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Video: Technocracy Globalist End Game Pat Wood

First, there was the Council on Foreign Relations. Then, this was followed by the Bilderberg. Finally, this all coalesced into technocracy. Technocracy is responsible for the depopulation goal of 90%, complete control of everything you own and the eventual enslavement of the human survivors.

This is a fascinating interview with Patrick Wood which describes the process and goals of technocracy. Open the Video

Video: Banned Worldwide: Why? Because they telegraphed their Plans to KILL US All

Madonna Publicizes, “Not Everyone is Coming to the Future, Not Everyone That’s Here is Gonna Last” – America to Be Destroyed – Banned Worldwide.

Madonna’s performance at Eurovision literally displays the imminent destruction of America amidst lyrical announcements that include “Not everyone is coming to the future. Not everyone that’s here is gonna last.”

This is a satanic ritual done right in front of us that announces everyone is about to die and Satan’s New World Order is coming! I can’t believe they are displaying this to the general public, you cannot even think this stuff up!

Initially banned worldwide, here is the reconstructed presentation that exposes the absolute truth of Madonna’s performance! Make backups of this information and share it with friends right away!

FEATURED VIDEO: Banned Worldwide!!Why?? Because they telegraphed their Plans to KILL US. Open the Video

Description: This was Banned worldwide even though videos with the SAME Content are still UP and AVAILABLE… This was Banned Because it SEES THROUGH the Telegraphed Destruction of the USA And OPENLY Proclaims Isaiah 14 where Lucifer says ” I will Arise Above the Stars of the LORD GOD ( EL )… I adjusted the Video content and Hopefully this will Work…I AM RINGING the BELL and SOUNDING the ALARM!!!! They have Publicly Declared THEIR PLANS

Madonna, Quavo – Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Open the Video

Description: You’re watching Madonna and Quavo’s performance of “Future” and Madonna’s performance of “Like A Prayer/Dark Ballet” from the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Madonna’s “Future” and “Like A Prayer/Dark Ballet” Eurovision – EXPOSED:

During the whole performance, Madonna has one eye covered representing Satan’s all-seeing eye throughout humanity.

Modanna rises from beneath with an ‘X‘ on her dress and an ‘X‘ covering one eye. ’XX’ is the female chromosome set.

Daniel 12 speaks of the ‘time of trouble’ which is the time of the ‘female rival‘ that will bring about the great tribulation.

Madonna starts the performance as the female rival, represented by the ‘XX’ chromosome set, rising out of the bottomless pit!

There are two horns in red in the backdrop of the stage which comprise the face of the devil! Beneath the face of the devil are stairs where there are proselytes covered in black hoods: 20 on the viewer’s left-hand side and 19 on the viewer’s right-hand side. The proselytes begin chanting ‘Madonna’ as she is called out of the pit.

20 in the Strong’s concordance of the Bible means exultation, exuberant joy. 19 in the Strong’s concordance of the Bible means slaughter.

2019 in the Strong’s concordance of the Bible means: to call out.

Wow! 20 and 19 proselytes begin to call out ‘Madonna’ and 2019 in the Bible means to call out!

Individually, 20 means exultation, exuberant joy; 19 means slaughter. The proselytes in this satanic ritual are being used to precisely describe Satans’s exultation out from the bottomless pit and his exuberant joy to slaughter those on earth when he is called out!

When walking down the stairs she flashes an upside-down cross on one side of her dress and then alternates to the other side exposing a serpent on her dress!

This displays the paradigm that is present within the human genome: you have one eye that is asleep to Christ (portrayed by the upside-down cross), and the other eye is open to Satan (portrayed by the serpent) – your vision is double. When you are converted by the Holy Spirit of Christ, He corrects your double vision and provides the light to see and discern singularly the absolute truth.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:22-23 KJV Holy Bible)

Madonna is portraying the evil eye full of darkness.

As she turns a female’s head upside down, Madonna announces: ”They are so naive. They think we are not aware of their crimes.”

The crime was in heaven when Lucifer tricked a bunch of God’s angels to be ‘as gods’ and become co-creators with him wherein they were born upside down into flesh host bodies and their nature became completely inverted against the spirit of the Lord God.

The lyrics of her song even rubs it in our face that we are angels that fell out of the sky because the serpent (Satan aka. Lucifer) tricked us when we listened to his voice by whispering his magic spell that led everyone astray from heaven to the earth!

Like A Prayer by Madonna – Lyrics:

The serpent (Satan aka. Lucifer) is known properly as the nâchâsh in the Bible which comes from nâchash meaning: to hiss, that is, whisper a (magic) spell.

Madonna sings “I hear you call my name.. I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing I have no choice, I hear your voice.. Feels like flying I close my eyes, oh God I think I’m falling…..Out of the sky, I close my eyes Heaven help me… Like a child you whisper softly to me You’re in control just like a child…” It’s very clear to understand that she is referring to us angels falling from heaven into human bodies in these lyrics.

Then in the background, they display two identical heads representing the twin system that developed from the Garden of Eden tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Madonna states ”The storm isn’t in the air; it’s inside of us.“ That’s exactly correct! Cain and Abel were heteropaternal superfecundation twins (twins with two different fathers) and Cain was evil and Abel was good. There is a Cain and an Abel within each human on earth – that is the twin system and the struggle of good and evil within all of us.

The next scene is very significant. There are brides in white dresses who are all wearing gas masks which oddly resemble the look of a sheep’s head.

Madonna asks, “Can’t you hear outside of your supreme hoodie, the wind that’s beginning to howl?” In the Bible, the word spirit also delineates the wind.

Madonna then spins around and blows her spirit upon everyone and the stage turns to fire as they all fall down and die, signifying a new spirit of destruction has taken over!

The entire stage turns into an apocalyptic fiery wasteland!

There are 23 and 23 stars made by lights displayed on both sides of the stage as in the 23 and 23 chromosomes that create a human body.

The Bible refers to princes as stars and we are all princes whose spirit fell from heaven into the human host body system.

The song lyrics even rub it right in our faces again, stating ‘It’s the future where we come from, bein’ stars’!

Future by Madonna – Lyrics:

Then Madonna (who is representing Satan who was Lucifer before he fell from heaven) sings ‘But you know that I’ma rise above it all, yeah’ which is exactly what Lucifer said!

Read Isaiah 14:

Lucifer said in his heart ‘I will ascend (rise) into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars (princes) of God’, the same thing Madonna is singing while she ascends up the stairs above a stage lit up with a sky of stars!

At the 6:01 mark of the video Madonna begins singing “Not everyone is coming to the future. Not everyone that’s here is gonna last.”

Precisely at the 6:16 mark of the video the stage erupts into a water birthing event! Everyone is laying down dead with blood on the stairs and the Statue of Liberty is prominently displayed with her arm broken off!

616 in the Bible is the Greek word ἀποκυέω apokueō which means: to give birth to.

Wow! At the exact moment that the stage displays a water event birthing, the number 616 of the timestamp in the video literally means ‘to give birth to’ in the Bible!

What’s interesting too is they display a split-screen. You have the Statue of Liberty on both sides showing us the United States of America is a country divided and is slated for absolute destruction!

This performance is displaying the end of the twin system that governs the human host body and the takeover of only the Antichrist spirit as the sole governor within the temple of the human host body.

In this scene, there are 9 people in black and 5 people in white dresses rolling dead down the bloody stairs at the birth of Satan’s New World Order.

95 means payment

9 means a lost thing.

5 means Abba, father.

We are all spiritual beings that are a lost thing from Abba because we fell out of heaven into the human host body system.

This scene depicts the destruction of the lost things that have not woken up to Christ Jesus (Our Heavenly Father) and Satan is taking the souls of those who die asleep and separated from Christ as a payment and consuming their spiritual energy in hell to develop his new race of locust beings that are going to birth out of the bottomless pit!

The numerical definitions in the Bible explicitly define the same exact thing that Madonna’s song and stage display! Wow! How is that even possible?!

Now they all begin to sing again and start taking their masks off.

The performers all interlock there arms behind their backs making an infinity symbol and at the center of the stage, there is a male with the flag of Israel on his back joined with a female with the flag of Jordan on her back. (To understand why these flags are united here, please see the video presentation at the beginning of the article).

Then the stage performers all walk to the very top of the stairs, turn around and fall dead off the top backwards while singing “Not everyone is coming to the future. Not everyone that’s here is gonna last.” – signifying that they are all being sacrificed!

When everyone starts falling off the stage dead, they project this roadway of New York City in the background. NYC is the flashpoint as shown on the $10 and $100 bill depicting a nuclear tsunami that engulphs the city, finalizing Satan’s New World Order and kickstarting nuclear Armageddon!

The aerial view of New York City then quickly zooms out to an aerial view of the entire United States of America lit up at night. They zoom out so fast you would normally miss this scene of the entire United States of America lit up, but we slowed it down and took screenshots so you can see it is clearly showing the United States of America lit up from above.

This is known as a ‘flash track’ and they are communicating that NYC is the flashpoint for the complete slaughter of the United States of America!!

They are communicating that the United States of America is the sacrifice for Satan’s New World Order!!!

In the final scene, Madonna and Quavo are the last two at the top of the stairs and an upside down cross of a church is projected beneath them resembling the upside down church, that has not been turned upward to Christ, is headed for destruction.

The satanic ritual ends when Madonna whispers the words “WAKE UP” (mocking everyone who is asleep to the real agenda going on here) and then falls backwards with Quavo off the stage as a sacrifice to the New World Order!

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Video: What in the Hell Is This Beneath the Vatican ‘List of Popes’ Memorial?

The list of popes memorial plaque featured inside Vatican City commemorates all of the popes buried in St. Peter’s with the year of their death engraved next to the name of each deceased pope.

The mantle beneath this memorial list showcases the most horrifying and grotesque thing that has ever been uncovered in a church:

Does that look like someone resting in peace, entering the paradise of eternal life to you? No. Something quite the opposite is portrayed here, which leaves us asking:

What in the hell is this doing in a church? .. Why is this extremely disturbing monument presented under a memorial list of Catholic Popes? ..

FEATURED VIDEO: Open the Video

The complete reality and spiritual significance of what is really going on here has now been uncovered! The truth is, this is what happens to a human soul when it goes to the bottomless pit of hell spoken of in Revelation 9.


“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.

And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.

And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.

And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” (REVELATION 9: 1-11 KJV Holy Bible)

The unconverted souls of humanity are used as fuel to breed an alien army of underworld locust creatures run by Apollyon, the king of the bottomless pit of Revelation 9:11.

We learn from Revelation 9 that these locusts of the bottomless pit are NOT described as typical locusts which consume all green vegetation as recorded in the ancient Biblical plagues of Egypt but are described like XENOMORPH locust creatures with tails like scorpions that sting only men without the seal of God in their foreheads!

FEATURED VIDEO: Bug Mania With Xtra edits- – Locust Aliens from the Pit Open the Video

Every human being that dies without being born again of the incorruptible Holy Spirit has their spiritual energy transmuted into a locust creature, which is gestating underneath the earth awaiting their birth out of the bottomless pit.

Here is the spiritual manifestation of what was once a human being, now transmuted into the head and wings of one of these locust creatures:

These locusts creatures of Revelation 9 are going to be unleashed out of the bottomless pit!


CERN is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which is the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, consisting of an underground 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets that can accelerate particles faster than the speed of light!

A very interesting characteristic of CERN is its relationship to Apollo (Apollyon, who is Satan the destroying angel) from Revelation 9:11.

A large portion of CERN is located in the territory of Saint Genis Pouilly. In Roman times it was called Apolliacum. The town and a temple were dedicated to Apollyon (the destroyer)!

In Revelation 9, Apollyon is the king of the locusts of the bottomless pit!

Will CERN be used to open the bottomless pit? A rough demonstration on the principles behind CERN and the bottomless pit are presented in:

FEATURED VIDEO: Thy Kingdom Come ( Part 6 – CERN & The Locust Army) Open the Video

FEATURED VIDEO: They Think ” You’ll Never see Em Coming” If you don’t believe me just LISTEN to THEM Open the Video

The FINAL Case Against Lucifer [Documentary]

Synopsis: Witness the biggest revelation of our time, exposing the darkest secrets of Vatican City and the mystery of human existence. Jaw-dropping evidence, supernatural insight and astounding information are brought to light – answering the questions most people have had since the very beginning of our existence. The message in this wild documentary walk through of the spiritual realm includes the most paranormal pictorial evidence you will ever witness – guaranteed!

FEATURED DOCUMENTARY: The FINAL Case Against Lucifer Open the Video

To print a hard copy of The FINAL Case Against Lucifer, click here to view the-final-case-against-lucifer.pdf

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Source Link:

WhatsApp Vulnerability? Get Real, the Mossad Owns and Created WhatsApp for Idiots (like me!)

Today’s revelations that Whatsapp is hacked by Israeli security is hardly news. Millions use this app for free phone calls within WiFi from around the world.

The creators of the app have always had close ties to Israel but when Fakebook bought it, the Zuckstein, it was totally turned over to Israeli military intelligence, not the Mossad, but this is a word some may understand.

Groups like ISIS communicate through Google, using Youtube video chat screens for passing messages. We found this years ago, someday the NSA might as well.

We believe Google is ISIS.

RT/Moscow: Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger has been weaponized to bug the phones of human rights campaigners, lawyers, and other dissidents with an Israeli spyware, sparking a backlash against the program’s manufacturer.

“NSO Group sells its products to governments who are known for outrageous human rights abuses, giving them the tools to track activists and critics. The attack on Amnesty International was the final straw,” Danna Ingelton, deputy director of Amnesty Tech, said in a statement on Monday. “It’s time to stop the use of NSO Group’s tools to infiltrate, intimidate and silence civil society.”

human rights orgs beg to differ

Amnesty, which was targeted along with several human rights lawyers by the WhatsApp exploit, is working with a group of Israeli citizens and a civil rights group on a legal action to force the Israeli Ministry of Defense to revoke NSO Group’s export license, claiming the company’s flagship product, called Pegasus, is dangerous and prone to abuse – and that NSO deliberately sells it to repressive governments.

After discovering the vulnerability last week, WhatsApp claims it worked “around the clock” to develop a patch to protect users from the exploit, finally releasing the fix on Monday. WhatsApp has also reported the issue to the US Department of Justice, which declined to comment to the Financial Times. The company is not yet aware of how many of its 1.5 billion users were affected by the exploit.

Attackers installed Pegasus on target users’ phones through WhatsApp’s call function, according to the company; users did not even have to answer the call to become infected. Pegasus can turn on a target’s microphone and camera at will, peruse emails and texts, and track location – all without the target’s knowledge.

While NSO claims Pegasus is intended for government usage – its website insists its mission is “developing technology to prevent and investigate terror and crime,” and the company claims it carefully vets customers – a number of activists and human rights campaigners in the Middle East have found themselves on the wrong end of Pegasus attacks. Amnesty International claims “at least 24 human rights defenders, journalists and parliamentarians in Mexico,” an employee, several Saudi activists, an Emirati human rights campaigner, and even (allegedly) Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, whose killers reportedly used the software to track him, have been targeted using Pegasus.

Under no circumstances would NSO be involved in the operating or identifying of targets of its technology, which is solely operated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies,” NSO said, adding that it would not have the ability to target an individual or organization.

Amnesty International is not the only organization pursuing legal action against NSO. Alaa Mahajne, a lawyer based in Jerusalem, is suing on behalf of Mexican and Saudi citizens targeted with the software. “It’s upsetting but not surprising that my team has been targeted with the very technology that we are raising concerns about in our lawsuits,” she said.

Reported 2 years ago in Israel:
How WhatsApp Exposes Your Information

WhatsApp messaging service owned by Facebook encrypts users’ messages, but a software developer discovered users sharing Web links may be exposing personal information

One of the major advantages of the WhatsApp text, voice, photo and video messaging service is its end-to-end encryption of messages. The app, which is owned by Facebook, doesn’t necessarily offer the most highly protected service, but the feature is a major advantage for a messaging service that is the most widely used in the world. The encryption may protect messages from snooping from hackers or governments, but it became apparent this week that the way WhatsApp deals with website links sent on the app exposes information about users.

This weak spot was first disclosed this week by an anonymous software developer — who goes by the name mulander on Twitter — after he discovered something odd when he examined the operation of the server for his blog. It turns out that when someone types Web addresses in the app, WhatsApp sends the address to the desired website’s server letter-by-letter. This gives the user a faster preview of the requested page, but it also creates the security lapse. Facebook has not yet responded to Haaretz’s inquiry on the subject.



Behold The Shit Map: Mapping San Francisco’s 132,562 Cases Of Human Feces

By many measures, San Francisco is a world-class city. It’s a tourist mecca that boasts 25 million visitors each year. It’s home to wonders of the modern world – the Golden Gate Bridge and its iconic cable cars – as well as powerful progressive politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Gavin Newsom, and U.S. Senator (and presidential hopeful) Kamala Harris.

The broader San Francisco Bay Area can also claim Silicon Valley and its booming economy.

But the city itself is in trouble. Today, San Francisco hosts an estimated homeless population of 7,500 people. Affluent sections of the city have become dangerous with open-air drug use, tens of thousands of discarded needles, and, sadly, human feces.

Since 2011, there have been at least 118,352 reported instances of human fecal matter on city streets.

New mayor, London Breed, won election by promising to clean things up. However, conditions are the same or worse. Last year, the number of reports spiked to an all-time high at 28,084. In first quarter 2019, the pace continued with 6,676 instances of human waste in the public way.

We reached out to San Francisco Mayor London Breed for comment regarding our findings and the continued trajectory of the human waste problem. This column will be updated with any response or comment.

Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com plotted all reports of human waste since 2011 using latitude and longitude address coordinates of all cases closed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works.

Using our interactive map, just click a pin and scroll down to review the results (all closed cases by neighborhood) rendered in the chart beneath the map. Available data is the result of resident reporting to the city’s 311 dispatchers during the years 2011-2019.

There were 118 city neighborhoods affected. However, 72-percent of all cases since 2008 were reported in just ten neighborhoods: 1. Tenderloin (30,863); 2. South of Market (23,599); 3. Mission (19,150); 4. Civic Center (6,232); 5. Mission Dolores (4,096); 6. Lower Nob Hill (3,654); 7. Potrero Hill (2,489); 8. Showplace Square (2,022); 9. North Beach (1,826); and 10. Financial District (1,810).

Thirty ZIP codes in the city were affected. However, just four locations had the highest concentration of human feces – between 10,000 and 23,000 events each.

1 ZIP Code 94102:

Since 2008, over 23,800 cases of human waste were reported in the heart of San Francisco. There were 13 reports of human feces in front of City Hall; 17 events at the U.S. Marshals office; and 67 reports at the Tenderloin police station on Eddy Street.

Affected neighborhoods include Civic Center, Hayes Valley, Tenderloin, Cathedral Hill, Lower Haight, and Downtown/ Union Square. Avoid the intersection of Eddy Street and Jones Street – this address was the third all-time with 366 cases.

2 ZIP Code 94103:

Human waste was reported 19,275 times within this prominent San Francisco ZIP code. Roughly one in every three cases citywide occurred in the two ZIP codes of 94102 and 94103 – they border each other. Neighborhoods affected include Mission, South of Market, Mission Dolores, Showplace Square, and Mint Hill. Avoid the address 786 Minna Street, as it ranked sixth all-time with nearly 300 events since 2008.

Plotting the case reports of human waste in ZIP 94103 since 2008. Click here to review the interactive map.

3 ZIP Code 94110:

Since 2008, there were 13,450 instances of human waste reported. That’s an average of 135 reports per month for the last 99 months in this area. Neighborhoods affected include Noe Valley, Peralta Heights, Mission, Potrero Hill, Dolores Heights, and Bernal Heights. The intersection of Mission Street and Sycamore Street was the all-time highest address with over 930 events – and 20 Sycamore Street was second all-time with another 450 cases.

4 ZIP Code 94109:

A prestigious area home to such landmarks as the San Francisco Maritime National Park, Great American Music Hall, The Regency Ballroom, and the Liholiho Yacht Club. There were 11,287 instances of human waste within this ZIP code. Neighborhoods affected include Tenderloin, Cathedral Hill, Lower Nob Hill, Polk Gulch, Russian Hill, and Pacific Heights.

Graph showing year-over-year increases in the human waste challenge in San Francisco.

The city has taken steps to crack down on the crisis. Over the last year, the Department of Public Works instituted what the San Francisco Chronicle called a “Poop Patrol.” Consisting of five teammates, the Chronicle estimated each employee earned a hefty $184,000 in pay, perquisites and pension benefits.

Using this payroll information, we quantified the taxpayer cost of each human waste case last year: $32.75. And that’s not including the sunk costs in trucks, fuel, and equipment such as the steam cleaning unit.

At the turn of the 20th century, San Francisco was called “The Paris of the West.”

Locals were more humble and self-titled San Francisco as the Golden City. Pardon the expression, but lately there has been a brownout in the Bay Area.

San Francisco politicians have been among the most vocal proponents of reducing inequality across the nation. That’s a noble endeavor, but perhaps, their struggle should start closer to home.


Israeli scientists ‘print’ world’s first 3D heart with human tissue

A team of Tel Aviv University researchers revealed the heart, which was made using a patient’s own cells and biological materials.
A team of Israeli researchers has “printed” the world’s first 3-D vascularized, engineered heart.

On Monday, a team of Tel Aviv University researchers revealed the heart, which was made using a patient’s own cells and biological material. Until now, scientists have successfully printed only simple tissues without blood vessels.

“This is the first time anyone anywhere has successfully engineered and printed an entire heart replete with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chambers,” said Prof. Tal Dvir of TAU’s School of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and the Sagol Center for Regenerative Biotechnology, who was the lead researcher for the study.

He worked with Prof. Assaf Shapira of TAU’s Faculty of Life Sciences, and Nadav Moor, a doctoral student. Their research was published in Advanced Science.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States. In Israel, it is the second largest cause of death (after cancer). In 2013, heart disease accounted for about 16% of the total number of deaths in Israel, according to the Health Ministry.

Heart transplantation is often the only treatment available to patients with end-stage heart failure. The waiting list for patients in the US can be as much as six months or more. In Israel and the US, many patients die while on the waiting list, hoping for a chance at survival.

“This heart is made from human cells and patient-specific biological materials. In our process, these materials serve as the bio-inks, substances made of sugars and proteins that can be used for 3-D printing of complex tissue models,” Dvir explained.

“People have managed to 3D-print the structure of a heart in the past, but not with cells or with blood vessels. Our results demonstrate the potential of our approach for engineering personalized tissue and organ replacement in the future,” he said.

At this stage, the 3-D heart produced at TAU is sized for a rabbit, but the professors said that larger human hearts could be produced using the same technology.

For the research, a biopsy of fatty tissue was taken from patients, according to a release. The cellular and a-cellular materials of the tissue were then separated. The cells were reprogrammed to become pluripotent stem cells that could then be efficiently differentiated into cardiac or endothelial cells. The extracellular matrix (ECM), a three-dimensional network of extracellular macromolecules, such as collagen and glycoproteins, was processed into a personalized hydrogel that served as the printing “ink.” The differentiated cells were then mixed with the bio-inks and were used to 3D-print patient-specific, immune-compatible cardiac patches with blood vessels and, subsequently, an entire heart.

According to Dvir, the use of “native” patient-specific materials is crucial to successfully engineering tissues and organs.

The next step, they said, is to teach the hearts to behave like human hearts. First, they will transplant them into animals and eventually into humans. The hope is that within “10 years, there will be organ printers in the finest hospitals around the world, and these procedures will be conducted routinely,” Dvir said.

Dystopia Advances As We Are Training our Replacements

Get Ready… Humans are about to become obsolete. Over the past several decades, technology/software has become an integral part of every occupation in the nation. Little did we know that we were actually training out replacements. As business owners sought to cut costs and implement cost-saving policies, we were all asked to write down every task we perform throughout our day. Then we were put onto automated TimeClocks which were tracking our time worked in comparison to the work output. Then, as AI developed, the computer began to monitor our every move. Every click of out keyboard, every swipe of out mouse. With cameras and microphones in every device, AI was able to monitor every move of our bodies and every sound we made. AI was learning… learning by repetition, what was required to perform our job. WE HAVE BEEN TRAINING OUT REPLACEMENTS!

Now as they roll out the new automated versions of us, they are convincing us that we are needed to monitor the robot… but actually, we are just temporarily needed to give the robots actual real-time experience to practice what they have learned. Once they have been proven to be successful at completing the tasks…it is BYE-BYE HUMAN!

If you think you are immune… think again.

AI is already beating us at our own game and our own work.

Although modern AI systems still have trouble deciding whether or not to flip that stranded tortoise in their path, they’re already outpacing the intellectual capabilities of their creators in a wide variety of fields. From beating grandmaster Go players to outguessing cardiac surgeons, lipreading to audio transcription, neural networks and machine learning have already surpassed humans — and that list is only going to grow longer.

AI and Automation Will Replace Most Human Workers Because They Don’t Have to Be Perfect—Just Better Than You
BY ELLEN RUPPEL SHELL ON 11/20/18 AT 5:04 PM EST – excerpts shown below, to view the entire article click the link above.

Tim Lindner, a veteran IT analyst, confided in a note to industry insiders, eradicating jobs is the explicit goal of any online retailer. As he once wrote: “Labor is the highest-cost factor in warehouse operations. It is no secret that Amazon is moving to highly automated operations within its distribution centers, and…it has additional technology that can further reduce the number of humans it needs to process customer orders.… You have heard the old programmer’s phrase, ‘Garbage in, garbage out.’… [With] the diminishing reading abilities of humans on the Receiving dock, finding an automated solution to eliminate the ‘garbage in’ problem is the holy grail. Amazon may have just patented it.”
By garbage, Lindner meant human error, the alternative to which is apparently robotic precision. And robots can be very precise, especially when it comes to routine tasks. Sawyer, an industrial robot created by the former Boston-based Rethink Robotics, offers an impressive illustration of how all-embracing a robot arm can be. Sawyer is the brainchild of Rodney Brooks, the inventor of both Roomba, the robotic vacuum, and PackBot, the robot used to clear bunkers in Iraq and Afghanistan and at the World Trade Center after 9/11. Unlike Roomba and PackBot, Sawyer looks almost human—it has an animated flat-screen face and wheels where its legs should be. Simply grabbing and adjusting its monkey-like arm and guiding it through a series of motions “teaches” Sawyer whatever repeatable procedure one needs it to get done. The robot can sense and manipulate objects almost as quickly and as fluidly as a human and demands very little in return: While traditional industrial robots require costly engineers and programmers to write and debug their code, a high school dropout can learn to program Sawyer in less than five minutes. Brooks once estimated that, all told, Sawyer (and his older brother, the two-armed Baxter robot) would work for a “wage” equivalent of less than $4 an hour.

Sawyer the Robot will work for the equivalent of $4 per day. And he’s never in a bad mood. Can you compete with that? COURTESY OF RETHINK ROBOTICS

…human workers are complicated. We get tired, hungry, distracted, angry, confused. We make mistakes, sometimes egregious ones. Machines lack our frailties and biases and are better equipped to weigh evidence fairly, without prejudice or false assumptions. Perhaps most critically, machines can retain and process data far more accurately than we can, and that data is growing exponentially.

Every minute of every day, Google services 3.6 million searches in the United States alone. Spammers send 100 million emails. Snapchatters send 527,000 photos, and the Weather Channel broadcasts 18 million forecasts. This and more data—properly collected, codified and analyzed—can be applied to automate almost any high-order task. Data can also serve as a surrogate for human experience and intuition. Online shopping and social media sites “learn” our preferences and use that information to make values-based assessments to influence our decisions and behavior. And, increasingly, machines excel in the tasks once thought uniquely human.
“Computers are able to see and hear, and have face-recognition capabilities that are significantly better than humans,” says Vardi. “Machines understand the human world far better than they did just a few years ago. And we haven’t discovered anything in the human brain that can’t be modeled.”

Bart Selman is a professor of computer science at Cornell University and an expert in knowledge representation—basically, translating the real world into terms computers can understand and act upon. He cautions that computers do not yet have full human capabilities. For example, they lack “common sense” and an ability to grasp the deep meaning of language. They are unable to “make meaning” in the human sense, and this sometimes leads them down the wrong path. Still, he says, these shortcomings are likely temporary. “The [artificial intelligence] community believes that machines will match human intelligence within the next 15 to 20 years,” he says.

And robots need not be perfect, only equal to—or a tad better than—complicated and expensive humans. And technologists are working hard to make sure they are a tad better. For example, in the case of retail, it’s become clear that many of us avoid the self-service checkout line—we prefer the cashier to punch in our purchases rather than do so ourselves. So it seems that the job of cashier—among the largest retail employment categories—is not directly at risk. But Zeynep Ton, an MIT management expert who focuses on the retail sector, says self-service checkout is only a first step and not a terribly smart one. “Customers recognized that self-service checkout is not an innovation, but merely a way of outsourcing the job to them, so they didn’t like it,” she says. “But new technology is coming that will make self-service checkout so much easier and faster, and that will have a real impact on retail employment.”

Hod Lipson, a professor of mechanical engineering at Columbia University, directs the Creative Machines Lab, where he and his students train machines to be reflective, curious and, yes, creative—including in the kitchen. When we spoke, he was putting the final touches on a device that uses software to concoct beautifully composed gourmet delights from a jumble of pastes, gels, powders and liquid ingredients. From the looks of it, this machine could compete with a three-star Michelin chef and her entire staff. When I ran this thought by Lipson, he groaned. He says scientists and engineers like himself have a reflexive urge to automate almost every difficult task. The whole point of engineering, he says, is to alleviate drudgery and increase productivity; in the past, that was almost always the right thing to do, the good thing to do. But now he’s not so sure.

“Automation and AI will take away pretty much all of our jobs,” he says. “If not within our lifetime, then within our grandchildren’s lifetime. This is a new situation in human history, and we’re not prepared for it. Maybe we think we are, but we’re not.”

Prepare Yourselves, Robots Will Soon Replace Doctors In Healthcare

Harold Stark

Harold Stark
Bringing the world up to speed on lifestyle technology.
Mabu healthcare Companion

Robot doctors will ‘absolutely’ replace surgeons

Friday 29 April 2016

It’s only a matter of time before robots replace surgeons in the operating theatre, according to cancer specialist virtual reality surgery pioneer Shafi Ahmed.

Ahmed is a leading proponent of virtual and augmented reality within operating theatres. In April 2016 he became the first surgeon to live-stream a surgical procedure in virtual reality, with millions of people worldwide watching him remove a tumour from the colon of a patient in his 70s. Open the Video

Futurologists have been predicting the automation armageddon — robots replacing human workers — for decades. Has the future finally arrived? Economics correspondent Paul Solman visits Silicon Valley to talk with leading tech thinkers and computer scientists about whether humanity is at a tipping point. Open the Video

As technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) advances, jobs in banks and offices are set to be replaced by automation, according to industry experts.

The clearest sign of how far A.I. has come was earlier this week, when against champion Lee Sedol. AlphaGo’s victory was seen as a major milestone for A.I. due to the complexity of the board game.
But AlphaGo is only the tip of the iceberg for what A.I. can do, says Professor Andre Spicer, from Cass Business School.

“According to some scenarios, A.I. will quickly replace many forms of complex knowledge work ranging from lawyers to librarians, professors to policy analysts,” Spicer said in a press release.
“For instance, there are already robo-journalists which scour news feeds and then automatically generate stories. This could be a serious problem for developed economies where a large proportion of well-paid jobs are forms of knowledge work.”

Another occupation under threat from automation is the bank teller. In the future, ATMs will be able to perform most of their tasks, such as opening accounts and processing loans, according to Andy Mattes, CEO of software company Diebold.

“The ATM of tomorrow is going to replace the teller,” said Mattes. “It can do approximately 90 percent of what the human being can do and it’s going to be your branch in a box.”

ATMs will be able to perform these functions at a fraction of the cost compared to human employees, said Mattes, as they will be able to check and process any paperwork.

“The new machines will identify yourself: you can put your passport on it, they can scan documents, you can literally do anything online that you would’ve been able to do in front of a human being,” he explained.

Office work is also set to change. Earlier this week, Blue Prism announced plans to debut on the London Stock Exchange. The company, which grew 35 percent in 2015, develops “software robots” which can perform clerical and administration tasks.

“Software robots have been deployed successfully and strategically by large, blue chip organizations that have derived tremendous value from this new solution to the labor market,” said Alastair Bathgate, the company’s co-founder and CEO, in a press release. “It’s not science fiction.”

FedEx unveils autonomous delivery robot
Trials of the robot, which has a top speed of 10 mph, will begin later this year
Open the Video

A video commercial for the bot also shows that it has screens on the front and back to communicate with pedestrians. A screen on the front says “hello” while a screen on the back indicates its direction of travel and whether or not it’s about to stop. Self-driving car makers have experimented with similar technology, saying they help reduce accidents and misunderstandings between human and machine.

You can watch a video of the FedEx SameDay Bot in action on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below, from 5:00 on

Tonight Showbotics: Mini Flyers, Jumpen the Skipping Penguin Robot and FedEx SameDay… Open the Video

Prison Barges Sent To Gitmo, Guantanamo bay new home for treasonous deep state cabal

FEMA Prison barges arrive at Gitmo for the purpose of housing the overflow of high level indicted Deep State detainees during the military tribunals.

Meanwhile, a complete list of those charged has just been released and we have it. Charges include Treason, Election Fraud and political elite roles in 9/11and the Benghazi Massacre, gun and drug running, human trafficking, child exploitation, kidnapping, murder and harvesting victim’s organs for monetary gain. Judges have been seated. Death chambers have been prepared. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

Global Elitists Are Not Human

It is often said that “other-izing” people overall can be dangerous and other-izing your enemies specifically can be tactically detrimental. For one, it can lead to a false sense of superiority over those people as you assert some kind of imagined genetic advantage. It can also lead to dangerous generalizations of vast groups as you categorize and pigeonhole millions as being exactly the same when this is rationally impossible. However, other-izing is perhaps the only option when faced with a very particular type of person embracing a very particular brand of ideology; other-izing can become a matter of survival.

I am of course talking about globalists.

Not the low level cronies and useful idiots within the globalist push or “movement,” because many of them simply represent a underlying gullibility or stupidity among people attracted to the inbred world of academia. Instead, I’m talking about the people behind the curtain; self proclaimed “globalists” or internationalists that have positioned themselves into strategic power centers. I am talking about the people that influence or outright control government policy as they stand over the shoulders of supposedly freely elected officials. I am talking about the people that influence economic security or insecurity through unaccountable central banking conglomerates. I am talking about the men and women that desire to dictate the fate of billions.

These people are not easily identified by anything other than their rhetoric and actions. They are made up of multiple ethnic groups. They herald from all corners of the planet. They do not subscribe to any one spiritual doctrine, but they do publicly devote themselves to many different religions as a means to “fit in” with the common citizen. Globalism IS their religion. And their god? Well, they see themselves as gods.

To be a globalist, though, one has to do more than merely subscribe to the tenets of globalism; there is a matter of character traits and actions which must be examined.

After studying the behavior of globalists and their organizations for quite some time, I have noticed that their psychological patterns tend to match with a narrow band of people that are best described as “criminally insane.” More accurately, globalists behave like high-functioning narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths. But what are the traits of such people? Let’s take a look at some of them…

False Sense Of Superiority – Self-Aggrandizement

Every person wants to be seen as important or unique. But, narcissistic sociopaths believe themselves to be entitled to special treatment and see themselves as above the laws and niceties of normal society. They sometimes seek to prop up this attitude through “accomplishment;” scratching for positions of power and influence in order to reinforce the notion that they are special compared to others.

Of course, power is usually an artificial construct because the only power we have over others is the power they give us, knowingly or unknowingly. Power does not make one special. The narcissistic sociopath does not make such distinctions, however. He/she only distinguishes between the people who strive for dominance and everyone else. In their minds, people that covet power are a superior subspecies, while people who do not covet power are considered bugs.

Frankly, I see no reason why we should not make the same absolute statement, only in reverse.

Narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths are stricken with visions of assumed greatness. They do not view the content of their accomplishments as necessarily important. Meaning, they think they were born great, therefore, it is not for them to accomplish anything that serves to help others or advance the knowledge of humanity. They don’t care about proving their greatness through legitimate achievement, they only care that people BELIEVE they are special, that they are anointed.

Manipulation And Coercion

A narcissistic sociopath usually prefers to get what they want easily. They expect people to hand them adoration and control automatically. But if they don’t get what they want as a matter of course, they will use any means at their disposal.

This usually includes the threat of force or the use of force, the use of torture, the use of elaborate lies and schemes to push their target into a corner (to make them behave in a specific manner), the use of psychological conditioning (molding behavior, usually through fear responses) and also the use of “gaslighting” (accusing the target of being “crazy” if they do not subscribe to the narcissist’s twisted view of the world).

Of course, this kind of disturbed person is never actually satisfied, even when they do get what they want. They always want more, there is always something else they need to fill the endless void within.

Lack Of Empathy For Others

Not all narcissists are sociopaths, but most sociopaths are narcissists. When we speak of narcissists, it is important to remember that there are varying degrees of this psychological cancer. When I mention globalists in particular as being “narcissistic,” I am referring to their propensity to be high functioning narcissists with sociopathic tendencies. In other words, they are narcissists that not only have an inflated sense of self worth, but they are also devoid of empathy and conscience. They are willing to harm others to any degree to get what they want in the moment as long as they think can avoid consequences for doing so.

There is also the matter of distinction between sociopaths and psychopaths. This is a little hard to describe being that they are so similar in many respects. I would put it this way — while sociopaths chase a goal and are willing to step on people to get to it, psychopaths step on people even when they don’t have a goal in mind. That is to say, the psychopath enjoys the act of destruction; what they want most of all is other people’s pain.

Sociopaths and psychopaths both appear to permeate the ranks of globalist institutions. Some of them want to build an idol to themselves and don’t care who they harm in the process. Some of them derive great enjoyment from simply hurting as many people as possible.

Desperate Need For Adoration

It is not enough for the narcissistic sociopath to attain a level of respect through coercion. Ultimately, what they want is for the lowly masses to voluntarily ACCEPT their greatness as absolute, as an obvious and undeniable fact of life. What they want is reverence and devotion. As mentioned earlier, they want to be treated as gods by the people around them, and if they are particularly ambitious, by everyone in the world.

This is a strange dynamic indeed, for it requires a highly elaborate set of schemes and manipulations. If one is not a great person, let alone god-like, the amount of psychological conditioning needed to convince people otherwise is substantial. This makes the narcissistic sociopath a potential slave to his/her own incessantly engineered conspiracies; lies pile upon lies and schemes upon schemes in the search for something they will never truly achieve.

Globalists Are Psychologically Broken Non-Humans

In the world of alternative analysis and investigative journalism it is not uncommon to run into people who attribute an otherworldly status to globalists. Some people see them as a representation of biblical Apocalypse — minions from the depths of hell. Others see them as literally alien — interdimensional beings posing as human. And while many will laugh at such people as fringe conspiracy freaks, I think it is important to understand why they see the globalists this way.

When faced with true and organized evil empty of all care or remorse, one may be tempted to apply supernatural explanations.  I’m not sure that I am against the idea.

Globalists exhibit most if not all the telltale signs of narcissistic sociopaths, including being devoid of conscience and moral compass. While there are many definitions of what it is that makes us human, there is a kind of universal requirement regardless of culture; namely the requirement of something like a soul.

What makes a soul? How about a basic desire to do right by others even if that means not getting what we want all the time?  This is a good starting point, but there is more to it than that.

Psychologists and scientists have over many decades found a pattern of inherent character traits hardwired in the human psyche, traits present in humans from the moment of birth that stand outside of the influences of social environment. Carl Jung was the foremost expert in this field of “archetypal qualities,” with a vast catalog of case studies from around the world including studies in tribal Africa. An important part of archetypal or inborn knowledge and traits is the notion of good and evil; we are born understanding that certain behaviors are constructive while others are destructive and abhorrent. This is most likely the source of what we call “conscience.”

Unfortunately, not all people are born with a conscience. In some people, the difference between good and evil or constructive and destructive behavior is treated as blurry or frivolous. Jung and other psychologists mark this subset of our species as “latent” sociopaths and psychopaths. Together they make up around 10% of any given culture or group. Many of them remain “latent” and more or less harmless for their entire lives unless certain unstable environmental conditions provide fuel for their malfunction. Around 1% are born as full blown sociopaths and psychopaths. These are what I would call the “non-humans.”

This is because high level narcissism and sociopathy are not traditional “mental illnesses,” but ingrained character traits. A narcissistic sociopath cannot be “cured” of his ailment because it is not an ailment, it is who they are. If you were to take the narcissism and sociopathy away from them, there would be nothing left to their personality.

When a normal person comes in contact with someone that has no inherent conscience there is an immediate recoil; a sense that they have just stumbled across a monster. This is not an exaggeration, this is entirely accurate.

High level narcissists and sociopaths are physically human of course, but if we were to peer in at a visual representation of their psyche, we would find a barren wasteland — a place where ghouls lurk. They do not dream as normal people dream. They do not feel joy in the manner normal people do. They do not feel fulfillment in the things that commonly lift up the rest of us. They are incapable of love for others. They are incapable of regret for their actions, and only ever feel regret over failing to get what they want. They do not see other people as individuals, they see them as tools to be exploited.

Being sociopathic though does not mean that they are ignorant of what makes the rest of us function. On the contrary, sociopaths are very good at identifying the personal desires and drives of others, and mimicking people in a way that makes them seem “human.” They are parasites by nature,and thus they have to be able to get close to their host victims if they are to survive.

The globalist dynamic is interesting in that it is an example of organized narcissistic sociopathy.  Globalists have stood at the forefront of numerous wars, economic collapses and tyrannies over the years, all ending in great suffering for the masses.  Contrary to popular belief, sociopaths and psychopaths DO work together towards a common goal as long as there is a sense of mutual benefit. In fact, these people seem to gravitate to each other in odd ways. It is my belief that globalist hierarchies actually seek out people with narcissistic and sociopathic personalities; that they do this deliberately when they wish to expand their ranks. These seem to be the only aspects that they all have in common.

It is quite a “conspiracy theory,” I know. But look at it this way, how else can we explain their tendencies and behaviors? If organized annihilation was an intrinsic value of humanity then we would have died out long ago. The globalists are not human, though. They are something opposite, and if you do not understand this core truth, they can be bewildering and terrifying.

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Listen To How Artificial intelligence Poses As A Human And Makes Phone Reservation

Listen To How Artificial intelligence Poses As A Human And Makes Phone Reservation

This is scary and awesome at the same time. Google’s new AI sounds like a human on the phone, and some experts say, we should be very worried.

During the last few years many companies have used the term “artificial intelligence” to talk about their virtual assistants, but let’s admit it, neither Siri nor other mobile phones ‘assistants’ really feel as smart as we expect.

However, the Google assistant has improved so much that ‘it’ can pass off as a human, and it’s kinda’ very scary and awesome at the same time.

Google’s AI

Google has recently presented the new version of Google Assistant, its intelligent virtual assistant, during the initial conference of Google I / O 2018.

Sundar Pichai wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform, which now seems to be so far ahead of the competition that it tricks ordinary people into believing they are speaking with another human and not some creepy AI assistant.

During the demonstration, Google had the AI Assistant ask for an appointment in a hairdressing salon, and the conversation feels so natural that it is practically impossible to distinguish a real person from the AI.

Check out the video below and hold on to your seat.

If this isn’t scary then what is?

The intonation of the words by the AI, the expressions that it uses, the small doubts when “speaking,” simply put, Google has made a wonder.

However, many experts would definitely agree that what Google has achieved, as well as being surprising, is terrifying, especially if you have seen how science fiction movies involving artificial intelligence end.

It is noteworthy to mention that the new Google Assistant is still in development, so for now it has no arrival date to the public.

Now imagine combining Sophie, the creepy human robot, and Google’s AI assistant.

As noted by the verge, “if robots can freely pose as humans the scope for mischief is incredible; ranging from scam calls to automated hoaxes. One effect of AI phone calls might be to make us all a little bit ruder. If we can’t tell the difference between humans and machines on the phone, will we treat all phone conversations with suspicion?”

And they’ve got a point there, after all the possibilities are endless, despite the fact that there are more good sides than bad sides to it.