. 
Today, actual reality due to disclosures has now intersected with Hollywood production fantasies about Alien ETs. For the first time we now have publicly broadcast validated reports from credible witnesses who have worked in these secret Deep-Black programs and can prove it along with valid, well corroborated reports about real Alien ETs and their back engineered anti-gravity craft.
And for the first time I can see what the Secret Shadow Government has been building, how a small but powerful Deep-Black faction appears to have deployed sophisticated technology and trade craft to take on the existing Ruling Cabal either to displace it or supersede it with its own command structure.
What I don’t know is if the Deep-Black Secret Space War faction has emerged as an independent entity with its own deeply secret highly sophisticated covert agenda to rule Planet Earth, or if it has been empowered and is mind-kontrolled to serve as disposable cutouts for a very powerful group of off planet based Alien ETs.
Without the emergence of the worldwide Internet, it is doubtful that such major disclosures like that provided by Steven Greer M.D.’s Disclosure Project and many other sets of personal validated testimonies would have penetrated into the masses to the degree that they now have.


Populism vs. Globalism

It is now obvious that the emergence of the Worldwide Internet which is functioning as the New Gutenberg Press has created a direct populist based threat to the Globalists’ plan to shove their NWO into place.

This battle has two apparent sides, the City of London-EU linked Globalists with their stateside Cutouts verses the populist masses which have emerged in many western nations from the Internet, most notably inside the USA around the Internet’s Alt Media.

It is hard to know whether this is just another battle for supremacy by two Illuminati sub-factions. Sub-faction battles that which has recurred so many times in history since ancient Babylon where the Illuminati and their Black Arts emerged and empowered a small set of bloodlines who practiced them at everyone else’s expense and lives.

Everywhere the Illuminati established secret rulership, mass death always results.

One thing for certain, the world has been ruled by Evil ever since the Illuminati families emerged in ancient Babylon and began practicing the Dark Arts of Satanism also knows as Babylonian Talmudism.

The Illuminati is a Death Cult, specializing in mass human sacrifice in order to purify the human race and obtain power from Satan for sacrificing humans. This is not theory but has been repeatedly reported by those who have studied this cult in depth and those who have been deeply involved in their activities and quit.

The European Common Market Headquarters is believed to be modeled after Nimrod’s Tower of Babylon?

Mass death by war and oppression has been the trademark of this group’s rise to prominence using these black arts which requires their willingness to give up of their very souls to Lucifer for mammon, power and status.

This actual information has been provided from those involved at the periphery of the Illuminati who turned away from it because of its blatant evil and hatred of mankind. Some historians who have researched this doubt that these illuminati families are even human.

How interesting it is that the Bloodline of Cain is not even included in the Biblically recorded genealogy of Adam even though Biblical history suggests he was born from Adam’s wife Eve. Adam is believed by Conservative Christians to be the first man created by God Almighty.

Some Biblical historians believe that Cain and Able were fraternal twins, with Able being Adam’s son, and Cain being the serpent Lucifer’s son. This is a different twist to the garden of Eden most Christians are used to but a careful study of the actual original language used in Genesis supports it.

Is America the Military Arm and Enforcer of a New Roman Empire?

America was hijacked in 1913 by the City of London “Moneychangers” and has been transformed into the enforcer and war machine of the Serpent System run out of the Vatican which has been described as a tripartite system of private nation states that govern independently: The Vatican, the spiritual head; the City of London, the financial head run by usurious private Banksters; and Washington DC, the military arm serving as the system enforcer. Each of these three nation states have their own set of Ambassadors.

This Tripartite Empire is generally considered the New Roman Empire, a covert extension of the original Old Roman Empire that went covert and spread to Europe and England when it was destroyed by the Huns. How interesting it is that DC was built on the city called Rome, Virginia and the City of London was supposedly built on 7 hills like the City of Rome where the Vatican was built.

The US military has been assigned to protect the opium crop in Afghanistan so it can be grown and sent to the USA to depopulate as many young Americans as possible for the Illuminati, while also raising billions of dollars for various Secret Shadow Government Black Programs, including their Deep-Black Secret Space War Program and 147 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs).

Right now the USA is supposedly not at war, and yet the US Military is fighting in numerous Mideast and African nations and dropping about 121 Bombs a day, 80% of which kill innocent civilians.

This is an unprecedented ongoing and continuing, unabated mass slaughter of innocents, but for what? Is it to get the Lithium and Opium from Afghanistan, with the massive amount of opium trafficked into the USA to raise vast amounts of dinero for black ops.

Is this mass slaughter of innocents just another extension of Israel’s Greater Israel plan, easily mandated thought their Cutout the USA which their master controllers, the City of London, hijacked in1913 or is it also an Alien ET induced mass depopulation program?

Is it just another ploy to keep the 66 families who own the largest blocks of stock in the major Defense Contractors fat with funds, folks who need ongoing secret wars and mass murder in order for their defense corporations to be able to sell lots of war products and service military bases?

Remember the warning of the most decorated US Marine ever, General Smedley Butler who wrote the classic book, War is a Racket”, and warned that America’s soldiers were fighting to protect corporate profits and little else.

Approximately 21 Trillion USD is missing from the Pentagon and the US Military is running out of bombs to drop. But the US Mainstream Media, a six member Illuminati controlled News Cartel through a CIA Cutout is silent on this.

Harnessing Populism to get elected?

The Donald, whether you like him or not, was able to craftily harness this rapidly emerging populism to win the Presidential election. Have the forces he claimed to be fighting against been able to compromise him transforming him to fight wars for Israel he promised to discontinue?

Was he secretly deployed by a Deep-Black faction of the US Military to intersect with, and then neutralize the Illuminati, and then later on neutralize the powerful populism which is now emerging from the Internet? Time will tell.

In Western history from the 1600’s at least, all major battles for world control have actually turned out to be internecine wars which never directly involved attacks on the head of the Illuminati snake, the City of London and the European Old Black Nobility “moneychangers” behind them and the secret “Council of Twelve” hidden leaders that really run the Vatican and the whole system.

These battles have always been battles between Illuminati sub-factions, where the challenger is a rising power that is bucking the existing power distribution. And if and when they gain a place at the roundtable, they just appear to have become another Illuminati supporter as long as they get the power they are seeking.

Prior to the emergence of the Internet, no entity ever has directly challenged the Head of the Snake, the top Illuminati Ruling Council of 12 itself. Now it appears that there is a direct challenge and it is rumored many Illuminati are faking their deaths, moving to Paraguay or going off-planet, figuring Planet earth is now a lost cause.

Some have gone so far to suggest that the reason immigration is being pushed so hard in all forms and purposefully created by massive wars in the Mideast is to destroy the borders, language and culture of the European nations, but to also allow Alien ET hybrids and those ETs that look human to be mixed in without being noticed.

Illuminati sub-group battles always seem to involve the invocation of needless mass death, mass suffering and induced mass disabilities in innocent civilians.

Many wonder what the esoteric origins are of all these earthy battles for group supremacy which always end up utilizing and producing the mass slaughter of humans. If one carefully examines the works of Michael Heiser and others, one conclusion that can be drawn using historical guidelines is that there is a Cosmic battle in the heavens going on that intersects Planet Earth.

According to this narrative, 1/3 of the ruling council of angels (e.g. the lesser gods) were cast out of Heaven for following the head angel Lucifer who rebelled against God and tried to displace God Almighty, creator and first cause of all. According to Michael Heiser’s take on Biblical history, 200 of these fallen angels formed a pact to descend to Earth at Mount Hermon and breed with Earth women the fancied.

Some Biblical historians believe that these descended fallen angels operated under Lucifer’s authority to take down Planet Earth and capture and destroy all humanity so that Lucifer could install a new race of his own, a mixture of iron and clay, a new race of transhumans, machines merged with human genetic fragments so they could be hived to direct Satanic control.

So if this narrative is true, then it appears that these 200 fallen ones which bred the Nephilim (aka the Greatmen of old, the giants) cannot get along with each other and are continually battling for control of the whole Earth using different nations and political factions as cutouts to do their bidding.

Seems to me that the Illuminati are perhaps the recurrence of these fallen angel or Nephilim bloodlines. This would explain a lot.

But one thing that is certain in any case is that those powerful groups that ruin the world are obsessed with “thinning the herd” and creating mas-death to gain more power and this has been a way of life for their kingdoms.

How interesting it is that the Yale Skull and Bones Fraternity built on Opium money donated to the Russell trust meets in a dungeon-like building called the Tomb. When one enters the Tomb the first thing they see when they enter is a bunch of stolen license plates with the number 322 and very large letters spelling the word WAR on the wall.

Leaked information about what goes on inside the Tomb has given us a snapshot into how the Illuminati really functions and why.

Skull and Bones is a Satanic group that worship Lucifer as their god. Their secret task is to rule the world as a part of a super elite group and minister death to the masses to purify the human race and maintain power for Lucifer.

But now with the advent of the worldwide Internet, knowledge of the massive corruption and mass death and mass human suffering that is created by the Illuminati through their Cutouts is being exposed and has resulted in an emergence of a new and massive populism across the western world. This massive new populism is creating a massive attack on the Illuminati from all sides.

Is this the first time in modern history the “Head of the Snake” is being attacked through exposure and other sophisticated actions?

Is the current ongoing battle between Internet based emergent populism and the Globalists a direct battle with the head of the snake? Or is this a battle that was set up and is now being manipulated by a certain new and rising sector deep within the Secret Space War Program, a deeply secret sub-group of the Secret Shadow Government system that was able to gain immense power away from the Ruling Cabal’s control matrix and wants to completely displace the Illuminati Council of Twelve from world power which means bye-bye US Petro Dollar?

Is there a Deep-Black faction within the Secret Space War Program that has amassed enough advanced psychotronic and psi-based mind-kontrol power to entrain the masses to do their will but also enough power to entrain those who have been viewed as the “Head of the Snake”? Has this new secret and incredibly powerful faction decided to do an end run around the Illuminati and displace them from power.

Is this secret faction planning to release cheap zero point energy production technology and completely displace Big Oil? Does this faction have sophisticated medical treatments which will make most of modern medicine irrelevant and obsolete? Are they planning to deploy this to make Big Pharma and big medicine irrelevant?

Or has the very top leadership, the chief and single secret leader of the world that controls the Head of the Snake made a secret deal to destroy the old Bankster control matrix and push a new one in its place using Crypto currencies tracked forever by advanced unlimited block-chain quantum computer memory bank tracing.

And is this top ruling entity manipulating and fooling this new Deep-Black faction to do it dirty work, all the while believing it is saving planet earth and humans from certain destruction?

Insiders claim that the top Illuminati Satanists must always display the Mark of Cain as their secret symbol to assure business success and protection from Law Enforcement. Or at least they must supposedly use two X’s in their name to signify the double cross, i.e. the crossing out (neutralization)of the Cross of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, His rising from the dead, and victory over evil, sin and death.

This type of most drastic and unexpected action was done when the Templars were declared an enemy of the Vatican and mass-murdered. Tupper Saussy reported in this in his classic book entitled Rulers of Evil (Out of print, thankfully now a free .pdf download).

When the Templars were slain, they were later brought back stronger than ever to run the Bankster system out of Switzerland, France and the City of London. This time, will the Head of the Snake be displaced and not brought back, with a whole new kinder, gentler type of fascism shoved into place (at least at first)?

A whole new type of Fascism best called Cosmic Fascism is now emerging.

It sure seems that a whole new type of world fascism is now being shoved into place to replace the super-fascism we have had since WWII. This post WWI super-fascism occurred when the large international corporations stacked the USG and used it as means to access massive taxpayer funds.

Fascism in WWII and pre-WWII Germany and Italy was different. It was the merger of the State with the Corporation, with the state remaining in control. In this new emerging post WWII Super-fascism, the State merges with the Corporations but the Corporations stack the State and control it and use it for their own special interests and funding, using taxpayer monies for their own profit and empowerment.

In order to assure that they are completely represented by Congress they funnel many millions USD back to members of Congress as campaign financing, and large offshore set-aside allocations in numbered accounts.

Certainly DC has become a financial trough of almost unlimited taxpayer funding for many of these large, well-connected corporations that finance and control members of the US Congress and for certain favored nations like Israel which was set up by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia centered in the City of London which is a one square mile special financial district and an independent nation state like the Vatican and Washington DC.

But now there is a whole new radically different type of Fascism emerging and it is based on super high tech back-engineered Alien ET technology. Zbigniew Brzezinski referenced it obliquely in his book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era.

Did he understand how far the development of Alien ET high technology to entrain the brains of the masses would go? Is he really dead or did he just fake his death like several other prominent folks have left Planet Earth and joined a break-a-way off-planet group, believing the situation here on Planet Earth was hopeless with Globalism and the NWO failing at all levels?

This newly emerging fascism is a different type of fascism has the power to overcome and displace the super-fascists (corporate) system now in place that controls the western world. The emergence of this new type of Fascism, based on high tech Alien ET technologies including mass mind-kontrol, zero point energy, and anti-gravity makes it appropriate to call it Cosmic fascism.

Disclosure is coming and with it will come this new form of world Fascism, Cosmic Fascism.

When this Deep-Black entity decides to mandate Disclosure, and we know it is coming, this alone will force these Alien ET high tech realities into the public’s awareness worldwide and will establish and solidify this new Cosmic Fascism in short order.

It is obvious this Deep-black group has already given the green light for Disclosure of the reality of Alien ETs, their crashed UFO’s which have been back engineered. Why? Because the last several years, for the first time those involved in programs working to back-engineer this Alien ET technology have been coming forth in mass and talking about it publicly without being murdered. Some have even been told it is okay to disclose certain such matters.

The following video was released by the KGB after the fall of the Iron Curtain and is believed by experts and insiders to be a real video of actual Alien ETs called “little Greys” taken in the 1940’s. This is the best actual video of real Alien ETs ever released.

Next there is the video of a crashed UFO inside the Soviet Union which is also believed to be real.

There is now irrefutable proof that official treaties have been made with certain Alien ET groups and certain large governments. These treaties involve Alien ETs sharing high technology with certain governments and receiving human and animal tissue and blood samples. Some treaties involve joint research projects to develop technology and synthesizer the human soul and create various super-soldiers with Triple Helix (self-healing) DNA.

Contrary to what most involved in these programs have disclosed, it is my best guess that these Alien ETs have their own secret agendas to depopulate Planet Earth and repopulate it with their own species and a new Transhuman creatures. I believe their agenda is to hijack Planet Earth by deception and then implement their secret agenda which is a lot different than the Moneychangers’ Globalist NWO plan and has no place for these Globalists in it.


The New Gutenberg Press by Preston James, published at Moon Rock Books ($20 plus shipping).

It is obvious that the worldwide Internet is truly revolutionary and is changing society as extensively as the Gutenberg Press did. Is this current world war between the Globalists and Internet based populists simply a very crafty con job to keep folks occupied while a new deep-black Cosmic Fascism is shoved into place displacing both the populist masses and the Globalists at the very same time?

Certainly the intention of both the Globalists and the Alien ETs appears to be radical depopulation of Planet Earth, and it does seem that massive Terra-forming is now occurring too which some have claimed is strictly ET based.

If the current covert world war is limited to a battle between the Populists and the Globalists, then that is quite nasty itself, because the Globalists’ stated agenda involves a 90% population reduction, as stated in white papers and in their Georgia Guidestones.

If alternatively this covert war is truly a very craftily disguised takedown of Planet Earth by Alien ETs who have fully mind-kontrolled a certain Deep-Black faction, then that is a whole different matter; and it means that the Ruling Cabal gets deep-sixed along with everyone else.

On the other hand, if the populists win because they organize and create massive “moral density” (powerful God-given psi-power) which cannot be overcome by the Fallen lesser gods because of Cosmic Rules of play in place, the Alien ETs will have to leave.

As a conservative Christian, I do not agree with David Wilcock’s specific beliefs about what Alien ETs are and where they came from, their purpose in being here, or his view of man’s origin, view of God and Jesus of Nazareth. But in the following short video clip, he hits a grand slam home run and is quite accurate in his assertions.

While I do not agree with many of his beliefs, his heart is in the right place, and he is basically a good man concerned with the welfare of others and is doing his best to capture the truth behind these secret Space War related issues. He is known to protect the identities of his confidants who wish to remain unidentified and has been trusted with very sensitive high level information.

These Alien ETs are only able to take over by use of deception and human compromise. They can only stay if they are given permission and consent by humans. Once the lies that empower their deceptions (like with the Ruling Cabal) their power evaporates and consent will be withdrawn.

It depends on what these ETs really are. Some appear to be soulless created androids, robotic and hived in nature. Some researchers believe these ETs are spirit beings created by Lucifer, carry “Reptilian Blood” and are here to take down Planet Earth, Terra form it and eliminate Humans as a race.

Soon perhaps we will find out because it is quite likely that Disclosure in some form perhaps significant but also somewhat limited will be occurring soon.

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Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind, steal your Country and make You sick

The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you ever imagined possible


by  Preston James

Note: This article is written for professional Intel and those who understand the Secret Space War program, the back engineering of recovered Alien ET technologies, and technologies obtained by treaties and exchange programs. Because VT is committed to open source Intel and believes that the public has a right to know how their taxpayer funds are being spent, especially when used to wage a secret war to hijack their mind, this information is being made available to anyone who is interested with no limitations. If you are not up to speed on this background reading, this article will probably be a waste of your time. There has been significant intercept actions to prevent this article from ever being published. It was suggested to me that I would not be able to ever complete this article or be allowed to publish it, but here it is. I must extend a big thank you to the Editors of VT who have allowed this article to be published and who are deeply committed to open source Intel, making such available to all who are interested in the truth even when it is hard to fathom. 



The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you have ever imagined possible.

Mass Mind-kontrol — it’s been going on since the time of Nimrod and ancient Babylonia. And it’s sinister and evil beyond words and description. Since Roswell it has taken a new sinister turn that defies imagination.

It’s what empowers the evil Cabal that has hijacked the USG and many of the governments of the world. Some insiders claim it is not of human origin.

Until the recent advent of sophisticated remote psychotronic inductive entrainment technologies, mass mind-kontrol has been limited to cultural, educational and psi-powered Mind-kontrol techniques.

Cultural and educational methodologies typically have included coordinated efforts to instill certain values, beliefs and attitudes into the societal mass group mind, both conscious and subconscious.

The techniques taught by Edward Bernays for controlling the American Mass Mind for purposes of social control and simulated beliefs and increased sales were readily adopted by Madison Avenue advertising agencies and elements of the USG.

Bernays-type methodologies predetermined values, beliefs and attitudes in members of society that caused them to carry certain beliefs and mindsets which predispose them to act in ways that are beneficial to the ruling oligarchical class.

It is the oligarchical class – folks who consider themselves “elite bloodline individuals chosen to rule over the masses” – who make certain that the educational and religious systems are instilled in this desired group mind set.



No real academic freedom exists in American Universities, so don’t expect scientists to help you figure out how your mind is being attacked psychotronically.

Despite the illusion of academic freedom in America’s universities, there is none. No classes are ever taught on how the Federal Reserve System is illegal and unconstitutional and how it charges us pernicious usury to use what should have been our own money in the first place.

Or that the FRS stole all the US Gold and now replaced real US Dollars with paper debt notes backed by nothing but requiring repayment. Nor does any American University teach that 9-11-01 was a false-flag attack done by the JCS, USAF, NORAD, and the FAA using PNACers, top NeoCons, and Mossad.

Doubt this statement that there is no academic freedom in academia in America? Just ask one of VT’s own Editors Dr. Kevin Barrett, or Professor James Tracy, both of whom were illegally and unconstitutionally fired by RKM educational policies adopted by the dupes in charge of faculty.

Nor does any American University teach or allow any classes regarding Sandy Hook having been a two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill where nobody at all died, or that Adam Lanza never existed, but was a fake construct.

Public and private education is designed and deployed to lead We The People away from truth and to instill values, beliefs and attitudes that make it easier for the Satanic Pedophile Network (Ruling Cabal) to maintain rule over us, keep us their secret serfs, and asset strip us blind, until America the Republic is destroyed from within.

Members of the Warren Commission present their report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. L-R: John McCloy, J. Lee Rankin (General Counsel), Senator Richard Russell, Representative Gerald Ford, Chief Justice Earl Warren, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Allen Dulles, Senator John Sherman Cooper, and Representative Hale Boggs. Credit: LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton Warren Commission member Congressman Gerald Ford pressed the panel to change its description of the bullet wound in President Kennedy's back and place it higher to make "the magic bullet" theory plausible, enabling the Warren Commission to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. Ford was J. Edgar Hoover's informant on the commission and did the FBI director's bidding to squelch the investigation from naming other assassins.

Members of the Warren Commission present their report on the assassination of JFK. L-R: John McCloy, J. Lee Rankin (General Counsel), Senator Richard Russell, Congressman Gerald Ford, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson, Allen Dulles, Senator John Sherman Cooper, and Congressman Hale Boggs. Warren Commission member Gerald Ford pressed the panel to change its description of the bullet wound in President Kennedy’s back and place it higher to make “the magic bullet” theory plausible, thereby enabling the Warren Commission to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. Ford was J. Edgar Hoover’s informant on the commission and did the FBI director’s bidding to squelch the investigation from naming other assassins. (Photo credit: LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton)

The Major Mass Media News Cartel is still lying in lockstep about the JFK Assassination.

If you doubt the ability of the RKM’s Crime Cabal, which runs the USG, to control the Major Mass Media to keep the American Mass Mind filled with blatant lies, just consider how, over 50 years later, all the Major Mass Media Broadcast news are still claiming that Oswald assassinated JFK and was a “lone-nut” assassin.

Of course, surveys now show that 60-80% of the American People do not believe this at all, and instead many believe that the CIA, using Op40, did it and it was a major America Coup d’Etat involving GHWB, LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, General Landsdale, General Lemnitzer, Allan Dulles and many more.


When you create and control all the money you want, you can buy almost anyone and everyone, and promote those you want to the highest positions of power.

The Ruling Cabal controls the creation and distribution of money and can create all the power they need to implement their policies, which are designed to move mankind along a Globalist path leading to their long-desired Satanic NWO System.

Dark-side Psi-power is harnessed for evil by the ruling Cabal, which is Satanic and deeply committed to an inhuman, anti-human Globalist NWO Agenda that requires 90% depopulation.

Psi-power manipulations of the mass group mind is the little known but real practice of the spiritually based mind-control of the masses through the application of specific Black Arts to “manipulate, fracture and even eventually snatch the human soul” and replace it with non-human spiritual entities from the dark side.

Dark-side Psi-power is the technology used in trauma based mind-kontrol, and the means by which psychopaths and narcissists are inducted into the worldwide Satanic pedophile network in incrementally criminal, anti-human Satanic rituals of abuse, rape, torture and even sacrifice of captive innocent children to gain more and more evil Satanic psi-power.

Some insiders have reported that top cult members receive their own personal “spirit guide” as a consigliere, which periodically appears to them in private and “advises” them after they reach the level of child torture and child sacrifice. Some have claimed these are “Fallen Ones/Lesser Gods”; others claim they are very evil, deceptive and crafty demons or Djinns.


Positive psi-power is now just starting to emerge in dissatisfied Americans, who are now aware they are being abused by the Ruling Cabal and have had about enough.

There is the reverse side to Dark-sided Psi-power, which is a spiritual entity. In basic form, it is the spontaneously emerging new populism, which is a direct offshoot of the Internet which is turning out to be the New Gutenberg Press. Some conservative Christians claim they can muster positive Psi-power directly from God Almighty through prayer and faith, and this is reflected in a new and strong desire to do what is right and moral, to serve others, to resist and stop evil and to treat others the way one desires to be treated.

I have covered evil psi-power emanating from the ancient Babylonian Talmudic Black arts in prior articles and will get more specific in future articles. But it is so esoteric that it would pose a distraction from the main thrust of this article, which is the new ultra high tech remote mind war that is now being waged against your brain on many fronts, depending on where you reside.

A secret alliance between American Intel and the Ruling Satanic Pedophile Cabal.

The secret alliance between Intel and the Ruling Satanic Pedophile Cabal that specializes in Black Arts for Mind War against We The People, Colonel Michael Aquino Style.

Col. Michael Aquino, Army Psychological Operations expert and father of the Temple of Set and the entity which brought Satanism as an accepted religion into the US Army, as well as alleged to have run the pedophile operations at the Presidio in California and at Offutt AF Base in Omaha. One insider alleged that Col. Aquino was actually promoted to General of the NSA and still is active.

It is now a well established fact that many of the world’s Intel agencies have formed a secret alliance with the worldwide Satanic pedophile network (an oligarchical cult) and has used the trauma-based mind-kontrol conditioning to create MPD/DID sleepers, agents and secret servants in every walk of life, every occupation and even within the Secret Service.

In fact the Satanic Pedophile Cult Network (Ruling Cabal) inside America has been deputized as an agent of American national Security, and is used by America Intel as cover for numerous Mind-Kontrol experiments and deep black covert operations.

American Law Enforcement is fully compromised by the Satanic Pedophile Network (Ruling Cabal).

Every major police department in America as well a every FBI office including the WFO has a sheep-dipped individual who runs interference for the Satanic Pedophile Cabal that rules America.



Whenever the phrase “going black”, deep black, or “black operations” is used you can be certain that it always is anti-human, evil, based on ancient Babylonian Black Arts of deception, casuistry, equivocation, and sophistry designed to undermine human character and the natural will of the masses.

The documentation of MK-Ultra and other CIA mind-kontrol programs is so well established and now so public from declassified docs and vetted personal testimonies in front of Congressional Committees, that it is worthless to try and deny the existence of such programs. Every large city prosecutor knows it would be unwise to attempt to prosecute any of the Satanic crimes linked to the Satanic pedophile Network or any Satanic cult crimes or Satanic Ritual Abuse that would create any public cognizance of this issue.

And be certain of this, these MK-Ultra programs which were supposed to have been discontinued after the Church Commission, actually went Black (completely covert inside American Intel inside privatized defense contractors deputized under national security) and are still very active today and even expanding every year.

Back engineered Alien ET technologies have opened up Pandora’s box.

Back engineered Alien ET technologies have opened up Pandora’s box of remote inductive brain entrainment making it possible for Deep Black Intel groups (often buried deep within defense contractors or proprietaries in unacknowledged special access programs) to deploy incredibly sophisticated new weapons of “mindwar” against the American mass subconscious mind.

Ever since crashed UFOs were recovered in 1922 in the Black Forest and in Roswell NM in America in 1947, recovered and back-engineered Alien ET technologies have been a major game changer.

New Psychotronic Mindwar weapons have now been deployed in a secret assault on your brain to entrain it and in many cases on your body to make you physically ill and to shorten your life. The purpose is to help the Satanic Pedophile Network (Ruling Cabal) attain their inter-generational, age old Globalist NWO Agenda of evil which has been their wetdream ever since ancient Babylon.

As the new quantum based physics have evolved into the use of microwaves, pulsed beam microwaves, ELF and scalar (standing waves), it was learned that various sophisticated types of electric induction could be used to remotely entrain the brain to operate at certain desired frequencies.


Voice of God Technology.

And it was also discovered that voices and self-talk, as well as specific belief patterns, could be entrained directly into the brain remotely by use of sophisticated inductive methods, now referred to as advanced psychotronics.

There are numerous vetted and Rock solid reports of the deployment of the Voice of God remote inductive technology being deployed against the Republican Guard in the first Gulf War. This resulted in these Iraqi Soldiers hearing Allah’s voice inside their heads instructing them to throw down their arms and surrender after which hundreds were bulldozed into ditches and buried alive to their deaths.

This weapon system was then tabled not to be used again because the Cabal was concerned it would become too well known and that would lead to the discovery of their other similar weapons which are now being deployed, weapons much more subtle that instill attitudes and beliefs but usually no direct voices.

Some of the new remote entrainment technologies operate by the principal of inter-dimensional or quantum physics, that is immediate remote communication with a target through a medium of a different dimension where the carrier is alleged to be timeless Dimension waves (aka D-waves).

It’s a fact that Mass Mind-kontrol has taken a turn for the worse since Roswell. The new technologies developed from back engineered recovered crashed Alien ET UFOs are so sophisticated and so anti-free will and anti-human that unless taken Deep-Black and protected by numerous layers of “need to know”, extreme compartmenting and special access unaccounted programs, the public would rise up in mass and destroy those programs by whatever means necessary.

Without abject beyond-Black secrecy these sinister Mind-kontrol programs utilizing advanced psychotronics deployed and managed in real time by artificial intelligence, they could never survive intact.


Now for a presentation of current psychotronic weapons now being deployed against the brains of many Americans in select cities and select regions, and some known countermeasures which have been claimed to be effective.

Note: This section is long and those interested can pick and choose the subjects they want.

Some of these weapons such as ELF are deployed against a group of randomly selected citizens and a select group of federal and corporate whistleblowers. One group is used as an innocent control and the other as a group of targeted individuals who in some way are deemed a current or future threat to the Satanic Pedophile Network (Ruling Cabal).

Do not get discouraged and do not lose hope, help is now on the way on several fronts and you can do many things to protect yourself and your loved ones. I have instituted these countermeasures in my home and the homes of various friends and have been pleased with the results, which are backed up by professional quality meters.

As you read about these quite nasty psychotronic weapons now deployed against many of us Americans, please keep in mind that without abject secrecy that is now being denied, these soulless entities who are doing this to us will eventually be stopped cold by the new quite powerful spontaneously emerging populism which is now growing like an out of control wildfire.

Smartmeters, Dirty electricity and Lilly Waves: These are NOT UL rated and have caused unexpected house fires and there are numerous complaints of much larger electric bills with the same prior usage, numerous complaints about sleeping problems, headaches, nervousness, agitation and various strange illness emerging. In some localities it is a violation to install devise that are not UL rated so folks need to organize into action groups to expose this and stop their use as a public health issue. This ignores the secret mind-kjontrol aspects of Smartmeters but to focus on that issure is far too discrediting to ever get anywhere since few members of the public who are not trained Psyops experts can fathom this unless they have been “targeted individuals”. Smartmeters can emit large EMF pulsed beam microwave bursts (numerous times per minute), can emit significant or very large amounts of dirty electricity (dirty harmonics) in ones AC circuits.

Counter measures include using grounded stainless steel or two thicknesses of grounded aluminum mesh wrapped astound the Smartmeter itself and hanging an EMF shield of special fabric or two thickness of grounded, hanging aluminum screen inside which adequately blocks the inward emissions reaching you bedroom and living quarters. To be sure that you have reduce the EMF you will need to purchase an Microwave detector. There are many good quality ones available for the range of $80 to $400. A certified detector may cost up to $2,000 and will tell the difference between regular microwaves and pulsed beam microwaves and in what intensity in microwatts per square meter and a record of accumulation per time period. Smartmeters have been found in some areas to generate large amounts of dirty electrical harmonics in the AC circuits of one’s home.

The remedy for this that I have personally used is the testing of circuits for dirty electricity using a Greenwave Dirty electricity meter and then installating of Greenwave Electrical Filters which have dual capacitors, have aground and are UL rated and are RoHC compliant (RoHS, also known as Lead-Free, stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. RoHS, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, originated in the European Union and restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. I prefer Green the wave meter and dirty electrical filters myself but there is also the Stetzerizer meter and electrical filters available too which are also popular.

If you cannot afford to get a dirty electrical indicator/meter, one can detect significant dirty electricity and Lilly Waves by turning on an AM radio and moving the dial through the channels. AM channels will be very buzzy or fuzzy and reception will be very poor. For those that cannot afford dirty electricity filters, one can move their bed a bout 3 feet from the wall where the AC wires are or turn off the breaker covering where they sleep at night. FM is not affected by dirty electricity.

Lilly Waves: In some locales these special behavior and health altering wave forms (a special type of dirty electricity harmonics) are purposely generated by special outside mounted line boxes into your household AC circuits. The purpose is to mind-kontrol you, make you ill, disturb your sleep, make you disturbed, cause relationship conflict with your significant other and break down the family system. This is a deep-black incredibly sinister system that can be detected by dirty electrical meters (Greenwave or Stetzerizer or by using an Osciliscop which is typically quite an expensive piece of equipment). If detected, these waves can be mitigated by the adequate installation of Greenwave or Stetzerizer Filters. The use of large line filters attached to your electrical supply work great but they start at about $5,000 and for most the cost is prohibitive. Use of the small AC filters which are between $25 and $35 each do an effective reducinfg Lilly waves and other forms of dirty electricity including that from Smartmeters if installed correctly.

Remote phones: I have swept a number of homes for EMF using sophisticated accurate EMF meters of several varieties. I have found that in those where the occupants had serious complaints of sleeping issues, headaches, loss of energy or irritability, EMF levels were in the range of up to 4,500 microwatts per square meter, high enough to cause behavioral and health problems, especially in those who may be electro-sensitive. Now here is the strange part.

When I swept a well know federal Whistleblower’s home, I found significant dirty electricity in the AC circuits that were easily reduced down to an acceptable level by the installation of Greenwave Filters. But I also found especially high microwave levels being emitted from his two remote phone base stations which are powerful transmitters. When I mentioned the reading was 4,400 microwatts the level immediately reduced down to about 1,000 microwatts. Later when I crept into the room again it was up at 4,400 microwatts and immediately dropped when I mentioned it verbally.

This of course has alarming ramifications if you think it through. This means that language is being monitored in real time through the remote phone system most likely by use of automatic A.I. I have been told by friends that sometimes they will comments to another person I am going to ask my Smartphone a question only to have the answer given as they recite the first word or two into the phone. It’s like the time an individual told his fiancé he was going to ask his Smartphone what day he would have to turn the clock back for the end of Daylight Savings time. As he recited the first word “when” the Smartphone recited the complete answer to him before he could even speak the question enough to understand it.

This strongly suggest real time A’I. monitoring of all speech patterns within a certain distance of the Smartphone and has alarming implications for not only A.I. base surveillance but to me suggest the successful and effective implementation of the new Dimensional wave (D-wave) quantum physics into the Smartphones.

Wi-Fi: Removed in an increasing number of public schools due to significant health concerns for children and their undeveloped neurological h]systems which are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of EMF. First installed in a national sporting good chain as a mind-kontrol test which was an NSA proprietary, several managers and workers with no mental health histories suddenly and unexpectedly “cracked” and had to be taken away by paramedics. The pulsed beam microwaves was turned up to high and some employees simply cracked.

The next place these Wi-Fi systems were installed and tested was in certain select public high schools, especially the one visited by Bush2 when he was president. In one installation I monitored, this Wi-Fi was deployed as a psychotronic weapon system to make some targeted “stand up” highly moral teachers very, very sick. As an adjunct poisonous enzymes were sprayed onto the desks of certain targeted teachers. Some got cancer, some died, some cracked, some just quit. Others that failed were wrongly accused of accessing pornography websites but with no actual proof. In one particular High School where this was done, the administration was linked to Intel and was stealing million of public funds using sophisticated means while running two sets of books.

The strategy was to drive out any teachers who had strong character and could see what was going on. Good counter-measures include hard wiring all computers, eliminating all Wi-Fi especially in one’s home and shielding wall if one lives in multiple dwellings where others Wi-Fi come through with strong signal strength. WiFi has been known to effect some sensitive individuals and can cause the same type of behavioral and health issues that are no linked to dirty electricity, Lilly Waves and excessive EMF in general which does not have to heat the human cell as we have been told for years by the CDC, the USAF and various electrical engineering departments at major Universities.

Cell phone towers: Some experts suggest maintaining a certain distance from these EMF emitters which are usually aimed in the distance a bit. Those close by have reported sleeping difficulties, behavioral effects such as irritability, marital conflicts not there before and new unexpected health issues. Insiders have reported that these cell tower systems have been deployed as part of as massive psychotronic war against the American mind to break up relationships and families, make folks sick and to mind-kontrol by remote inductive entrainment. In my city a big mega church was built. Soon after the biggest cell phone tower with the most transmitting antennas installed on it in three levels was built. I noticed that the intensity of the EMF was strangely highest when the church services were being held. I swept the home of a suspected super soldier with an IQ of over 200 living nearby at his request and traced high EMF to the tower and a special dish installed on it aimed at his home. Another pure coincidence I’m sure.

Radar and Dopplar radar: For years medical effects were denied by the USAF and yet significant proof emerged that those airman exposed to a lot of radar had increased frequency of cataracts and certain cancers.

Ground based, vehicle based, aircraft based or satellite based microwaves and pulsed beam microwaves aimed and/or triangulated at selected targeted individuals: These systems are expensive to deploy and must be scheduled. therefore they are usually only deployed against whistleblowers or in certain experiments. The usual EMF shielding methodologies like the use of special grounded , metallized primer paints can be quite effective, except for the new X-ray lasers which require much heavier, thicker shielding.

Ground based ELF systems aimed and/or triangulated at certain selected individuals: These systems are usually deployed against whistleblower, targeted individuals who have been randomly selected to serve as experimental controls. The talk inside deep Intel circles is that all these systems are still being calibrated and experimented with using A.I. Someday in the future it is expected that the Secret Shadow Government with integrate all this knowledge and turn over control of AI, the mind-kontrol remote inductive entrainment systems to centralize A.I. control run out of the NSA Bluffdale, Utah Base using the new world’s largest Quantum computer, Vesuvius. Obviously by now most readers have figured out that the NSA is run by the same soulless, unimaginably evil Plutocratic Oligarchs from the thirteen Bloodline families who are deploying this Alien ET back engineered/derived psychotronic technology to advance and manage the implementation of their age-old inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda of pure anti-human evil.

Cell Phones and Smart phones: It is now apparent that many of these have real time A.I. interaction-oriented quantum based surveillance powers. Some insiders have alleged that the particular wave forms and frequencies have been designed to entrain attitudes, thought patterns and even beliefs. The jury is still out on this claim, but based on what I have seen so far it wouldn’t surprise me.

Plus there is now a big concern by medical researchers in numerous nations that holding these phones close and making contact with one’s head, like ordinary cell phones and using them too much, can perhaps cause various types of brain cancer. OJ’s attorney Johnny Cochran bragged how he got rid of one of his secretaries after he decided to do all his business by cell phone. He was on it many hours a day, held it close to his head and died of brain cancer soon after the OJ trial ended. Coincidence of damage caused by too much, too intense EMF?

There are several ways to mitigate this excessive EMF from Smartphones, just like with ordinary cell phones. Talking with the phone at least 4-6 inches from ones head, use of certain styles of remote earphones, air powered the best, or the use of the speaker phone, ,or use of special fabric pockets which block radiation to the head while talking but still allow the phone to work.

Note: In European health studies by MD, 3-6% of the populace has been shown to have altered EKGs and EEGs. In at least one Scandinavian nation, EMF sensitivity is a recognized medical disability and a sanctuary city has been set up with highly reduced EMF emissions for those so designated to live in.



goddess_gaia2 grandmother earth

Here are some places to start to gain more information for those interested and have time. Much of the American Internet is censored through the search engines which have NSA and/or Fusion center intercepts using advanced real time A.I. Algorithms, so it is very hard to get good information.

Many Internet articles are simply blocked from searches in America to keep the American People from ever finding out about the potential health hazards and mind-kontrol aspects of Smartmeters, Wi-Fi, remote phones (some of the worst can emit 4500 microwatts per square meter when the new European standard is no more than 100 microwatts per square meter within 10 feet.

There are also numerous “Popular mechanics style” misinformation intercept articles on the web to mislead and detract from the now evident EMF dangers, especially to children.


Dangers of EMF (Canadian Whistle-blower)

Lilly waves: Lilly waves can now be roughly measured using either the Greenwave or the Stetzerizer dirty electricity meters which can be purchased direct from them.


Patrick Flanagan on Lilly waves (Jeff Rense show): https://youtu.be/Q6yu8E0wN2A

Should we ban Wi-Fi in American Schools?

Wi-Fi removed from many schools

Governments around the world limiting EMF emissions and Wi-Fi

European leaders call for ban of cell phones and Wi-Fi in schools

Is Wi-Fi safe for children?






Comm 12 Psyops briefing from 1992:


Smartmeters damage health-Health Ranger


Natural Blaze on Smartmeters:



Electromagnetic Health


Shielding a bedroom for EMF:


Grounding wire for screens used for blocking smart meters:


How to paint and install EMF shielding:


EMF reducing paint safety specs:


Painting a bedroom with T98Alpha Geovital EMF reducing paint





baphomet art – temple of set

Ultra high tech psychotronics, remote mental induction and quantum-based surveillance are the new weapons of war being waged covertly against mankind by the International Satanic Pedophile Network (Ruling Cabal) through the Deep Black unacknowledged, special access Intel cell deeply buried within certain Defense Contractors.

Most of those working on these projects are so compartmented by “Need to Know” that few understand how these devastating weapons of war are being deployed to mind-kontrol and sicken many Americans. Those that do, who sit at the top of the pyramid or run these special access programs, are criminal sociopaths that lost their souls long ago, and most have been initiated into the Satanic Pedophile Network (Ruling Cabal) that runs most of the world.

Now for the difficult conclusion to all this. All MK-Ultra sleeper violence in America (including the real mass-shootings in gun-free zones), and all Radical Islamic violence (ISIS type mercenary forces) are created, paid for, trained, supplied and energized and activated by orders and authorization of the Ruling Cabal. Many so-called radical Islamic mercenaries are not really followers of Islam at all, but have been raised in special camps for abandoned children, mind-kontrolled through drugs, trauma-conditioning and psychotronics at an early age. They, as well as other paid mercenaries, are mind-kontrolled and inducted with psychotic belief patterns that make them easy for the Cabal to remotely activate. They can thus be transformed into savage torturers, heartless rapists and murderers of innocent men, women and children — all done to deliver blood sacrifices to Satan on behalf of the Ruling Cabal to provide them more power as promised by Satan (their words not mine).

Sadly, it’s a fact that many current social movements are by-products of Bernays-type, Madison Avenue social modeling, cultural Mind-kontrol, as well as ultra high tech remote inductive technologies that entrain the human brain and generate synthetic belief patterns and attitudes which cause individuals to acts in ways contrary to their own long term best interests. At little as five years ago, to even discuss these subjects publicly usually resulted in termination as an immediate sanction. Thanks to the Internet and hundreds of honest Intel and LE individuals who refused to keep quiet about these inhuman crimes, the public can now have access to this information, if they so desire. And more and more folks want to know why they are having trouble sleeping, are tired too much, have difficulty concentrating and feel off kilter.


AI (Photo credit: Jupiter Ascending)

The Cabal’s Plan is part of the Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil to keep experimenting and fine tuning these technologies separately to spy on Americans while mind-controlling them at the same time. Without these devices such as smart phones and Wi-Fi providing desirable features of convenience, few would use them, and the Cabal would not be able to fine tune these technologies.

Once the fine tuning is complete, the Cabal has planned to combine them under control of a massive Quantum computer using A.I. automatic controls and operating through inter-dimensional wave forms. At this point, they believe they will be able to make whole populations completely mind-kontrolled and coned/hived to the mother computer; or make sick or even murder whole human populations at will. Then they plan to eliminate 90% of all humans and replace them with their own synthetic race of hybrids, a combination of clay and iron (biology and manufactured electrical components).

Looks like the Cabal has been having some recent bumps in the road with the unexpected side effects of the Internet which has turned out to be the New Gutenberg Press and is now undermining the New Roman Empire run out of the Vatican, which was hijacked by the Black Pope and the Old Black Nobility long ago, the folks that really run the Ruling Cabal. When the Gutenberg Press appeared, it undermined the Vatican by making the Bible available to all — something the Vatican desperately wanted to prevent.

Right now populism has emerged inside America and much of the western world and is growing in power by the day. If not stopped this will be the death of the Cabal’s Globalist NWO efforts.

Never forget — all these various types of Mind-kontrol through these Satanic Black Arts and back-engineered Alien ET technologies do not work well on folks with strong character, integrity and love in their hearts for their fellow man, who have decided to live by the golden rule to treat others the way they want to be treated. It is this immutable human spirit, energized by love towards others, that poses the greatest risk to the Ruling cabal, and cannot ever be snuffed out. I am pretty certain the Cabal will eventually be defanged and stopped and will lose control over these weapons before they can combine them and succeed in their Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil.

Disclaimer: None of this is to be taken as health care recommendations. This article is a mere presentation of some basic information to those who are interested. If you are having problems you think are based on electro-sensitivity to EMF or excessive EMF, you can seek consultation with a qualified expert (there are some but you will have to carefully search them out). Before you come to any conclusions about all these issues, spend some time researching these subjects on the Internet. The references provided are mere starting points. Those who live in European nations will probably find it much easier to get access to scientifically based data on EMF sensitivity and EMF levels one should limit exposure to.
[ Editor’s note: Some TIs have noticed subtle improvement using orgone. ]
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