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This is the week that the drone surveillance state became real

Affordable consumer technology has made surveillance cheap and commoditized AI software has made it automatic.

Those two trends merged this week, when drone manufacturer DJI partnered June 5 with Axon, the company that makes Taser weapons and police body cameras, to sell drones to local police departments around the United States. Now, not only do local police have access to drones, but footage from those flying cameras will be automatically analyzed by AI systems not disclosed to the public.

Related image

Footage will be uploaded or streamed to Axon’s digital cloud for police cameras, like the body cameras it currently sells, where it can be analyzed by Axon’s AI and used for anything from crowd monitoring to search and rescue, the company writes on its website.

This sounds vague, but AI research published two days earlier by academics from India and the UK shows exactly how such a drone system could be used. The paper, titled “Eye in the Sky,” details how drone footage could be used to detect “violent individuals” in real-time.

To train the AI, the researchers flew a drone to snap 2,000 images of people pretending to hurt each other. But since the researchers didn’t use real data, and carefully staged the information the AI analyzed to learn the difference between violence and normal human motion, there’s no guarantee that it would work well in the real world, David Sumpter, author of Outnumbered: Exploring the Algorithms that Control Our Lives, wrote on Medium.

“What the algorithm has done is classify individuals with their hands or legs in the air as violent,” Sumpter wrote. Others, like Google ethics hawk Meredith Whittaker, tweeted that the research was flawed and that “AI is facing a mounting ethical crisis.”

Other researchers, including Google (pdf) and Facebook, have also done extensive research trying to solve the same problem of tracking how people move, and what those movements might indicate they’re doing.

But the “Eye in the Sky” researchers are trying to associate certain poses with intent. The researchers don’t discuss any false-positives for actions that could be misinterpreted as violence, such as play-fighting, knocking a fly off someone’s shoulder, or grabbing someone who’s falling.

Regardless of questions surrounding the AI’s legitimacy, The Verge reports that the researchers have gotten approval to test the technology during two festivals in India in October.

With $160 for a Parrot drone like the “Eye in the Sky” team used, and a few pennies for Amazon’s cloud AI platform, anyone with a coding background could have made a similar system. Even teens and cucumber farmers are building their own AI systems.

But the “Eye in the Sky” paper was published publicly, unlike Axon’s technology. The firm, which has acquired two AI companies and has access to petabytes of police camera footage, has no obligation to disclose how the AI was trained or whether it’s accurate or unbiased. Axon wasn’t immediately available to explain how it analyses footage captured by its cameras.

Other kinds of AI, like facial recognition, are already in use in China to surveil ethnic minorities. US authorities, like the Chicago police department are already starting to adopt AI systems for predictive policing, another pursuit rife with bad data. In Baltimore, a plane loaded with cameras was secretly deployed as a surveillance tool until 2016. But now, AI-powered surveillance systems are becoming as easy for a police department to order as a car, handcuffs, or anything else they feel they need to effectively do their jobs.

And now, drones are already getting the green light for police use, not just for surveillance but also to dispense pepper spray and tear gas.

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People just don’t get it. This world is to far gone and it’s not coming back it’s over. It will git worse as time go on. This shit is only surprising to people who thinks it can git better. But as everyday go’s by their hearts get’s broken over and over again. So save yourself some heartache and see reality.


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Arrested, Tried, and Sentenced in UNDER ONE HOUR! Tommy Robinson of EDL

Tommy Robinson, co-founder of the English Defense League (EDL), was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court located at 1 Oxford Row in Leeds, UK on Friday.

He was standing quietly outside the public courthouse engaging in video broadcasting via cellphone through the Internet site Facebook about a child grooming sexual predator trial.  Despite not uttering a word, he was accosted by three British police officers, shown below, and told he was being arrested on “suspicion of breaching the peace” and Incitement.”

Here are the police officers who perpetrated this repression  (Click on any image to enlarge)

Robinson live-streamed ‘reports’ from outside Leeds Crown Court for about an hour Friday morning. He showed men entering the court via Facebook video until he was approached by officers telling him to stop.

In a separate video, the far-right activist is filmed being led away by police, arresting him for an alleged breach of the peace and incitement. He’s heard asking one of his supporters: ‘Can you get me a solicitor?

‘This is ridiculous, I haven’t said a word. I’ve done nothing.’ He’s then filmed by another bystander asking the police officers if he’s being arrested on ‘contempt of court’.

Before he’s bundled into the police van, he says: ‘Someone laid their hand and assaulted me outside court. ‘Other people have sworn at me and threatened me about my mother and here I am being arrested for saying nothing.’

Robinson is already under a suspended sentence over contempt of court at a gang rape trial in Canterbury last year.

People or newspapers can be in ‘contempt of court’ when they create a ‘substantial risk’ of prejudicing on ongoing court case. It is a criminal offence that can land people in jail.

In under ONE HOUR, Robinson had been arrested, tried and sentenced . . .  13 Months in jail.

So determined were the British to CONCEAL what they did, The UK government attempted to silence any conversation about his situation by issuing a ban against the press covering the case.  Here is a copy:



Here is the Judge who issued the Order:

Geoffrey Marson, Judge, Queens Court, Leeds, UK

Solicitors from the UK have told me that his judge is what Americans call a “Liberal Snowflake.”   They also told me he has terrible breath, severe body odor, and the wig he wears on the bench seems to be so filthy, it gives off “a malignant odor of fungus or mildew.”

They report that appearing in court before this man is “an exercise in dealing with the most foul stench”  and “A painful excursion into political correctness, before a totalitarian despot Drone, who is so full of himself, it makes one sick.”

That type of repression and Press Censorship was two of the reasons then-Colonists in America gunned-down British troops, pulled British Governors out of their homes and Lynched them from trees, beat British Magistrate-Judges to death / burned down their houses, and ultimately overthrew King George III by force, back around the year 1776. British law therefore cannot be applied to news media in the U.S.A. like The Hal Turner Radio Show and this media outlet will not comply.

Clearly, the British government has forgotten the lessons they were so brutally taught in 1776.  Some in the UK say they are starting to feel as though the British government needs to be reminded.



It is truly a shame that once-great Britain has fallen under the hideous mental illness of political correctness.  That nation is literally committing suicide by importing thousands of third-world savages who rape, rob, pillage, burn and kill . . . while useful idiots in the police assist this British suicide by arresting anyone who complains about the death of the country.

With mindless Drones like the police officers shown above, (who do as they’re told rather than thinking for themselves) it seems to me England is truly on its deathbed.

This was a despicable display of politically-correct totalitarianism; where a citizen is arrested for merely taking video on a public street, (where there is no expectation of privacy) because some British government imbecile wants to conceal the crime wave sweeping Britain.

One wonders how such utterly stupid people ever get government jobs in the first place?


UPDATE 8:30 AM EDT (Sunday 27 May) —

It turns out that it was not police who CHOSE to have Tommy Robinson arrested, it was apparently the Judge shown above who may have ORDERED it.

Additional photos have come into The Hal Turner Radio Show and the images seem to show Judge Geoffrey Marson looking out a courthouse window in the company of one of the police officers (female) who ultimately effected the arrest:

Here is the officer the Judge appears to be standing with:


Tommy Robinson  was admonished last year by Judge Heather Norton for filming outside a gang rape case in Canterbury, who slapped him with a three month suspended sentence on the condition that he cease his coverage of the trials.

you should be under no illusions that if you commit any further offence of any kind, and that would include, I would have thought a further contempt of court by similar actions, then that sentence of three months would be activated -Judge Heather Norton

“This is not about free speech, not about the freedom of the press, nor about legitimate journalism, and not about political correctness,” the judge told Robinson at the time.

Well, lowly public servants like Judges do not get to decide for everyone else what something is about.  People are free to have their own views about freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  Judges may have a point of view, but their view is no more valuable than anyone else’s.  It is quite arrogant of such public servants to decide for everyone else what an issue is about.

Here in the United States, when any person is charged with a crime, that is “news” upon which the Press (like me) report.

The calling of a criminal trial and the conduct of that trial is also “news” whether courts think so or not.

You see, here in America, We The People decide what is “news.”  Courts have nothing to say about it.

We in the media have a very good sense about the type of information people want and we provide that in order to remain popular and relevant . . .  and to remain in business.

Grown men charged with raping young children is, in every regard, “news.”

When some such men are alleged to have bent these young children over a table, then NAILED THEIR TONGUE TO THE TABLE TO PREVENT THEM FROM STANDING UP, FIGHTING BACK, OR ESCAPING, while dozens of other men anally and/or vaginally rape those children over an entire weekend, that is “news.”

It matters not what lowly public servants like judges think about the topic, what matters is that free people and a free press decide what is “news.”  That is unless, of course, certain Judges get-off on this type of violent sexual degeneracy and are somehow trying to minimize public disgust at their own fetish?  I wonder if Judge Marson has such proclivities?

Nonetheless, the British Courts may be able to silence British Press, but they cannot silence American Press because here in America, we are free.  Our freedom is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits our Congress from “. . .  abridging the freedom of speech or of the press . . . .”

Bear in mind too, that the Internet is an American invention.  It was developed by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  The web site you are presently reading this from is registered via an American registrar, owned by an American Company. The servers through which this article is provided exist in America and are owned by an AMERICAN company.  No one is ever forced to read what is here unless they deliberately instruct their web browser to come get our content FROM AMERICA.

It is these realities that make American media coverage protected by the American Constitution regardless of where our content may be read because that content resides in AMERICA.

So for the folks in British Courts who think they’re powerful enough to silence the free press, behold now,  what _real_ power actually is . . .

Here is a full list of the Defendants who are on trial:


Pedophile grooming gangs

A group of 29 defendants are being tried  for historical sex offences against children, split into three trials. Robinson was arrested at the second trial, while the first is ongoing.

For more on the grooming gangs which have abused over 700 women and girls, click here.

Meanwhile, enraged Britons have been harassing the defendants as they make their way to court in the ongoing trials.

First Trial

Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 34, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., is accused of 54 charges, including 21 charges of rape and 14 charges of trafficking with a view of sexual exploitation. Dhaliwal is accused of charges against eleven different girls from 2004 to 2011.

Irfan Ahmed, 32, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with nine offences including making an indecent image of a child.

Zahid Hassan, 28, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with 20 offences including six charges of raping a girl aged 13 or under.

Mohammed Kammer, 32, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with two offences including rape of a girl under 15.

Mohammed Aslam, 29, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with two offences including rape of a girl under 15.

Abdul Rehman, 30, from Sheffield, South Yorks., was charged with seven offences including raping a girl under 15.

Raj Singh Barsran, 32, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with three offences including sexual touching of a girl over 13.

Nahman Mohammed, 31 from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with three counts including trafficking a person for sexual exploitation.

Zubair Ahmed, 30, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with two offences including raping a girl under the age 15.

Hamzha Saleem, 37, from Old traddford, Gtr Mancs., was charged with three counts including human trafficking.

Second Trial (Robinson’s arrest)

Mansoor Akhtar, 25, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with three offences including attempted rape of a girl under the age of 13.

Mohammed Asaf Akram, 31, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with 14 offences including four charges of raping a girl of thirteen or under and one charge of threatening to kill.

Wiqas Mahmud, 36 from Huddersfield, West Yorks.., was charged with three offences of rape of a girl under 15.

Nasarat Hussain, 28, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with five offences including rape of a girl under 15.

Sajid Hussain, 32, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with five offences including rape of a girl under 15.

Mohammed Irfraz, 28, from Huddersfield, West Yorks.., was charged with eight offences including false imprisonment.

Faisal Nadeem, 30 from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with three counts including raping a woman 16 or over.

Mohammed Azeem, 31, from Bradford, West Yorks., was charged with three offences including rape of a girl under 15.

Zulquarnian Dogar, 29, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with two offences including sexual touching of a female aged 13 or over.

Manzoor Hassan, 37, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with four offences including inciting the sexual exploitation of a child aged between 13-17.

Third trial set to last for six weeks.

Niaz Ahmed, 53, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with three offences including sexual assault on a female.

Mohammed Imran Ibrar, 32, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with four offences including arranging the commission of a child sex offence.

Asif Bashir, 32, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with five offences, including three counts of raping a woman 16 or over.

Everton la Bastide, 50, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with two offences including sexual touching a girl of 13 or over.

Saqib Raheel, 30, from Dudley was charged with two offences including trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Usman Khalid, 29, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with three offences including assaulting a girl under 13.

Aleem Javaid, 27, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with two offences including supply of a class B drug.

Mrs Naveeda Habib, 38, from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged on one count of neglect of a child.

Mrs Shahnaz Malik, 55 from Huddersfield, West Yorks., was charged with one count of neglecting a child.

SOURCE: The Sun Newspaper . . .  in Britain!


(EDITOR’S NOTE: The fact that this information was already published by a British Newspaper, but Tommy Robinson was arrested for covering the trials, is very telling.  The Sun has high paid lawyers that can battle back when courts overstep their bounds.  But poor Tommy Robinson doesn’t have such vast corporate resources, so malignant and abusive judges think they can get away with harming him.  that makes such Judges nothing more than odious Bullies!)


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Police Entered Funeral Home To Unlock iPhone With Dead Man’s Finger

Amidst the variety of fourth amendment and online privacy and protection issues that rapid advances in technology have raised over the past decades, it appears that Florida police have just given us something truly unprecedented and disturbing.

According to the AP, “Florida authorities went to a funeral home and used a dead man’s finger to try to unlock his cellphone as part of their investigation.”

While it’s easy to imagine that detectives or FBI agents have likely quietly crossed this line before with no one looking while working murder or kidnap cases, this is the perhaps the first time police have entered a funeral home with no warrant and as family grieved in order access the body in an attempt to unlock the deceased’s iPhone. 

It also appears this was done without notification or approval of family members – simply put, detectives entered the funeral home and simply did it, though they still weren’t able to successfully unlock the phone.

The AP describes the circumstances as follows:

Thirty-year-old Linus Phillip was killed by a Largo police officer last month after authorities say he tried to drive away before an officer could search him.

At the funeral home, two detectives held the man’s hands up to the phone’s fingerprint sensor but could not unlock it.

Phillip’s fiancee Victoria Armstrong says she felt violated and disrespected.

Phillip’s fiancé , Victoria Armstrong, who happened to be at the funeral home when two detectives showed up with the deceased suspect’s iPhone, told the Tampa Bay Times, “I just felt so disrespected and violated.” She further told a local ABC News affiliate“So they are allowed to pull him out of the refrigerator and use a dead mans finger to get to his phone. Its disgusting.” 

Further disturbing is the fact that the series of events that led Linus Phillip’s death began when police sought to pull him over and search him merely for having illegally tinted windows.

Linus Phillips. Image source: screenshot via ABC Action News

Police say that they smelled marijuana upon stopping him at a gas station parking lot in Largo, but when he allegedly tried to drive off, an officer was dragged alongside the vehicle as he had tried to apprehend Phillips, but the incident came to a quick ending when the officer fatally shot Phillips in self defense.

Details have been slow to come out as the March 23rd Largo police shooting of Phillips, a black man, evoked controversy from the start; however, an avalanche of new information emerged after gas station security camera footage was made available to the public last week.

Though the family first publicly accused the police of forcibly gaining access to the body late last month, it appears that this allegation has only recently been confirmed and is gaining national attention.

The family hired attorney John Trevena – who had been friends with Phillips – to investigate the shooting death as well as inquire into the bizarre attempt by police to enter the funeral home in order to open the cellphone.

In late March, Trevena provided details to local Tampa newspapers:

Once Mr. Phillip died, he was taken to the Pinellas County Medical Examiner’s Office. After his body was released to the family, it was taken to Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home in Clearwater. After it had been there a short time, two Largo police detectives came to the funeral home because they were trying to get into Mr. Phillip’s cell phone. Trevena said they used the dead man’s hand to press against the phone to see if his fingerprint would open it.

“It was illegal. It was immoral. It was wrong,” Trevena said. Once the body had been released, he said, the police had no right to touch it. If they needed evidence, they should have gotten a warrant.

Largo police said they needed to access the phone in relation to another ongoing drug case involving 30-year old Philips, but it’s hard to imagine why they would need to pursue the case using such invasive tactics if the main suspect is deceased.

The Tampa Bay Times cited police justification for the funeral home, who said through a spokesman for the department, “detectives didn’t think they’d need a warrant because there is no expectation of privacy after death.” 

No doubt a huge lawsuit against the Largo police department will be soon to follow the official police investigation.

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Chinese police use facial recognition technology to pick out a suspect in 60,000-strong concert crowd and arrest him

Chinese police have arrested a man using facial recognition, after high-tech cameras identified an alleged criminal among fans at a 60,000-strong pop concert.

The suspect, known only by his surname Ao, had been in attendance at a concert by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, southwest China, last week.

Despite being among thousands of Cheung fans, the system flagged Ao up to security thanks to facial recognition cameras  and police arrested him at the show.

Arrested: Suspect, known only by his surname Mr Ao, left, was identified among 60,000 people attending a concert by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, in Nanchang, Jiangxi province

Arrested: Suspect, known only by his surname Mr Ao, left, was identified among 60,000 people attending a concert by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, in Nanchang, Jiangxi province

The 31-year-old from Zhangshu, Jiangxi province, had been on a wanted list for an ‘economic dispute’ in the neighbouring Guangxi province.

Video footage shows the moment the shocked suspect is arrested by several police officers, and he can be heard saying: ‘My friends and I bought the concert ticket and I went with my wife.

‘If I knew of it [facial recognition], I wouldn’t go.’

 Li Jin, a local police officer told ChinaDaily: ‘The concert attracted more than 60,000 visitors, so we paid a lot of attention to its security,’ said Li.

‘We set up several cameras at the ticket entrance, which was equipped with facial recognition technology.’

Caught: Video footage shows the moment Ao is arrested at the concert

Caught: Video footage shows the moment Ao is arrested at the concert

Famous face: The 31-year-old from Zhangshu, Jiangxi province, had been on a wanted list for an 'economic dispute'

Famous face: The 31-year-old from Zhangshu, Jiangxi province, had been on a wanted list for an ‘economic dispute’

Party like it's 1984: A police officer in in China's central Henan province is seen wearing a pair of smartglasses with a facial recognition system this month

Party like it’s 1984: A police officer in in China’s central Henan province is seen wearing a pair of smartglasses with a facial recognition system this month

Using facial recognition technology to monitor the public is already wide-spread practice in China.

Around 40 local governments use its CCTV recognition to monitor individuals on government blacklists, particularly during festivals and other public events as well as in airports.

Last month, some police began to don high-tech sunglasses that can spot suspects in crowded areas – the newest use of facial recognition technology that has drawn concerns among human rights groups.

The glasses send people’s images to a database that checks their personal information.

It is part of China’s efforts to build a digital surveillance system able to use a variety of biometric data – from photos and iris scans to fingerprints – to keep close tabs on the movements of the entire population.

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Las Vegas police seek to keep 14 search warrants pertaining to the massacre sealed

If there are no living defendants being investigated then why all of the secrecy?

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is seeking to keep 14 search warrants pertaining to the October 1 massacre sealed as news agencies and the general public demand answers.

“It’s unclear why the authorities want to keep those warrants hidden,” Fox News’s Tucker Carlson reported. “At least officially there are no living defendants being investigated in that case so it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Carlson plans to provide an update on the matter Friday on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Featured Image: Screenshot via LasVegasNow.com
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News anchor had CONFIRMED “2 Shooters” by Police source! Did he slip up?

While watching one of the original News stories LIVE.. a News anchor confirms through his “police source” that there were in fact 2 shooters and 2 suspects. Did he slip up? Or did his source slip up? False information? Nonetheless… I’ll keep this posted!

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Philippines’ Duterte orders police back to drug war

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte addresses a press conference after the closing ceremony of the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Manila, on November 14, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday told human rights groups criticizing his deadly anti-drug war to “go to hell” after ordering police back to the frontlines of the crackdown.

Duterte had removed the police less than two months ago in response to rising opposition to the campaign. But his spokesman said he was now reinstating them because drug crimes had risen in their absence.

The president dismissed criticism over the thousands of people killed in the drug war as he said the Philippines had turned into a “narco-state”.

“You can go to hell, all of you!” Duterte said in a speech, referring to human rights groups, Catholic bishops and priests who had urged an end to the killings.

Activists hold placards against the government’s anti-drug campaign in Manila on November 24, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

“I do not want Filipinos to be turned into fools during my time. You can do that at any other time but not during my time, during my watch.”

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Duterte signed an order Tuesday reinstating the police to the drug war because there had been a “public clamor” for their return.

“There has been a notable resurgence in illegal drug activities and crimes committed,” Roque said as he read the order.

Duterte, 72, was elected last year on a promise to eradicate drugs from society by launching an unprecedented campaign in which up to 100,000 people would die.

Since he took office, police have reported killing about 4,000 people in the crackdown.

Another 2,290 have been murdered in drug-related crimes, while thousands of other deaths remain unsolved, according to government data.

An alleged drug dealer is captured by policemen after a drug buy-bust operation on a slum area in Manila on September 28, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Many Filipinos continue to support the crackdown and believe Duterte is making society safer.

But in October he announced that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency would replace the police in the drug war following mounting public opposition, including rare street protests that were triggered by officers allegedly murdering three teenagers.

Duterte said later he had removed police from the drug war “in deference” to critics, including rights campaigners, Catholic bishops and the European Union.

However Duterte also repeatedly said he believed the anti-drug agency, with only about 2,000 officers, would not be able to effectively prosecute the crackdown. The police force has about 165,000 officers.

The October suspension was the second time Duterte had hauled police off the drug war.

Duterte said at the time the police force was “corrupt to the core”. But he reinstated the police in March without making major reforms to address the graft issue.


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