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UN Backed Obrador, MX National Guard, Sinaloa’s vs Federal Police, Related Cartels In Unfolding Mexican Civil War

In Part One of this series, I alleged that the newly formed and UN sponsored and trained Mexican National Guard would one day become our FEMA camps guards. In Part One, I painstakingly detailed, through an overview of EO 13603 and FEMA camp manual, FM 39.4, how foreign troops would become our captors.

Before the newly formed Mexican National Guard, backed and trained by the UN, can become a threat to the people of the United States, they must first win their emerging civil war.

There are events transpiring in Mexico in which the cartels and various law enforcement agencies are actively warring with each other for control of law enforcement and ultimately, control of the executive branch of the Mexican government. In Part Two, this mini-civil war will be described. Part 3 will deal with how the UN will take advantage of this situation and deepen its hold on Mexico.

There are two effects associated with this situation.

One, will the UN, through Mexican President Obrador be able to control Mexico and complete the development of the Mexican National Guard and their intent to gain control of the Mexican government and will be used at some point to carry out the UN’s will on American soil and their actions will target conservative Americans.

Two, if Obrador and the UN are successful, this will open the door for a Red Dawn invasion with Mexico as a prime player. Hint all Americans must root for the Federal Police, as corrupt as they are, because the alternative is ugly.

President Trump’s Fake Tariff/Immigration Deal

President Trump has been duped by President Obrador in Mexico. The Mexicans promised to interdict illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States. The Mexican National Guard was assigned this task, supposedly. However, the newly formed Mexican National Guard has been active near the Mexican border. However, they are not interdicting illegal immigrants as per the agreement with Trump. However, Border Patrol and DHs sources inform me that there has been no change in the numbers of immgrants.

There is a mini-civil war going on the area depicted on the following map.

jpg – Villahermosa – map = SE Mexico .jpg

The Unfolding Civil War: The UN Destabilizing the Entire Region

In Part 3, we will document how the UN is as the heart of everything that follows in this article. ‘

There is a revolution going on in Mexico. It is being expressed in a three-way conflict. On one side is the UN trained and sponsored Mexican National Guard (MNG). The MNG was designed to replace the Federal Police which comprises the second side. On the third leg of this conflict lies the cartels. The Sinaloas and the Juarez cartel have been tagged to be the dominant drug traffickers in Mexico’s main export to the United States.

The other cartels have been cut out and the expectation is that the MNG will either kill, incarcerate or absorb the rest. The other cartels, especially in the area depicted by the map, are resisting. Here is an example of the resistance that Obrador’s new troops in the MNG are being met with by the Federal Police and the displaced cartels.

jpg_cars burned be cartels – SE MX – manta (sign) against National Guard -.jpg

jpg_cartels burning truck blocking road – SE Mexico.jpg

Some of you are asking yourself about why the mainstream American media is not reporting on this. If you are asking this question, you have a lot to learn about the New World Order and their designs upon America and Americans.

The following is the message delivered by the drug cartel headquartered in Tabasco, Mexico. They created signs which said “Nartel Narcos, Welcome National Guard-“Let’s see how many of you come of here alive”.

The resulting road blockades resulted in mass car burning. The cartel had the locals display signs that had direct threats against the MNG. One of the signs stated:

“Welcome #GuardiaNaciona We know that you’re coming with everything but let’s see how many come out of here alive, align yourselves or we’ll do it for you. Atte: Pelón de Playa…Rosa (Illegible)” was what could be read on the narcomanta that was found by authorities at the blockade.

AMLO gave a fireside chat on his twitter (7/3/19) explaining…


Here’s some of the comments on AMLO’s Twitter – fireside chat explaining his actions in disbanding the Federal Police

  • this person believes the Fed Police protests are being set up by former Pres. Felipe Calderon
  • “It is necessary that the President begins to imprison conspirators, seditious and social destabilizers, this is becoming a problem of national security,
    they attack from all sides,
  • and they are saying “It is now time to proceed criminally against the former presidents.”
  • if the elements want to be re-assignment and pass the examinations required for the new security corps, then this is all within the law.
  • There are rebel elements inside the Federal Police and they must be eliminated.
  • One person thanked AMLO for calling out the corruption and taking the bull by the horns.
  • on the subject of the Federal Police, AMLO stated “They are extortionist patrons of narcos and kidnappers.”

AMLO forgot to mention that the UN is waiting in the wings for him to defeat the Federal police and the dissident public.

Fire in the hole, the Mexican National Guard and the Federal Police are actually fighting each other. Although to date, most of the violent interaction has been manifested in each sides cartel affiliations.

The signs migrants are saying appear to be stating, “Support migrants forget your people” and “Get Out, Durazo!” This is clearly in response to the fact that the MNG is supporting illegal immigrants instead of intercepting them as they told Trump they would do.
(Alfonzo Durazo is the Secretary of Security and Protection.)

The conflict between the Federal Police and the MNG has spread where 5,000 police strike in Michoacán calling for their boss’s head. 3,000 officers remain on duty in the state, where violence has spiraled for over a year. A DEA agent recently stated that the cartels are slugging it out for control.

Isn’t it shameful that we had to go to the Mexican media, use an online translator device in order to present the truth about what is happening in Mexico?

According to the local news accounts. Obrador initially sent in 70,000 MNG’s to the Tabasco area. Obrador announced that the number would soon grow to 160,000 troops. Presumably, the MNG, is supposed to intercepting illegal immigrants. However, that is not the case.

AMLO (ie Obrador) and the cartels they represent will likely win this conflict. However, this has the potential to become very violent and widespread. The immediate effect is that this will produce countless more refugees which will stream north to the American border. Along with unfolding revolutionary events in Honduras, this has the potential to inflame the entire core of Central America and will produce millions of illegal immigrants which will be coming America’s way.

Win AMLO wins, and he likely will, this will allow the UN to use the MNG in any way they want and this is where every American should become very nervous.

Part 3 is where the dots get connected.

Arkancided or MS-13 Assassinations? Six Related Pizzagate Deaths In 72 Hours

CSS contributor, Alexandra Daley, sent a me a list of documented murders, alleged murder/suicides and outright murders that seemed out of the ordinary. In total, there were 10 high profile deaths in only 72 hours.

It has long been established that cartel activity largely consists of the big three activities of drug trafficking, child-sex-trafficking and gun running. The cartels, which are now a hybrid model of the marriage between Middle East terror groups and the drug cartels have long employed the violent Central American street gangs to carry out political, media and law enforcement assassinations. In Mexico, in the last campaign cycle, 400+ politicians were murdered, an untold number of law enforcement officials were assassinated along with many family members, and journalists were killed at record rates in Mexico. With the importation of fully intact cartels into America, it is only a matter of time until the same behaviors surface inside the United States. Some think, as I am beginning to, that MS-13 has already reared its ugly head and they are likely active in the political assassination game.

As an aside, I was recently asked by a talk show host why MS-13 was being imported into the United States and I replied “When political assassinations are planned, along with media figures and law enforcement offtcers (LEO), the brutal use of MS-13 can lead to a complete destabilization of our society while keeping the CIA and the Clinton Foundation hands clean in this arena.

After Alexandra sent me the list of ten murdered individuals, some facts began to jump our at me as several of the ten murdered individuals were involved in areas of criminality that the cartels/terrorists are deep involved in on this side of the border. However, I must say that these people could have more easily been Arkancided, because in one way or another, each death is related to Hillary.

Arkancided is a term reserved for the long list of people who posed a legal threat to the freedom of the Clintons and the continuance of their organized crime activities. Of the ten who were murdered, six of them were directly related to child sex trafficking, related Clinton emails to this effect, and specifically to Comet Pizzagate.

Remember, all of the following died mysteriously within a 72 hour period. Can anyone else say “The Purge”.
The List

Linda Collins-Smith, former Arkansas state senator, died of gunshot wounds and in a bizarre manner, her body was wrapped in blanket. Was this a symbolic gesture for a “coverup”.

Jonathan Nicole wass a former State Senator, as was Collins-Smith. Specifically, Nicole was an Oklahoma state senator who also died of died of gunshot wound. In a “message killing fashion” a gun found on table near the body. Both State Senators remind me

Steven Silks, the now deceased New York Deputy allegedly committed suicide by gunshot. He was only a month away from his retirement which makes this “suicide” highly unlikely.. He was one of the few people who have actually seen the horrifying sand graphic details on on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that supposedly made men cry. these are the emails that many believe got Seth Rich murdered. These are the 33,000 emails that the Clintons’, the Deep State and Obama appointed Democratic judges have worked so hard to cover up as they block the release to the public.

Joseph Calabrese, an NYPD homicide detective committed suicide with his on gunshot as he was another who had seen the infamous the Pizza Grate related Anthony Weiner’s laptop

Herb Sandler was another “Pizzagater” tied to the infamous Comet Pizzagate and the Podesta emails that have largely been kept out of the public eye.

Tony Rodham,H the most notable member of this tragic list, is none other than Hillary Clinton’s Brother. In a very bizarre twist of fate, the cause of death is not being released. Was it a heart attack, a gunshot, was he tortured to death, or something like what happened to Justice Scalia? I cannot remember high profile death where the cause of death was not at least vaguely referred to with regard to the cause of death.

I fully admit that the odds favor that these six individuals were taken out by the Clinton death squads. However, I previously warned five years ago when it was discovered that MS-13 entry into this country was given priority by DHS/UN officials who were ordering the Border Patrol on how to do their job. Regardless, one day soon, if it has not already happened, we will see a slew of political and law enforcement assassinations at the hands of MS-13. With regard to the entry of MS-13 into the borderless United States, please take note of the cover photo. I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to Marilyn Rupar for sending this most accurate representation of the Democratic Party’s leader as being an innovator in illegal immigration. Welcome to the new America.


America Is Being Transformed Into a Dangerous Narco-Terrorist State by Design

This is the first of a multi-part series which will critically examine the criminal models brought into this country by the cartels.

Most Americans only care about organized crime when they feel the violence will spill over to their community and endanger themselves and families. If this is criteria for heightened activities, then Xanax should be on every apathetic American’s medicine list.

Pablo Escobar popularized the idea of widespread murder, where nobody was off limits to assassination. Politicians, police, military, judges, businessmen, journalists and anyone else who got in the way, ran the risk of falling victim to the Medellin Cartel.

In the interest of brevity, here is a short list of politicians murdered by the Escobar cartel. This will be followed with some brief, but important statistics, regarding violence, toward politicians, journalists and politicians in the Sinoloa Cartel, which is the most active cartel acting with impunity inside the United States. This will be followed by a brief section on MS-13 the hitmen for the Sinoloa Cartel which has a massive presence in the United States. And then finally, this article will take a brief view of the recent, and perhaps not so coincidental murders of two recent US State Senators.

America is being transformed into a narco-terrorist state where nobody (eg politicians, journalists and average citizens) are not safe.
Politicians murdered by the Medellin Drug Cartel:

Luis Vasco and Gilberto Hernandez, two DAS agents who had arrested Pablo Escobar in 1976, were included in the earliest assassinations of authority figures by the cartel. This was an assassination designed to cover up the fact that Escobar had a criminal element as he was elected to the Columbian Congress.

Also part of exposing the Escobar Cartel, was Rodrigo Lara, who disgraced Escobar in congress. Lara, who was the Minister of Justice. Lara was assassinated on a Bogotá highway on April 30, 1984, as he was fleeing the country after he publicly revealed that newly elected, Pablo Escobar, had a long criminal history and had actually been arrested. As Lara was driving in his motorcade to the airport, two gunmen riding a motorcycle approached his vehicle in traffic and executed him with automatic weapons.

Tulio Manuel Castro Gil, a Columbian Superior Judge, was killed in July 1985, shortly after indicting Escobar.

Carlos Ernesto Valencia, a Superior Judge, was murdered after indicting Escobar on the death of Guillermo Cano, in August 1989.

Luis Carlos Galan, was a presidential candidate, but never made it to the election as he was killed by gunmen during a rally in Soacha in August 1989.

Carlos Mauro Hoyos, the Columbian Attorney General, was kidnapped then killed by gunmen in Medellín in January 1988.

This is only the short list and does not include the thousands of police offices, military personnel, reporters, etc., that were victims of the widespread violence.

When a country imports or otherwise embraces this kind of criminality, the society quickly turns deadly. This is what is crossing our border everyday into America. Soon these political positions will be the same in the US. Only the names will change.
The Sinoloa Cartel and Murder INC.

The cartel is at the forefront of murder in Mexico. However, they use the hitmen from the MS-13 terrorist group to carryout these acts.

Tijuana is in the midst of its worst series of murder as a whopping 2,513 recorded killings last year which was largely fueled by a surge in the local demand for illicit methamphetamine drugs.

A recently released report by the Mexican National Commision for Human Rights (CNDH) has revealed that between 2000 and March 2018, 138 journalists have been murdered in Mexico, 14 of those are women. The report, which was released as a part of the “With Violence There Is No Freedom of Speech,” detailed the challenges faced by journalist and media workers in that country.

According to the report, the profession of journalism is “high risk in Mexico, and that negatively impacts the public’s right to be adequately informed on national issues.

Mexico experienced a record number of murders for the second year in a row in 2018, which accounted for 33% more killings than in calendar year 2017 according to Reuters reports.

Mexican authorities opened 33,341 murder investigations in 2018, the highest number ever, the country’s Interior Ministry reported Sunday. The figure outpaced even last year’s toll of over 25,000, which was then the highest number since the record began in 1997.

In 2016, there was many as 10,000 members in 46 states, the MS-13 gang has expanded beyond its initial and local roots. Members are accused of crimes ranging from kidnapping and murder to drug smuggling and human trafficking.. My Border Patrol sources tell me that these numbers have more than doubled since December of 2016.

Again, we are on the cusp of this happening to America on a daily basis.

As we unravel the shooting deaths of two US state senators, it is hard to believe that cartel violence is not here already and are carrying out there acts of violence against public figures. America, through illegal immigration is becoming transformed into a cartel ridden bastion of murder.Reports are next as we set upon the new and violent frontier in America.

Act of War! Key Mexican Senator Calls For the Invasion of the 10 American States

For the record, I come from immigrants. America needs immigrants to supplement its falling birth rate of 1.7, in which 2.1 is needed. However, desiring immigration does not mean advocating for the present invasion of our border and the threat that this poses to our country. Well-regulated immigration in which EACH immigrant is screened for terrorist and criminal activities is needed prior to admission. Further, Mexico should bear the housing and cost for all asylum seekers before they can be processed in the United States. It would be interesting to note how quickly these greatly inflated numbers would decline.

Mexican President Obrador is pretending to be dealing with the Trump administration in the middle of the threat to impose tariffs on all Mexican exports to America of 5% and increasing after that if Mexico continues to facilitate the entry of unsavory characters to the United States. What the mainstream media (MSM) will never tell the public is that a significant number of terrorists, criminals with felonies, drug dealers, child sex traffickers, gun runners, assassins and paramilitary as well as military troops are crossing our Southern border in great numbers right along with legitimate people who are seeking the relative safety that crossing the border offers some immigrants.

However, as we know and has been documented by the federal government, 90% of all asylum seeker claims are completely false. These people are distributed around the country while they await trial and the vast majority of them never show up of trial and future disposition. The whole illegal immigration system is the largest national security threat faced by the innocent people inside the United States. You and your neighbors have done nothing to deserve what is happening and what is going to happen. But many of you are going broke and some of you are going to go broke if because

The Deep State, their globalist benefactors, and the minions for these two groups, the Democratic Party, are reaping benefits through the facilitation of this process. Make no mistake about it, this is an attack upon America by forces which want to see America become vulnerable to a takeover.

Tariffs and the Border Wall

From where most of us sit, who intimately aware of the dynamics of our border situation, we already know that the border wall, once proposed to be 30 feet high has changed to a wall that would help to repel that a light infantry invasion which is what is coming next and it is something that the CSS has already reported on. Also, with the massive tunnel system built by the cartels and their terrorist allies (eg Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, etc.), the border wall is largely only a symbolic.

Also, as I have pointed out before, the tariffs don’t change behaviors of nation states just as sanctions don’t. The gesture is symbolic. The only people that ever suffer under these conditions are the people on the edge of poverty. Everyone else, with money, are able to navigate around the situation. Mexico is a narco-terrorist state and the bulk of their real income pales in comparison to their organized gangster activities opposed to the sanctions and tariffs that could be placed upon legitimate businesses.

MOST of the Mexican politicians are in bed with these criminals.. or they are dead or soon will be. Since the formation of the drug cartels, 500,000 people have been murdered in Mexico. This is what the Democrats are bringing into our country. And this does not even cover the military and paramilitary threat to our country.

Last week, I reported that every federal agency source that I speak with is privately calling for military intervention into Mexico. They immigration issue is a bigger threat than China and Russia. Mexico is responsible for the devastating economic attack upon our country that illegal immigration brings. They are also responsible for the crippling effects on our economy that illegal immigration leads to.

Many, most of the immigrants that come to America are wiring significant amounts of earned monies back home and are paying little to no tax. You, the American taxpayer get no benefit from their labors as you pay for their presence in your/my country.

Countries have gone to war for significantly less. The drug trafficking is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year brought about by the presence of many illegal immigrants and some of their criminal activities which have proven fatal to many in our society.

Further, as I have already pointed out, there is a significant terrorist and military threat being promulgated against you, your children and the country as whole. These are internationally agreed upon acts of war. In the conclusion of this article, I will deal with what an appropriate military course of action would consist of.
From Bad to Worse, America

For several Mexican politicians, who are apparently on the payroll of the cartels and the terrorists, such as Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio, are actively calling for the invasion of several American states. This Senator is dumber than a box of rocks as some of the states he mentioned were not lost to Mexico in the 1846 war.

I took the liberty of pulling this Senator’s web page with regard to his Senatorial position, no doubt funded by narco-terrorist funds.

Av Paseo de la Reforma No. 135, Hemiciclo Piso 3 Oficina 9, Col. Tabacalera, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Cd. de México, C. P. 06030.

Tel: 01 (55) 5345 3000 Ext. 3112

E-mail: oficina.jfelix.salgado@senado.gob.mx

Integración en Comisiones





Senator Macedonio has proposed taking back (California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming). Taking back Wyoming, why not Alaska and Hawaii?

On Twitter, Macedonio stated, “Mexicans are in our territory. We are going to recover our territory that was stolen…. Viva AMLO, bastards (paying homage to the Mexican President)”…. Here is what he meant…
An Insider Eyewitness Speaks Out

In addition to what Paul Preston revealed as to the brains behind the Calexit movement, WHICH IS TO EXTRICATE CALIFORNIA FROM THE UNION AND PLACE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, he revealed that he has a man on the inside, let’s call him “Mike”, as Paul Preston calls him. “Mike” not only reported on the attendees of these Calexit meetings, this insider reports and CONFIRMED the former Obama administration has had three members in attendance and the administration of the Mexican government is involved because their consulate was in attendance as well as representatives of George Soros, is in support of this movement.

At the time I interviewed Paul, he was gravely concerned for the fate of the insider. At the time that this interview was conducted, “Mike” as Preston calls him. Revealed that plans were discussed to unleash the imported gangsters to perform acts of violence against public mass gatherings of white people as well as to target black gang members. Can you say Palestine comes to California? The entire goal is to force a United Nations intervention, in the interest of humanity under the Kigali Principles that Obama signed on to before leaving office in 2016.
Brief History of Reconquista Atzlan

There is no legal mechanism in which a state can legally withdraw from the United States. I have written about this before as this plan to leave the United States is known in Mexico as the Reconquista Movement, referred to by Senator Macedonio, meaning to reconquer what was forfeited from Mexico following the Mexican American war of the 1846 to 1848 in which the United States purchased land from the defeated Mexico.

La Raza and its first cousin MECHA espouse Trotsky’s principles for overthrowing all 8 state governments involved the taking of what once was Mexican land. The Reconquista movement is so controversial (i.e. the announced intention to expel all Whites from an 8 state area), that the plan has temporarily been reduced and morphed into a plan called Calexit, which used to be referred to at one-time as “YES, CALIFORNIA!” The Reconquista Movement once looked like this on paper:


Stop and think about the implications of these interconnections. If we ever wondered how America could be attacked by Russian proxy forces, we have stumbled across the answer to that question. The planned insertions of Special Forces in the Midland and Odessa areas speak to the anticipated asymmetric warfare being anticipated in the early part of the conflict. Paul Martin has repeatedly told me over the past several months that Texans should be prepared to defend themselves because they are going to be overrun.

Additionally, this sets up another terrifying possibility. That possibility would be a “Red Dawn” type of assault upon the United States, in the second phase of this operation, by Russian allies in the region and this will be the topic of the next part of this series. Make no mistake about it, I am talking about preparing to stop the coming Red Dawn invasion. Senator Macedonio is a participant in this plot. Look, again, at this Senatorial committee assignments. He is at the center of it all.

I will provide more detail in a later article, but for now, suffice it to say that we need to send in the military to seal the border between Guatemala and Mexico, destroy all incoming tunnels to the United States. The US needs to blockade all Mexican coastlines and intercept all foot traffic crossing the border and force the downing of all planes coming into America. This is the only way to stop this growing invasion threat. Thanks to Steve Quayle for bringing this Senator to my attention.

Drug Cartels, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, CHICOMS, MS-13 Are One Big Happy Family Awaiting Orders

ms 13

May you live in interesting times says the Chinese proverb. However, it does not say, may you live in dangerous times. The latter is truer than the former.

The various plots and subplots are coalescing to threaten the continued existence of this country. The variables that I have covered for the past five years related to the cartels, the Democratic Party and the Deep State are coming together to form the clearest picture we have ever seen regarding the biggest threat to every confront this country and its people.

This is an introductory article regarding the various forces that have invaded our country. Each entity has a role to play in the takedown of the United States. Each entity is making massive amounts of money in the process. This article will provide massive amounts of recent historical references blended with current events. The evidence trail is strong and if this process is not reversed America is on a one-way path road to destruction from within. In short, the reader will discover that Russia and China are our enemies, the Mexican government is our number one enemy.

On one hand, we are being invaded by terrorists and foreign military and paramilitary forces which are a combination of Middle Eastern terrorists and drug cartel members. These forces are lying in wait for the right time to spring into action on a predetermined signal that will unleash a massive Tet Offensive style and series of actions. On the other hand, America is being transformed into the same kind of narco-terrorist state that has become Mexico over the last 35 years with the beginnings of the cartels. Major politicians, just like in Mexico have been bought off, For example the information brought for by Common Sense Show researcher Alexandra Daley casts Presidential candidate Kamala Harris into this light when she was first the Alameda County District Attorney and then the California Attorney General. When Felix Gallardo helped to form the Sinoloa Cartel, the Mexican Defense Minister and the Mexican Attorney General were part of the process. The Communist Chinese created Sinoloa business model is already in play in places like Humboldt County, that would give the State of Sinoloa a run for its money. China town, under the direction of the late CHICOM controlled, Chinatown based Rose Pak have created a narco terrorist based region in the Bay area and nearly all the major politicians are compromised. For example, Senator Dianne Feinstein, as we all know had Communist Chinese spy as her drive FOR 20 YEARS!!!!! The Chinese government controls the Sinoloa. If this were McDonalds, we would call it franchising.

In 2015, Judicial Watch Discovered the First ISIS Base Camp

According to Judicial Watch sources, that include BOTH a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector, an ISIS camp exists just a few miles south of the American/Mexican border. During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents, detailing terrorist sites, both in Arabic and Urdu, and these plans includes attacking Fort Bliss. The implications are obvious.

There is a misleading piece of disinformation being circulated which says that the Judicial Watch document, which revealed the existence of an ISIS camp 8 miles from El Paso was based upon a made-up story based upon “revenge” being circulated by a disgruntled employee of the DoD. On its face, this is one the silliest disinformation pieces I have ever seen. Because the Judicial Watch revelation is double sourced which means that a single disgruntled employee did not start this rumor. The ISIS camp is real. And yet, this is what some of the people in Texas who are investigating this even have come to believe.

To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing.

Mexican intelligence sources report that ISIS intends to exploit the railways and airport facilities in the vicinity of Santa Teresa, NM (a US port-of-entry). The sources also say that ISIS has “spotters” located in the East Potrillo Mountains of New Mexico (largely managed by the Bureau of Land Management to assist with terrorist border crossing operations. *EDITOR’S NOTE: THE BLM WAS COMPLICIT IN THE URANIUM ONE SCANDAL WITH HILLARY CLINTON AS THE CLINTON FOUNDATION SOLD WEAPONS GRADE URANIUM TO THE RUSSIANS FROM URANIUM EXTRACTED FROM BLM LAND. I HAVE PREVIOUSLY DOCUMENTED THAT COMEY AND ROBERT MUELLER WERE PART OF THIS OPERATION-WHAT A SMALL WORLD WE LIVE IN) ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, NM.

This is further confirmation that when all hell breaks loose, the targets listed above are in jeopardy.

Interestingly, New Mexico’s governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has harassed various citizen groups in the southern area of her state. She withdrew the National Guard from the border and stated there is no crisis. This area of the state contains some of the targets mentioned in the obtained ISIS intel report mentioned earlier in this report.

It is an undeniable fact that an ISIS camp exists 8 miles from El Paso. The documents released by Judicial Watch are clear as to the terrorist intent of ISIS operating within the area. When Judicial Watch reported this over 4 years ago, only a few believed it despite overwhelming evidence. Did I mention that ISIS is not the only tenant in this base camp. Hamas and other Muslim terrorist groups are there as well. But this is nothing new! This infiltration began in 2006 and mushroomed in 2010.

The Common Sense Show has discovered that there is incontrovertible evidence that criminal drug cartels, like Los Zetas and the Sinaloa’s have not only used MS-13 gangsters as hit men and child sex traffickers, but so has the Juarez Cartel (partners with the ISIS leaders of the base camp near El Paso). Also participating in this terror network are members of the Barrio Azteca gang and the purpose is to enforce their will upon the border region between Mexico and the United States. Los Zetas have also conducted training in parts of Central and South America, and have even allowed MS-13 gangsters to lead in operations as when “El Comandante Kilo” operated in San Fernando on behalf of Los Zetas. This training consists of two parts, military training and assassination. In plain corporate language, the Mexican drug cartels are outsourcing paramilitary activities such as assassinations and terrorism and their new friends, ISIS, has a base camp only a few miles from American soil. And as I covered in the Spring of 2014, ISIS is getting its weapons from the Sanchez Paredes drug cartel and receiving training at a base camp outside of El Salvador. In a future part of this series, I will be reviewing the revelations of Kathy Rubio and here discoveries related to these El Salvadoran paramilitary training base camps and their links to the organize crime elements in Northern California.
Comey Confirms Judicial Watch

In 2015, then-FBI Director, James Comey, made the following set of statements in a winter meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General. “We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states…This isn’t a New York phenomenon or a Washington phenomenon. This is all 50 states and in ways that are very hard to see…The Joint Terrorism Task Forces that we have set up all around this country are in some ways more important today than they were at 9/11 because of the nature of this threat…”

Where is the MSM?

This corruption has already been established at some of the highest levels of state and federal government. Name a top level Democrat, they are likely involved.

The beachhead for this article has been established. More depth and breadth will be presented in the next article in this series.


Donald Trump to Mexico: ‘We Want Action, Not Talk’

President Donald Trump has ridiculed the Mexican diplomatic delegation which will arrive in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, saying, “We want action, not talk.”

“Mexico is sending a big delegation to talk about the Border,” he tweeted Sunday afternoon. “Problem is, they’ve been “talking” for 25 years. We want action, not talk. They could solve the Border Crisis in one day if they so desired. Otherwise, our companies and jobs are coming back to the USA!”

The Mexican delegation is trying to prevent Trump from imposing escalating tariffs on Mexico’s exports if the country does not stop its export of illegal migrant labor to the United States. In the 12 months up to October 2019, Mexico’s territory is expected to serve as the delivery route for roughly 800,000 Latin American migrants who will damage Americans’ blue-collar wages, neighborhoods, and schools.

On Thursday, Mexico’s government published a response to Trump’s promise, saying that migrants have a right to walk into the United States.

Business groups also oppose the Trump tariff strategy partly because it will disrupt their cheap-labor production in Mexico.

Worse, if Trump’s plan succeeds, it would also slow or block their economic stimulus delivered by the inflow of Central American workers, consumers, and renters. The inflow is an indirect subsidy for companies because it reduces pressure on the companies to raise wages for Americans and also to hire sidelined, untrained, or low-quality American workers, or to buy the labor-saving machinery which makes Americans more productive and wealthy.

Earlier on Sunday, Trump dismissed the chances that Mexico’s government might quickly agree to help block the transshipment of cheap labor from Central America into U.S. worksites:

Trump’s focus on Mexico’s government comes as the Central American migration shows that a border fence or wall cannot work unless border laws are also reformed.

So, Trump’s deputies are using the tariff threat to persuade Mexico to sign a “safe third party” agreement which would allow U.S. border officials to return Central American migrants to Mexico or their home countries if they do not apply for asylum in Mexico.

The U.S. officials also want Mexico to better guard its 700-mile southern border with Guatemala. That task is made easier by the dense jungle which blocks easy passage for more than 500 miles of the Guatemalan-Mexico border.

Trump’s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, described the administration’s goals during an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday show:

It’s much easier to secure that border than it is our border, because it’s so much shorter. It’s about a quarter of the length. They could do that. The Mexican government can crack down on their domestic terrorist organizations, their crime organizations. Right now, in Mexico, there’s roughly 100,000 people trying to move up to the U.S. border. They don’t do that by themselves. They do that with the cooperation of these, of these crime groups. The Mexicans can do more there.

Mulvaney also spotlighted the need for a “safe third country” deal with Mexico:

And lastly, they can make Mexico a safe third country. Keep in mind, if you — if you leave a country, say you leave El Salvador, and you say, “I’m seeking asylum,” the law says you’re supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country in which you arrive. Mexico is safe. The Mexican government can address this

Few establishment media outlets have described the administration’s goals or plans – or even ask Democrats if they would support a “safe third country” deal with Mexico. Instead, most prefer to spotlight business’ concerns and to argue that Trump’s strategy will hurt American consumers.

Mulvaney also argued that Mexico has not cooperated in securing the border:

Yeah, well, you assume, in that question, that we haven’t been having those conversations with the Mexicans, that of a sudden, this sort of came out of the blue, out of left field. And that’s not the case. You know we’ve been in contact with the Mexicans. One of the reasons that you have seen them slightly increase the number of people they’re taking back into Mexico is because we have been working with them for over, I think, almost two years now. So this –


What I told you before, about that group of 1,000 people crossing the border, was sort of the, the touchstone for this. But this is something the administration has taken up. I’ve been acting chief of staff now for about six months. I think we’ve probably discussed it two or three different times. So this is not a new idea. It was not out of left field.

Trump also used his Sunday tweets to slam Democrats for holding open the catch-and-release loopholes in the border fences:”

Many Democrats say the United States is a “nation of immigrants” — not of Americans. Democrats also prefer to portray the job-seeking economic migrants as needy refugees fleeing crime and fame, even though many of the migrants clearly state they are migrating to get U.S. jobs and to get their kids into U.S. classrooms.

Immigration Numbers

Each year, roughly four million young Americans join the workforce after graduating from high school or university.

But the federal government then imports about 1.1 million legal immigrants and refreshes a resident population of roughly 1.5 million white-collar visa workers — including approximately one million H-1B workers — and approximately 500,000 blue-collar visa workers.

The government also prints out more than one million work permits for foreigners, tolerates about eight million illegal workers, and does not punish companies for employing the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who sneak across the border or overstay their legal visas each year.

This policy of inflating the labor supply boosts economic growth for investors because it ensures that employers do not have to compete for American workers by offering higher wages and better working conditions.

This policy of flooding the market with cheap, foreign, white-collar graduates and blue-collar labor also shifts enormous wealth from young employees towards older investors, even as it also widens wealth gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, and hurts children’s schools and college educations. It also pushes Americans away from high-tech careers and sidelines millions of marginalized Americans, including many who are now struggling with fentanyl addictions. The labor policy also moves business investment and wealth from the heartland to the coastal cities, explodes rents and housing costs, shrivels real estate values in the Midwest, and rewards investors for creating low-tech, labor-intensive workplaces.

Video: The Fall of New Mexico: By the Time YOUR STATE Wakes Up, It Will Be Too Late!


I first reported on New Mexico Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, three months ago. Since that time, the safety and the security of the people of New Mexico has significantly worsened. She is unquestionably a liberal’s liberal and supports the demise of the Constitution and the destruction of the American culture by replacing it with a borderless social utopia based upon strong communistic principles. She is also closely adhering to Rules of for Radicals as she attempts to create the atmosphere where the takeover of the United States can be completed by overwhelming the border beyond the government’s ability to respond to the crisis.

This so-called governor has prevented the defense of her constituents property rights. Towns like Demming are overrun with illegal aliens and they are being housed in an overflow situation in places like Demming.

According to Deming City Administrator Aaron Sera, in Luna County, buses unload between 300 and 500 immigrants each day. As a town of a 14,183, it has been mercilessly overwhelmed by the governor’s dangerous game of partisan politics. Even larger enclaves, such as Las Cruces, have been overrun with illegal aliens, completely depleting community and local government resources as they’re  forced to house and care for 6,000 asylum seekers

I received the following email from a citizen of Demming

Dear Dave,

I don't know where to turn, our small town of about 15,000 people is being overrun. These people are not just immigrants looking for work. I have seen MS-13 and you can tell who they are by their special tatoos. Our governor is forcing our people to take on these people. One police officer told me that we are getting 300 immigrants per day. Soon the immigrants will outnumber the Americans who live here. I am afraid to let the kids play outside. I don't know who these people are and what they might do. What can we do?



Sierra County,  has a population 11,116 and a 21% poverty rate. Sierra County alon with Otero and Lincoln counties have passed resolutions opposing the relocation of migrants to their communities.

Lujan-Grisham Is Aiding and Abetting Major Threat to National Security In Her State

The social charities of New Mexico have long dried up. Two weeks ago, the Denver Post reported that Lujan-Grisham’s office paid $4,000 in taxpayer funds to various social charities in Denver to house thousands of immigrants that cannot be housed in New Mexico as the shelters in several New Mexico towns and cities are filled beyond capacity.Earlier this Spring, the Governor sent in law enforcement to disarm and arrest border citizens who had gathered to defend themselves against the onslaught of immigrants. She kicked the National Guard off the Border citing the Pelosi line that the border was a non-event.

The Border Patrol hates this woman with a passion and so do a growing number of people in her state. Now 31 of 33 of New Mexico’s counties are up in arms over the betrayal they have experienced at the hands of Governor Lujan Grisham. This is being expressed through resolutions, the governor is now asking President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security for their help. The governor wants to continue to urge the federal government to increase its personnel on the border. And amazingly, the Governor is asking DHS for reimbursement for the cost of handling the immigrants.


Here is a summary of where the crisis now resides.

Open the Video

Pentagon awards $646 million contract for border wall in Arizona

The U.S. Defense Department said on Wednesday it had awarded a $646 million contract to a construction company to design and build a replacement for the border wall in Arizona.

In a statement, the Pentagon said the work by Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Southwest Valley Constructors was expected to be completed by Jan. 31, 2020. The work will be performed in the Tucson sector, which includes most of the Arizona border with Mexico. The Pentagon did not indicate the length of the wall to be built.

President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to transfer funds to help build a border wall after he failed to secure funding from Congress.

Last week, the Pentagon said acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan had approved the transfer of $1.5 billion from the department to build more than 80 miles (130 km) of barriers on the border.

Immigration is a signature issue of Trump’s presidency and re-election campaign. He declared a national emergency in order to redirect funding to build a wall without the approval of Congress.

Video: ‘Hypocrite!’ Joe Biden Calls For Border Fence ’40 Stories High’ In Unearthed Clip

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is being called a hypocrite by people on both sides of the political divide after a video of the former vice-president was unearthed in which he slams American employers for hiring illegal immigrants and calls for a fence “40 stories high” at the US-Mexican border.

“I voted for a fence,” Biden boasts in the recently unearthed video, before launching into a rant against “American employers who knowingly violate the law when, in fact, they hire illegals” and “people driving across that border with tons, tons, hear me, tons of everything from byproducts for methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin and it’s all coming up through corrupt Mexico.”

RT report: The Biden in the video stands in stark contrast to the Democratic frontrunner who has accused Trump of using migrants’ illegal status “to demonize people” and called his immigration policy “one of the darkest moments in our history.”

Filmed at a South Carolina campaign stop in November 2006, the clip is hardly ancient history. Biden was referring to his vote for the Secure Fence Act, which secured over $1 billion for 700 miles of double-layered fencing on the border, and he wasn’t alone in supporting it – then-Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also voted for the measure.

Many people jumped in to defend the apparent Democratic frontrunner, desperately trying to argue that a fence is nothing like a wall: Open the Video

…or even attacking CNN for criticizing Biden – after all, we’ve all said things in the past we no longer agree with.

But Trump supporters and progressives agreed Biden’s credibility was shot.

Despite his questionable policy record and the habit of getting into women’s personal space that has earned him the nickname “Creepy Joe” among his critics, polls still place Biden at the front of the Democratic pack with more than twice the support of Sanders, his closest rival

Court WIN: Federal appeals panel rules Trump admin can continue sending asylum seekers to Mexico

When it comes to Leftists opposed to POTUS Donald Trump’s immigration policies, the president hasn’t won many court battles, but he picked up a victory on Tuesday that could be a very important factor in stemming the tide of humanity streaming towards the U.S. from Central America.

A panel of three judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that the administration can continue sending asylum-seeking migrants to Mexico to wait for their cases to be heard.

Politico reported:

Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, an appointee of former President Ronald Reagan, authored the 11-page opinion and wrote that the administration was likely to succeed on legal challenges to the policy under federal immigration and regulatory law.

O’Scannlain also said the Homeland Security Department could face harm if a federal court order freezes one of its enforcement tools.

“DHS is likely to suffer irreparable harm absent a stay because the preliminary injunction takes off the table one of the few congressionally authorized measures available to process the approximately 2,000 migrants who are currently arriving at the nation’s southern border on a daily basis,” he wrote.

The other two judges — Obama and Clinton appointees — supported the policy and allowed it to stay in effect, but nevertheless raised questions about it in separate, concurring opinions.

Judge William Fletcher, the Clinton appointee, argued that existing federal statute did not allow DHS to send migrants to Mexico under the program.

“The government is wrong,” he wrote. “Not just arguably wrong, but clearly and flagrantly wrong.“

And yet, by supporting O’Scannlain’s opinion, Fletcher must also believe that the administration was very likely to succeed on the merits of its case.

The Gateway Pundit noted:

Last month Judge Richard Seeborg blocked President Trump’s policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait their turn for an immigration judge to hear their cases