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Teacher confirms LGB & Transgender agenda pushed on Pre-School kids

Although Lesbian and Gay agenda has been at work for some time in society; it is only the last year or two that the ‘T’ (TRANSGENDER) word has been thrust front and centre into the limelight of mainstream media. However, this teacher from Austin, TX reveals that the agenda was already introduced into schools, even to pre-school age kids many years ago. The churches, through their silence are of course complicit with these agendas, and will suffer the wrath of God, in the Age to come.

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Matt Walsh: Here’s Satan’s simple plan to destroy Christianity in America

Satan has two battle plans or “modes of attack” that he uses throughout history to attack Christians, Walsh explained in a speech delivered at St. Mary of the Pine Bluff Catholic Church in Cross Plains, Wisconsin on April 7.

The first is the “old school”, “blood and martyrs” persecution.

“It’s very simple, very straightforward,” he said. “Kill the Christians.”

Walsh told his audience that Satan is using this tactic on Christians who are being persecuted across the world on an “unprecedented scale.”  Although the media and the Church in the USA largely ignore it, “the reality is that the ground all over the globe is soaked in Christian blood.” Image result for Matt Walsh

“A recent report tells us that Christian persecution and genocide is worse now than it’s ever been in history, which … is an astounding fact,” he said.

But Satan is using a different tactic to attack Christians in America. After describing the martyrdom of a party of Egyptian Christian pilgrims by Islamic extremists, Walsh compared their heroism to the laziness of Christians in the USA.

“These Christians were willing to give up everything for Christ,” he said. “How many of us are willing to give up anything, let alone everything?”

“Most of the so-called believers in this country will lash out angrily is you so much as suggest that they give up watching certain TV shows or listening to certain music,” Walsh continued. “They’ll explode in fury if you urge them to change their lifestyles to any degree whatsoever.”

“And yet we think we possess the conviction and the faith to just give up our lives for Christ. Let’s face it: most of us would grovel and weep at the feet of our Muslim captors and recite whatever Koranic prayer they want us to recite.”

Therefore, to the Satan, American Christians simply aren’t worth killing, Walsh theorized. These “Christians” are so spiritually lazy and so comfortable with their sinful ways that they aren’t any threat to Satan.

“This is Satan’s strategy for us,” he warned. “This is Plan B, and it is far more effective. This is how the Church has been subjugated in America. We have bent our knees in submission to the forces of evil, and they have not even fired a shot.”

“Why would the demons waste their time tormenting someone who’s already walking to hell of his own volition?” Walsh asked.

He said that the situation is being made even worse because the Church in America has been infiltrated by its own enemies.

“‘Do what you want, don’t worry about sin, let’s be tolerant, let’s be welcoming, let’s be accepting’: this message is preached not just by the media and Hollywood, it’s preached from the pulpit,” Walsh stated.

Faithful Christians who want to live according to Christ’s teachings are “alienated and disregarded” by their shepherds.

“Satan himself speaks from the mouths of many priests and many pastors in this country,” Walsh asserted, “urging their flocks to conform with the culture, making the orthodox feel silly, or even bigoted, for trying to rise above the standards of this world.”

When Christians do drag themselves to church, he said, desperate for guidance, they are given “nothing” from most pulpits.

Walsh blames American Christian softness on having, and fulfilling, too many competing material desires. This prevents us from desiring God, he said. Walsh added that he was very frightened that when such “Christians” meet God face to face, many will be forced to admit that they do not want God, only themselves.

To stop this from happening, Walsh recommended prayer first of all. Prayer changes us, making us desire the sacred more and the sinful less.

“..You start to find that a lot of music you listen to, that a lot of shows that you watch…no longer appeal to you,” Walsh testified.  “You find that certain sins and temptations have less of a hold on you.”

“That desire [for God] …  is kindled, and we know it, and we start to feel it. Adn that’s the crucial thing: for us to want the right thing,” he continued.

“Because I believe that the truth is, in the end, we will all be given exactly what we want, and that is a terrifying reality.”

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Quantum Mechanics Reveals a Triune-Godhead

The Observation Effect, is a phenomenon found in quantum theory that suggests that the act of observation stabilizes atomic states. This can be studied, and has been studied for decades, it suggests that the conscience observer plays a part in the physical world. This study by Ángel Rubio of the University of the Basque Country and the Max Planck Institute is even able to use this effect towards quantum tech,Image result for Triune-Godhead

“One of the most peculiar aspects of quantum theory is the observer effect, the idea that the very act of observing and measuring something – just observing and measuring, nothing more – can actually change it in some way.

Now researchers have determined via theoretical modelling that this effect can change the flow of energy particles in a current, so that they move against it.

The idea was famously demonstrated in a 1998 paper by researchers at the Weizmann Institute, who demonstrated that the act of observation changes the way electrons behave when passing through openings. When not observed, they behave as particles and waves; when observed, they can only behave as particles.

The area has been well studied by researchers, including one 2011 paper that also demonstrated that the momentum of a photon moving through openings is disturbed when measurements are taken of its position.

What happens is that the fact of looking, of inserting an observer into the system, acts as an obstacle, as if you were to close off the channel in a pipeline through which the water is flowing,” he explained.

This discovery could be used for quantum transportation with directional control, with potential applications in nanoscale systems covering fields such as thermoelectrics, spintronic injection, phononics, and sensing.” (Science Alert)


To say this is a fact and is observed at the fundamental levels of creation isn’t hyperbole. The Observation Effect rules are so predictable, that they can now develop quantum systems that manipulate this effect towards usable technologies.


The Eyes of God are Watching You

When you couple this with the macro findings of cosmologists who are saying that their own analysis of the ancient microwave radiation in our universe is projected, you have a real case for what is being called the Holographic Universe.

“It’s similar to watching a 3-D movie in a cinema, according to the study. While we see the pictures as having height, width and depth, they in fact all originate from a flat two-dimensional screen.

The study authors say they found the evidence for a holographic universe by studying the “afterglow” of the Big Bang with powerful new telescopes.

The telescopes detected a vast amount of data hidden in the “white noise” or microwaves left over from the moment the universe was created. Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists first identified the concept of a holographic universe in the 1990s, and this discovery is the best evidence yet for that theory.” (USA Today)


The tech elite are horrified by the implications. Why? Because our minds immediately jump to the concept of God.

“As a recent New Yorker profile of Altman explains, “people in Silicon Valley have become obsessed with the simulation hypothesis, the argument that what we experience as reality is in fact fabricated in a computer.” As a result, a second “tech billionaire” is now putting their money where their (hopefully real) mouth is by paying scientists to find the simulation’s emergency exit.

Musk told Code Conference attendees that, given the exponential technological improvements we’re seen since Pong and expect to see in the near future, “it would seem to follow that the odds that we’re in ‘base reality’ is one in billions;” in order words, the Independent clarified, he believes we are “probably” already in a simulated world today.” (Forbes)


From the quantum to the cosmic, evidence for a self-aware and constructed universe has become highly probable. It is like the universe is staring back at us, waiting to register our conscience observation, shaping reality incrementally based on the findings of our internal observations.

While the vast majority of the scientific fields are in the dark ages, hypothesizing creation and life arrived spontaneously. Tech Moguls and Billionaires are convinced we live in a matrix, purposely created to entrap each one of us.


A Tri-Une Godhead Revealed

While Elon Musk and his billionaire pals are cluelessly looking for ways to break out of the matrix, Bible believing Christians already know exactly who we are dealing with in terms of the grand architect of creation. Jehovah God.

For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else. Isaiah 45:18


The author of creation isn’t some universal, impersonal, kooky force new agers want to believe in, nor is it a computer grand simulator, that tech billionaires fathom. The Creator has identified Himself and has made Himself known unto mankind in the past through the collective testimony of the Bible.

Now this finding, that shows creation is dependent on the role an observer plays actually substantiates what the Bible stated 2000 years ago before scientists began to observe this effect on the quantum level.

It demonstrates that the Godhead itself; which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are organized in a way that is consistent to the fundamental findings at the particle level of creation. That creation exists and gets its genesis from mutual observation. In fact, that is exactly what we read 1 John,

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 1 John 5:7


While Elon Musk says we are not in “base reality,” we get a picture of what base reality truly looks like in this verse. “Base reality” would be the reality in which the originator of creation would reside. The God-point or the place of ultimate Truth. Or, in terms that most people understand, simply Heaven.

According to this verse, Base Reality occurs when the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost bear witness of one another. It is from this observation of one another within the Godhead that all of Creation emanates. A single consciousness is not enough for the entire universe to come into being, it takes the interactions between the Father and the Son and the observance of the Holy Spirit to come into being.

To illustrate this concept, we can think in terms of particles.

The matrix of interacting particles is what creates the known, physical universe. If we were to rewind time and be able to peer into the fabric of particle physics, we would see these particles collide at certain places and certain times, it is these interactions that produce the necessary energetic bursts of energy to create the perception of solid matter.

Now scientists are actually trying to reverse engineer this process and create matter from light. The magnitude of energy needed to create just a little bit of matter is huge. Here we read about the Breit-Wheeler process, being tested right now by professors at the Imperial College London,

“The theory of the Breit-Wheeler process says it should be possible to turn light into matter by smashing two particles of light (photons) together to create an electron and a positron. However, past attempts to do this have required the addition of other high-energy particles. Professor Rose said: “This would be a pure demonstration of Einstein’s famous equation that relates energy and mass: E=mc2, which tells us how much energy is produced when matter is turned to energy.  What we are doing is the same but backwards: turning photon energy into mass, i.e. m=E/c2.”

The system involves two high-power laser beams, which are being used to create the photons of light to be smashed together. One of the photons has about 1000 times the energy of photons that produce visible light, and the other has 1,000,000,000 times the energy.

If they are successful, they will detect positrons, but they will have to undertake a careful analysis of the data before those positrons can be confirmed as originating from the Breit-Wheeler process and not from other background processes, proving the success of turning light into matter.” (Phys.org)

If we were able to extrapolate this process out, we can see that the entire physical world is an infinitely complex, controlled interaction between light and the observer. The Bible says that God is light, and thus the originator of these interactions.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John


The interesting thing about the Observer Effect, particle physics, and the Bible is that it truly does suggest that the Triune Godhead is a necessary feature of existence. The ability of God to observe Himself through the 3-part nature of the Godhead, allows him to be totally separate from creation. God is self-contained and stabilized by virtue of the 3 persons in the Trinity who bear witness of one another.

Creation then comes about by the interactions these 3 persons have with one another, much like a complex computer program comes alive through the clever manipulation of the binary code of 1’s and 0’s. 0 representing the state of Off and 1 represents the state of On, but when put into a string, that string of on’s and off’s become data, and that data can grow until it weaves a complex creation like a computer program. From these simple states, very complex systems are created.

When we think about the opening passages of Genesis, we begin to get a picture as to how all this came about, and how God can truly be the force that moves and that move is observed which then stabilizes into the created order or what the Bible calls Jesus, or the Word.

Thus, the statement in the opening passages of Genesis, when God does something then says it was good it all starts to make sense. This is the Observer effect at work,

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good… Genesis 1:3-4

God states something, something exists, and then it is observed to be good.

It truly is a mystery, but our understanding is enhanced by scientific observations that truly look as if to verify what God has said about His own nature thousands of years in the past.



These findings should also end the debate among Christians as to whether or not God is a Triune God called the Trinity in Christian doctrine, or if he is One God acting in different modes throughout creation, which people call the Oneness Doctrine or Modalism.

If Modalism where to be true, God would be like One particle that is moving so fast through time and space that it interacts with itself creating the fabric of the universe. This would mean that God is within creation itself (pantheism) and not the cause of creation. This doesn’t make sense on its face and is impossible relative to our understanding about quantum and particle physics. Particles interact with other particles, they cannot act on themselves. In this Oneness model of the Godhead there is no one there to observe this interaction and therefore, the stabilization that occurs when an observer is present never happens. In this model there can be no God, nor could there be creation. The state of the universe would be “OFF.”

“On” the contrary what we see in nature is the important role that the observer plays, and is critical, because the observer stabilizes a particle when a measurement occurs. Our understanding of physics suggest the Bible is correct in saying that God is stabilized through His own observations of Himself, allowing Himself to reside outside of creation, and is then creating this physical world through a series of observed actions of the Godhead by the Holy Spirit.

This profound Truth brings to life statements that the Apostle John made, like this verse in the opening of His Gospel, where he tried to explain and give light to this concept of the Observer Effect we see in Quantum Physics.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. John 1: 1-3

John had been given insight into creation, and the nature of the Godhead, who Jesus was and how the fundamental principles of nature and physics would demonstrate these facts way ahead of his time. There is no way he could understand these things outside of divine revelation. That is why we call the Apostle John, John the Revelator, He truly was favored by Jesus in a way none of the other Apostles were. The mystery of creation and the prophetic scripture that had been given to Him by God is nothing short of mind blowing relative to what our modern scientists are finding out about the nature of creation. Yet none of these scientists will ever, frame their findings in terms of theological understandings even though it is obvious that is exactly what they are doing. The study of God Himself. Here is a list of verses about the Trinity, a concept replete throughout scripture.

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