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Rense Frame Analysis Of Gunshots From A Room In The Saudi Muslim Owned Top Five Floors Of The Mandalay Bay Hotel

By Jeff Rense

 OK, here we go… The following is a series of frames from the above video.
In the first frame, you can see the front of the of Harvest Festival stage with the
Mandalay tower behind it. Note the arrow, let’s see where it goes…

Now, we’ll move in a little closer. Just to the right of the vertical light,
look just past the tip of the arrow. You’ll see a small little color.
What do you think that could be?

Here it is again…but it looks bigger and wider because it IS…

Now look…it’s seemingly pointing UPWARD…what is going on?

Here is the answer.

We’ve contrast-enhanced the frame and discovered…it is a ROOM CURTAIN
being blown around outside the window in the wind!

The glass has clearly been removed. The strong wind that night sucked the curtain out of the opening
or there is a second window that has been removed in the room and there
is a strong cross-wind blowing the curtain right out the window.

Now, remember, this drapery is blowing out the window of a room seven floors ABOVE Stephen Paddock’s suite.
This room is in the next to last of the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay, including the Four Seasons restaurant, all owned by Saudi Arabian Prince
Waleed bin Talal. (At this writing ‘Wally’ is under arrest in Saudi Arabia after the failed coup and is being held on charges of ‘corruption.’)

Back to the drapery blowing in the wind. What happened to the glass? Why did someone remove it? The answer is to be found in the
next few frames. First, we can see that someone has grabbed the flapping curtain and pulled it back in. Why? So someone could more accurately
SHOOT from that open window. The following two frames are muzzle flashes, not a curtain in the wind.

Muzzle Flashes

Here are two frames with similar muzzle flashes. The location of this room raises some issues not the least of which is the ANGLE of fire.
This room or suite, 7 stories above Paddock’s, is ‘around the corner’ and faces a substantially different direction than Paddock’s. Someone would have to lean out
and aim very hard to the right to gain coverage of the concert venue. Look at the daylight photos and you can see this is a difficult angle. Was the shooter aiming elsewhere?

What could ‘they’ be shooting at at? The concertgoers? Or something else? We’ll probably never know.
This next frame has been contrast enhanced for clarity

Helicopter Gunship

What we do know is that when you watch the video, you will CLEARLY see a helicopter flying
between the Delano on the right and the Mandalay on the left…and firing a machine gun all the way across that visible distance.
We’ve identified the single running light on top of the helicopter and the muzzle flash down below.
Look at the video beginning at :40 seconds and you’ll see it flying, and shooting, from right to left.

Here is an enlargement of the helo with the muzzle flash to the left and at the bottom of the craft.

Here are two possible configurations of what we are seeing.
A nose-mounted machine gun or a door-mounted gun…

Again, watch the video and you will CLEARLY see machine gun muzzle flashes.Back to the hotel…
the arrow points to the room which featured the unfettered flapping curtain and muzzle flash

The muzzle flash room is on the 38th floor in Saudi Land (or Wally World) at the top of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
In any case, these top five floors were somehow directly involved in the Las Vegas Massacre of October 1, 2017

A closer look…note again the different angle from that of Paddock’s suite 7 floors below.

Again, watch the video and you will CLEARLY see machine gun muzzle flashes from the copter.
Now back to the hotel…the arrow points to the room which featured the
unfettered flapping curtain and muzzle flash

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Rense Frame Analysis – Was Mystery Man Being Quickly Hustled Out Of Tropicana Casino Under Heavy Armed Guard, Saudi King-To-Be Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – Otherwise Known As MBS?

By Jeff Rense

See The Entire Video Of The Extraction Of The
Mystery Man From The Tropicana Hotel


Seven Heavily-Armed Guard Moving This Man Very Quickly
Through And Out Of The Tropicana Casino – Note How First Guard Has Finger ON The Trigger

Beardless, Dressed Like A Slob Tourist, But Identical Physiology,
Forehead And Receding Hairline

Insets Show Mystery Man Could, Indeed, Be MBS…
An Assassination Target Being Hustled To Safety

Watch The Video…This Is Clearly Someone Very Important

Head Shape, Hairline, Eyes, Forehead All Within Reasonable Comparison
His Beard Was Shaved Off But Close Look With Magnification
Shows It Is The Same Beard Pattern

Here He Is With Mega Zionist Boy Wonder, Markie Zuckerberg

More Images Without His Saudi Headwear


Seems About 50-50 That The Mystery Man Could Easily Be MBS




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Rense Analysis Of Stunning Video Showing 2-3 Man Armed Kill Team Taking Positions On Top Of RV – Photos

By Jeff Rense


Notice The Work Truck Parked Between The Two Black Fences
That Is Also The Area The RV Used By The Kill Team On It Was Parked

This Clearly Shows What Appears To Be The Roof Of An RV With A Man In Black On Top
The RV Might Have Been A Support Vehicle From The Many Bands That Were Playing

Here Is An Example Of A Special Ops Shooter In Blackout Gear

OK, Let’s Walk Through Our Series Of Freeze Frames From The Video Taken By One Of The Survivors

This Is The First Usable Freeze Frame From The Video Showing The Black-Clad Shooter
(Or Possibly Two Or Three Shooters In A Team)
On Top Of What Appears To Be The RV And Moving To The Right Of Frame
…Where The Crowd Of Concert Guests Were Beginning To Run

Example Of A Prone Firing Position

One More Look..What Do You Think?

Las Vegas Kill Team Of Three Shooters With Full-Auto Machine Guns And VISIBLE Bipod – LOOK

These next two images are from Don Graham, Exclusive to Rense

Jeff … Here are several images I created from a snapshot of your latest video of the possible shooters on the RV roof.
I see something in one of the images and have drawn a rough depiction of what I see….which is a shooter walking, crouched over across
the top of the RV carrying a sub-machine gun with a bipod mounted. The bipod is the key of course.


Reported General Directions Of Ground Level Gunfire Which Was Poured Into
The Fleeing Guests At The Route 91 Festival Concert – These Are Approximations
And Don’t Include Probable Fire Coming Down From The Helicopter Seen In Video

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Jeff Rense: Hitler in Argentina & The US-Hitler Bargain Including NASA (as well as CIA) as a German Preserve

The recent release of a JFK document pertaining to Hitler escaping to Argentina has given new life to long-standing but ignored evidence that the US made a pact with the Nazis.


Jeff Rense


Even Hoover didn’t know until 1947. The memo from him ORDERING all efforts to explore the rumors (even then) that he and Mrs. Hitler made it out CEASE IMMEDIATELY is a big sign.

Below is the story, with photographs, as I understand it.

Below is a quick overview of the REAL story, with photographs, as I understand it from Harry Cooper at Sharkhunters.com whose book Hitler In Argentina is of enormous importance.  In fact, Harry first broke this story over 20 years ago.   Here it is in a nutshell…

Martin Bormann had HItler and Eva Braun forcibly drugged (AH didn’t want to leave the bunker) and had them removed on stretchers.  There were witnesses to this.
One of the AH doubles was shot and burned along with a female body by SS in that shallow hole dug in the dirt above the Reichsbunker. Meanwhile AH and EB was removed vie a subway tunnel (still there) and taken to Lake Wansee in Berlin where a BV 138 barely got them out.

From there they likely went north and boarded a JU 390…three built only 2 completed…which was painted in Swedish Air Force light blue. They and other HIGHEST ranking Reich members were flown to Argentina. The giant plane might have refueled but it was capable of making the distance without. (Rumors are the plane was last flown in the early 60s and is stored in a private hanger in the middle of nowhere in Patagonia.

Fearless researcher Harry Cooper has actually interviewed an elderly woman who, as a young girl, HEARD the plane land on a long, flat road in a remote area of Paraguay. She would say no more. During their talk, her sleeve came up and revealed a small swastika tattoo on the inside of a forearm.

AH and EB did NOT go to Argentina by submarine….

So, what was the enormous trade-off that Bormann engineered? It was ‘Operation Paperclip’ which brought most of the top GENIUS German aerospace scientists and engineers and their families to America where most were settled in Huntsville, AL. The Soviets captured a minor portion of that brain trust.

Let me ask you this. Would you believe a Third Reich genius scientist was Director of NASA? It’s true. His name is Dr. Kurt Debus….the man in total charge of Reich rocket development and operations at Peenemunde, where the V-1 and V-2 programs were created and made operational. In fact, the Germans, under Dr. Debus, were building the first ICBM but they ran out of time when the war ended. That is how far ahead of the world the Germans were and why the US HAD to have those genius scientists and engineers. Bormann knew it and so we got Operation Paperclip…and a real space program. Dr. Debus was NASA DIRECTOR for 12 YEARS, from July 1962 to November 1974. Most Americans simply had no idea that their space program was essentially a German program led, directed and developed by Dr. Kurt Debus and hundreds of WW2 German aerospace scientists and engineers. Here is a photo of NASA Director Dr. Kurt Debus.

Here is Dr. Debus with President Kennedy…along with a slovenly, bored Vice President.


So, NASA was essentially German genius. Even many top German wizards who supposedly died in Germany (like Bormann…smile) did not…and were secretly brought over here and served with great distinction…even though they were kept completely hidden in the shadows. The Germans WERE NASA.

Even much of the ULTRA-SECRET German flying disc program came over as part of the package to allow Adolf HItler and Eva Braun, and ultimately tens of thousands of Third Reich Germans, to go to Argentina and Paraguay, etc.

San Carlos de Bariloche and its beautiful German architecture…the key to the puzzle…

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun lived in this heavily-guarded, beautiful Bavarian-style home built by the Mercedes family in the late 1930s for them. The home is still there today, located in a secluded inlet on a huge lake next to the remote town of Bariloche at the foot of the Andes in the southern Patagonia region of Argentina – which was led at the time by Juan Peron, a major supporter of Germany. They lived in this home from 1945 to 1955, guarded by SS veterans, but then had to move 600 km north to Cordoba because Bariloche was beginning to become a tourist mecca and was no longer considered ‘safe’.

These are judged to be legitimate photos of AH having lunch with his long-time friend and supporter Walter Eichorn at the Eichorns’ Eden Hotel in Argentina in 1946. There are numbers of eyewitnesses who saw Hitler in Argentina after the war but the very large German community which grew there after the war was understandably silent. One of the waitresses at the Eden Hotel has also revealed her knowledge of him visiting the hotel. Here are two photos of that lunch meeting.

No question but that is Walter Eichorn. I have more photos. They are legit.

The Eden Hotel today.

The German communities in Argentina are numerous. There was even a nuclear program, modest, on an Island in the giant lake at the foot of the Andes in Bariloche. Remains of that German nuclear program in Argentina

This entire years-long relocation of countless thousands of Germans to Argentina was all sanctioned by dictator Juan Peron…who, as mentioned, was a fierce and total supporter of AH and Germany.  It was made possible by Operation Paperclip.  As I mentioned, Adolf and Eva had to leave their Bariloche lakefront home in 1955 and mover 600 kilometers north to Cordoba, Argentina.  Adolf HItler died there in 1962 or 1971 according to two different sources.   Eva Braun is said to have lived into her 90s before passing on in the same location.  I (and the world) owe all of my knowledge about this to Harry Cooper at Sharkhunters.com.  He is, without question, the world’s foremost authority on this subject and first broke this story over 20 years ago in his book ‘Escape From The Bunker’.    He received virtually no credit or recognition for his efforts and so, several years ago, I urged and pushed him to create an updated version of his original book, which he did.

Here is THE book with the TRUTH.  Many alleged ‘researchers’ (plagiarists) are stealing enormously from it and giving zero credit or attribution to Harry.  I named the book and helped in the cover design. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Harry and I urge you to get a copy of this book and prepare to walk in the footsteps of REAL history.
Amazon Page

My understanding is there was a treaty between the Third Reich and the US to
exchange German scientific genius for safe haven for Germans in Argentina and Patagonia. That TREATY must be renewed IN PERSON by the US President in office at the right time. That is the ONLY logical reason that Hoover was ordered to call off his search dogs and stand down. And the ONLY reason three US Presidents have traveled to the completely out of the way Bariloche…to personally sign and extend the treaty.

Eisenhower in 1960 before leaving office
Bill Clinton 1997
Obama in 2016

Please do get a copy of Harry’s book.  The core of it is a lengthy and riveting single-spaced typed account of the last days in the Bunker in Berlin written by an SS officer who was there and who witnessed exactly what transpired.   The SS officer sent the document to Harry Cooper because he knew it would be given the respect and treatment it so richly deserves.

I knew someone whose best friend was a P-51 Ace in the War. At the end of hostilities, his squadron was kept in Germany and checked out on the new Douglas DC 4 transports…equipped with long range fuel tanks. This one pilot made two trips from Germany to Argentina but his squadron mates made many, many more. The US pilots were never permitted to see who or what was loaded onto they DC 4s. They were all high-ranking Germans and a LOT of money. Dozens of trips were flown. The story is coming out now…in pieces. I knew about it years ago.             – Jeff Rense   November 5, 2017

Reference with Photos:

Manuela Tobias, “Bariloche, the Spring Break Spot of American Presidents,” Politico, 24 March 2016.

I knew someone whose best friend was a P-51 Ace in the War. At the end of hostilities, his squadron was kept in Germany and checked out on the new Douglas DC 4 transports…equipped with long range fuel tanks. This one pilot made two trips from Germany to Argentina but his squadron mates made many, many more. The US pilots were never permitted to see who or what was loaded onto they DC 4s. They were all high-ranking Germans and a LOT of money. Dozens of trips were flown. The story is coming out now…in pieces. I knew about it years ago.

Phi Beta Iota: What is most clear is that the US Government (90% good people trapped in a bad system) has been lying to the public about most major issues for over 50 years. As Robert Steele likes to say, “The truth at any cost lowers all others costs.” It is time the 99% enforce that dictum on the 1%. We note with interest the participation of the Argentine Catholic Church in the escape and concealment of Nazis across Argentina, and the combination of a German and Argentine Pope, one resigning, one seemingly captive to the Jesuit Black Pope at this time.

See Also:

Harry Cooper, Hitler and the Secret Alliance (Hitler Escape) (CreateSpace, 2014)

David Icke, “Was Hitler a Rothschild?” bibliotecapleyades.net, undated, accessed 5 November 2017.

Eric Lichtblau, The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men (Mariner Books Reprint, 2015)

Uki Goni, The Real Odessa: How Peron Brought the Nazi War Criminals to Argentina (Granta UK, 2003).

Glen Yeadon, The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century (Progressive Press, 2008)

Clues link Nazi trove found in Argentina to German town of Solingen

Half-Century Later, a New Look at Argentine-Nazi Ties

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