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Trump’s Space Farce: A Distraction From The Imminent Financial Collapse

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Deep State Plants Suitcase Nukes! Heneghan

Tom Heneghan reports two separate sources have told him the deep state has planted suitcase nukes around the country and is threatening to set them off if President Trump doesn’t resign or tries to arrest them!

The traitors such as John Brennan have now gone to a new level.  Brennan is now openly calling for insurrection against President Trump!  Hey’s saying he should be removed from office because he’s crazy!   This is treason!  Why is this man allowed to spew this on TV?   The mockingbird media is openly calling for a coup and egging on violence against Trump supporters!  That’s terrorism!   US Marines should be sent into the TV studios right now and shut them down.   Here’s what the chief Obama rat John Brennan is saying.  Trump must do what Abraham Lincoln did and begin military tribunals.  Nothing else is going to work since our courts are a total fraud.

“Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan responded to a tweet by President Donald Trump on Saturday decrying the ‘Russia withc hunt’ investigation with an ominous tweet calling for Trump’s cabinet and inner circle to turn on him. While Brennan stopped short of explicitly calling for the invocation of the 25th Amendment, impeachment or an outright coup to remove Trump from office, his language strongly implies such actions.”


The deep state is backed into a corner.  They know they should be put in jail for what they did but the media isn’t even talking about the spying or the IG report anymore!   The truth is being kept from the American people about the biggest political scandal in history.  This is being done by Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.  Much more is covered in this broadcast.

Pray every single day for President Trump.  It’s everybody evil in the world against him.  He’s only there because God’s hand is on him.  Pray these suitcase nukes are located and the people involved in the plot discovered.   Tom and Stew have had their computers and phones hacked this week by this rogue military intelligence unit out of Ohio Tom speaks about.

The media is still running with the “Trump is separating families” HOAX and it proves the media (including Fox) is the enemy of the American people.  We truly do live in a banana republic.  Everything they’ve told us has been a lie by the Bush Clinton crime syndicate.

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Trump at G7: “All Terrorists Live in Paris”, Juncker a “Brutal Killer” – Reports

Participants of the G7 meeting reportedly had a hard time restraining themselves when the US President shared his insights on migration and terrorism with the French President, threatened to send the Japanese Prime Minister 25 million Mexicans and slammed the European Commission President during talks in Canada.

A senior EU official summed up his behind-the-scenes experience at the meeting of the leaders of the world’s most powerful developed economies in Canada on June 8-9 by telling the Wall Street Journal:

“A sense of irritation with Mr. Trump could be felt, but everyone tried to be rational and calm.”

According to the report, the US President got into debates about trade issues and immigration, and went as far as to reproach Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“Shinzo, you don’t have this problem, but I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you’ll be out of office very soon,” Trump allegedly said Abe.

Attendees were also taken back by what he reportedly told France’s President Emmanuel Macron amid discussions about counter-terrorism and Iran.

“You must know about this Emmanuel because all the terrorists are in Paris,” Trump told Macron, according to the WSJ.

The US President also reportedly took aim at European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who criticized Trump for his tariff policy. He called the top European official a “brutal killer” for the way the European Union treats the US tech giants. However, according to the Telegraph, Juncker said that he believes it was meant as a compliment.

The White House and the US president himself, however, have yet to comment on the media report.

At the same time, Donald Trump took to Twitter to blame “Fake News” for exaggerating tensions at the summit, emphasizing that the media “only shows the bad photos.”

In light of recent moves by Washington, which had drawn harsh criticism fro other G7 states for imposing higher metal tariffs and pulling out from the Iran deal, a cloud hung over the meeting in Canada.

Following the summit, the American president attacked the closest US allies, Canada and the European countries, accusing them of attempting “to take advantage” of the US and criticizing their unwillingness to fulfill their financial obligations within NATO. In his turn, the host of the meeting, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got into a Twitter and media feud with Trump for his stance on the trade issues, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the summit as complicated and disappointing.US President Donald Trump not only managed to make headlines at the G7 summit with his words and actions, as a photo of US President Donald Trump locking eyes with the leaders of France, Germany and Britain summed up the spirit of the G7 summit and quickly went viral.

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The TRUTH About Trump’s Controversial Salute To North Korea’s General No

Watching your great coverage of the Singapore Summit daily and wanted to throw in my comments-opinion about the North Korean General and President Trump saluting each other.

Having served my country for 6 years in the U.S. Army (4 of those years in the 8th US Army, Seoul), I am still very aware of saluting protocols, as well as parade drills and other military standards since they were “drilled” into me like everyone else, you just can’t forget them. And what I remember about saluting in the U.S. Army..and this applies to all branches of the military I was told..is that you never salute inside a structure, only outside. And proper military protocols require any caps or headgear be removed when entering a structure, no matter what your rank. In ceremonial circumstances you will observe various military persons wearing their headgear inside which would indicate to me that the circumstances are not strictly military in nature.

Image result for Trump's Controversial SalutePresident and COMMANDER IN CHIEF Donald Trump

Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, the COMMANDER IN CHIEFf clause, states that “[t]he President shall be COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.” https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/commander_in_chief_powers

Be that as it may, General No, Kwan Chol initiated the salute to Donald Trump and since it was rendered inside a structure it can only be considered as a courteous gesture, which is basically all that it is even outside.  It’s a form of greeting between two or more military personnel of different ranks, but usually only when passing right next to each other and especially if the personnel intend to stop and have a conversation.  The lower ranking member(s) always render(s) the initial salute and the higher ranking person(s) then return(s) the salute. The lower ranking member(s) may not drop their salute until it is returned by the higher ranking person(s).  On a side note; the first (and last time) that I forgot this saluting protocol in basic training, I did my first ever 100 pushups.

In my humble opinion, and from my military service experience, I would view this exchange as President Trump offering a hand shake from his civilian side, but General No instead bowed his head (Korean custom) and offered a higher respect than a hand shake by saluting first, but did not wait for Mr. Trump to return the salute, probably because it was given only in greeting. I saw this a lot when I was in the 8th US Army since I was attached to the Green Berets who were there to provide American-made special forces training to the South Korean Black Berets and we would visit their bases frequently interacting with them on many levels.

President Trump politely returned General No’s salute and then they shook hands. After all, General No knows that Trump is the Commander in Chief (as granted by Congress) in the USofA and I guess he didn’t want to upset anyone by NOT saluting him.

If North Korea media didn’t then use this saluting photo-op to their propagandist advantage, I would be very surprised indeed.

All the best…
Fred G.

Human kind cannot bear very much reality. ~  T.S. Eliot ~

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Major Event World Wide, Stay Vigilant, Follow the White Rabbit – X22 Report Video


Italy says they are no longer taking refugees, shipping them to Malta. Kim Jong Un and Trump are getting ready to meet in Singapore for the peace summit. Russia pushing for peace in Afghanistan. Russia warns that there is another false flag coming in Syria. Assad says the western nations are behind the war in Syria. Q is back and has dropped a lot of bread crumbs. These include North Korea, IG report, false flag on a world wide basis, the ability to access the blackhat phone system, dark is turning to light. Follow the white rabbit.

pictures here

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Why Putin and Trump Will Align Against the NWO

The vast majority of the facts presented in this article have been repeatedly and publicly reported. There are only a couple instances where new confirming evidence is introduced and that is documented, but only done so to support the thesis of this report. This document is not meant to be a report with new information, but rather it is a “dot-connecting” exercise conducted for the purpose of predicting where America and the rest of world are headed.

Thesis:The United States and Russia will soon join forces and new alliances will go by the wayside. The single determining factor will be the overt conflict between nationalism (supported by Russia and the United States) and globalism as supported by most of the world including the European Union. This could become the next cold war and perhaps even the next world war.


“Name the names of the Deep State, or I will!” Will he do it? Who is on the list? Putin said this last year. He knows more than most American do about their own country. America stands alone. The G7, as a body, is condemning “America First” policies. Trading boycotts directed at America are coming. America will soon go it alone under Trump, except for one nation. And that nation is Russia.

In the following video, I summarize how the EU and the G7 are aligning against America in the same fashion that they have already conspired against Russia by kicking them out of the G8 and changing their name to the G7. This organization, which is a tool of the New World Order crowd, has devised and implemented, through their friends at the UN, a devastating Muslim immigration problem designed to destroy France, Italy, Germany and other first-world nations whose leaders will not police their borders under the threat of George Soros. Much of Europe is destroyed  and now the G7 is trying to ensnare both Russia and the United States in the same trap.

Conversely, since taking office, Trump has repeatedly tried to secure our borders against the illegal alien immigration, from the Middle East, led by the UN which are exporting hard core terrorists from countries like Somalia to American soil. Even through Trump’s enhanced security protocols for incoming Muslim refugees would have done no more than verfiy the incoming traveler was not a terrorist, the liberal judges appointed by Obama, struck down the action. And what was most incredible is that Trump was only trying to screen immigrants from the same 7 countries that Obama did.


Russia did not attack the World Trade Center, 19 Saudis did. Russia is not mass executing Christians in the Middle East, ISIS is the culprit. Russia was not the reason that we invaded Iraq twice and Afghanistan.

Through the great work of Trevor Louden, I have documented the Muslim and communist invasion of our US Congress. Notables such as ex-respresentatives as Cynthia McKinney and Alan West have stated that as many 80 Democrats belong to front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood and the American Communist Party. Louden’s research is impeccable. The immigration plot that has made Sweden the rape leader of the world is being supported by Congressional represenattives such as Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren et al. For the globalists plan to succeed they needed help inside the government and they have it in parts of Congress, the State Department, the FBI and most certainly the CIA where former director Brennan actually converted to Islam while leading the CIA.

America is not just under attack from the G7 and the Bilderberg, they are under attack from several of their own elected representatives who have committed treason on a level that was far worse than anything that Benedict Arnold ever did.

In short, the radicalized Muslims are being used to destablize the world, start WW III and then usher in all that comes with the New World Order. Do you know why I research FEMA camp protocols so often? Because if this plot is successful, that is where tens of millions of Americans are going and they are not coming out.

The rest of this article demonstrates how Russia and those still loyal to America (eg Trump, you, me) are now backed into a corner and new alliances will emerge.

There Really Is Collusion Between Trump and Putin

The headline listed above is true. Trump and Putin are attempting to backdoor their way to an alliance against the New World Order.

While Hillary Clinton was promising no fly zones in Syria, in Presidential debate number two,  which would have led to war with Russia, candidate Donald Trump was angering the Deep State when he said it is time that the US and Russia get on the same page and enjoy closer cooperation and especially against their mutual enemy, the Islamic jihadists and the globalists who control their puppet strings.

Along these lines, I have had a deep cover source telling me for almost two years that one day in the near future, Russia and America will align against the prevailing New World Order and the rallying point will be the war on jihadist terrorism. I did not fully pay attention until now!

While Europe has allowed itself to be destroyed by a purposely disorganized and often violent immigration emanting from the Middle East, both the leaders of Russia and the United States knows that they are next.

This immigration which has served to deculturize and economically destroy European nations is the major threat to both Russia and the United States. Trump and Putin are planning to meet in the near future and they are obviously wise enough to see through the globalist plot to destroy both nations by eliminating national boundaries in the United States and promoting disharmony among Russia’s huge Islamic population.

This report has clearly stated the threat to America opposed by the globalists and the Jihadists, now it is time to turn our attention to Russia. What would motivate Putin to align with Trump?

The Muslim Threat to Russia

Did you know that Russia’population is 15% Muslim? At current birth rates, Muslims will be the dominate ethnic group in Russia by 2050 and will comprise over 50% of Russia’s population. Putin faces the real threat of a revolution emanating from within the ranks of his military. According to Military.com, “Muslim conscripts already make up more than 50 percent of the Russian Army’s new soldiers and by 2030 this will increase to three-quarters of new conscripts.” This fact alone poses a significant threat to Russia’s ruling class and sets the potential for a Russian civil war which would be no doubt fueled by globalist-sponsored-jihadist forces just like Wall Street financed the Bolshevik Revolution. And if one thinks that is not a major challenge for Putin, please consider the fact that the Russian government has already engaged in military conflict with its Muslim population on two notable occasions:

  1. Muslim-dominated Chechnya 1991-1994
  2. Muslim-dominated Chechnya 1999-2000

Russia has an ongoing problem with domestic terrorism from its Muslim population and it is on a scale much worse than what America presently faces.

The Wild Card

What will Israel do? The simple and most obvious answer is that they would join with the United States. However, Russia is aligned with Syria and Iran and these countries are Israel’s mortal enemies. Israel is not predictable at this point. If Israel were to join Russia and the US and subsequently became one-third of the ruling force on this planet, they would be better off than they are now. But can Israel get beyond its ethnic hatred of Muslims in Syria and Iran? And let’s not forget that the French probably have the ability to pull Israel into their sphere of influence.

What Has to Happen for a US-Russia Alliance to Succeed?

First and foremost, all dual citizenship Congressmen need to taken from office and nobody with a dual citizenship can be allowed to serve in any elected position.

Trump will need to conduct a DOJ purge of the approximate 80 representatives and charge them with sedition, along with administrators from DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA and the Pentagon along with the leaders of banking in this country. This will be ugly and could lead to a civil war. However, America will not survive with such traitors in positions of power. This also opens up the possibility of assassination. Many will reject this last statement, but please consider that before the United States committed ground troops to South Vietnam in 1964, President Diem of South Vietnam and President Kennedy of the United States, both agreed in early October  of 1963 that JFK would not send ground troops to South Vietnam, just the combat advisors. By Thanksgiving of 1963 both men were dead and history was changed. Therefore, there is historical precedent for what I am presenting here. Trump and Putin are in grave danger from this point on if they dare to align. Have you figured out why the “Russian collusion delusion” was put into play with Mueller as the Special Prosecutor? This was designed to keep Russia and America apart. Therefore, not only does Trump face a possible assassination, he also faces being impeached for aligning with the Russians.


One almost needs a scorecard to follow all of these variables.

One thing is certain that by year’s end, America and Russia will be aligning, or American will plunge head first into total destruction as the globalists will surely crash this country to prevent any further populism. By the way, that was the major topic, populism, at the Bilderberg Conference.

If America truly knew what was coming, if Trump is not successful, everyone would become an extreme prepper or would be leaving the country and going into hiding in a manner like the Nazis following World War II.

Mark my words America, many of you are one event away from a FEMA camp becoming your last residence. You may not like a lot of the things that Trump has done, however, he is the only girl on the Island so to speak. Trump and Putin represent your last chance.


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Robert De Niro shouts “F*** Trump” at 2018 Tony Awards show (Video)

Poor Robert De Niro…once a great actor, Donald Trump’s election as POTUS has turned his mind to liberal left mush.

Two weeks ago Robert De Niro issued a complete ban on the US president from entering his posh, overpriced sushi restaurant chain.

Months before the ban, which I am certain Trump is crying over, De Niro did some classic “resistance” virtue signaling in which he called Trump “baby in chief,” “jerkoff in chief” and “a fucking idiot.”

Last night De Nero made an even bigger fool of himself at the 2018 Tony Awards declaring onstage: “Fuck Trump!”

The washed up hollywood actor was handing out a special Tony Award to Bruce Springsteen’s musical performance show.

De Niro received a standing ovations from the Trump hating broadway/hollywood crowd.

The profanity was bleeped out in the live broadcast, but tweets from those in attendance confirmed De Niro’s virtue signaling moment…

“I’m going to say one thing: ‘Fuck Trump’”, said a proud De Niro, hands raised as if he had accomplished something special…

“It’s no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s ‘fuck Trump’.”

It’s sad to watch a once great actor turn into a complete shell of a man, all because of Trump.

Here is the video below. Remember to Subscribe to The Duran’s YouTube Channel.

Via Zerohedge

While the outburst from the iconic actor, who has been one of Trump’s harshest critics in the entertainment industry was not surprising, the support De Niro received from the audience was: the political statement earned De Niro a standing ovation from the crowd at Radio City Music Hall which erupted in cheers, while CBS scrambled to bleep the audio on the live telecast.

After the audience settled, De Niro got back to talking about Springsteen, who received a special Tony Award during Sunday night. The intimate show, “Springsteen on Broadway” — or as De Niro referred to it, “Jersey Boy” — features the Boss performing his music and sharing stories from his 2016 autobiography “Born to Run.” Tickets to the exclusive concert residency, which has been extended twice, are over $850.

As we reported at the time, last month De Niro said that Trump was banned from all of his Nobu restaurants and hotels, though a representative for De Niro later denied that was the case.

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The U.S. has been curiously mum about Dr. Assad’s expected summit with Kim Jon Un in Pyongyang ahead of the much-ballyhooed meeting with Trump in Singapore.  Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, is fully aware of the American attitude toward Dr. Assad arising from the Syrian leader’s defeat of all NATO plots to oust him.  Yet, he has shrewdly accepted Dr. Assad’s arrival to the North Korean capital a few days before the expected meeting in Singapore.  So, what is the U.S. thinking?

I had a short discussion with my source in Damascus the day before yesterday.  While we could not speculate about the president’s thinking here, I got the impression that Moscow had a lot to do with the decision to meet up with Mr. Kim.  I believe that Dr. Assad will pursue a similar line to F.M. Lavrov’s warning to the young Korean leader:  “Be extremely careful” and “Don’t believe Trump calls the shots on this.”  In other words, the “Libyan Model” which was famously announced by chicken-hawk John Bolton is very much relevant and that the U.S. will seek Kim’s ouster at the first opportunity.  In other words, don’t give up your nuclear arsenal under any circumstances lest you find your favorite pistol shoved up a part of your body which rarely sees the sun.

(Photo courtesy of Fortunascorner)  President Assad seen accepting the new North Korean ambassador’s credentials. To his left is the Syrian Foreign Minister, Waleed Al-Mu’allim.

This is exactly what the U.S. is thinking.  Certainly, nobody in Washington believes that the Syrian president is anxious to see detente between the U.S. and North Korea.  The Syrian president’s trip is definitely intended to drive a wedge even deeper into the troubled relationship between the U.S. and North Korea.  The Syrian president will tell Kim that the U.S. and its European and Gulf allies tried unsuccessfully to overthrow him and the Ba’ath Party.  He will tell him about the mistakes Col. Qaddaafi made; the Mossadegh model; the Noriega model; the Maduro model; the Allende model……and the list goes on and on.  None of this is lost on Kim Jong Un.  But, the Syrian president may have much more to tell him about how the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv is seeking to monopolize nuclear weapons and technology for smaller state actors and how Zionism is controlling Trump’s behavior.

The president will tell him that nothing is more menacing to the Zionist Apartheid State than the prospect of North Korean know-how transferring to powerful regional states like Iran.  With Iran now verging out of the Iran Nuclear Deal due to American inconstancy, Kim cannot place even the slightest reliance on American promises.  He must not fritter away the one ace-in-the-hole which he can play at any time to dispel the Yankee pest.  American promises and agreements have proven to be ephemeral and, even, eel-like.

The American National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who is known to oppose the overture to N. Korea, will be traveling with Mr. Trump to Singapore.  This comes after several reports indicating that Bolton had been marginalized and uninvited to several NSC meetings concerning strategy for the upcoming talks with Mr. Kim.  That he is now back n good odor with the president is an indication Mr. Trump wants his favorite Pit Bull to, perhaps, push the talks as much as possible toward total denuclearization.  Once again, Dr. Assad, will deliver the warning about all that.  Mr. Kim will listen carefully to what Dr. Assad has to say, after all, he is the Syrian leader who defeated his enemies’ schemes and machinations.

We, at SyrPer, believe that nothing will alter North Korea’s nuclear agenda.  Kim Jong Un will not give Trump much of anything.  However, Korean analysis of Trump’s psychology indicates an American leader addicted to display, cultism, superficiality and self-importance.  Kim will extract as many concessions as he can from Mr. Trump while playing along with an American-concocted veneer of success.  Mr. Trump must not go back to Washington empty-handed.  With most of the MSM up in arms over his presidency, Mr. Kim knows how desperate Trump’s regime is to project success in the eyes of American citizens, especially, those citizens who form Trump’s ever-dwindling base.

Even Vladimir Putin is playing along with this scenario.  He just announced to Russian news services that he was intent on making sure Mr. Trump was successful in his meeting with Mr. Kim.  You can’t get better hot air than that.  Trump now suspects that Russia will play a positive back-door game to insure a successful summit.  Even China, anxious to shore up its economic relations with the U.S. can be expected to extol the results of the negotiations even though they might be nothing more than North Korea’s promise to temporize and delay for eternity that chimera we call denuclearization.




Here’s a scene which will fill your hearts with gladness.  Syrian security services discovered a huge arsenal of mortar shells, RPG rockets, medical supplies, grenades, ammunition cases and all the other goodies used by these terrorist apes to torment the simple people in the villages around Al-Rastan.

And, by the way, the Homs-Hama highway has been open for use since last week when the last IED was disassembled.


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Soros-Linked Group: Trump Is ‘Racist’ for Calling MS-13 Gang ‘Animals’

The left wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — linked to globalist billionaire George Soros — says President Trump is “racist” and “dehumanizing” MS-13 gang members when he describes them as “animals.”

Last week, during a roundtable discussion on sanctuary cities, Trump described the members of the El Salvadorian MS-13 gang as “animals,” a reference to their violent crime history of torturing, beheading, raping, and beating innocent Americans to death.

Immediately following Trump’s remarks, the establishment media and Democrats came to the defense of MS-13 gang members, as Breitbart News reported. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended MS-13 by saying Trump needed to “recognize” that every person has a “spark of divinity” in themselves.

Likewise, SPLC has continued defending MS-13, now claiming that Trump’s attack on the gang is “racist” and “dehumanizing.”

“This kind of rhetoric is unacceptable from anyone. For it to come yet again from the mouth of the president is dangerous,” the organization wrote.

SPLC is tied to Soros’s Open Society Foundation through staff and funding. The group advocates for open borders and mass immigration.

Most recently, an MS-13 gang member nicknamed “animal” was sentenced to 40 years in prison after brutally stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death in East Boston as part of his initiation into the gang, Breitbart News reported.

Read More @ Breitbart.com

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رفع العلم الوطني فوق مبنى الناحية ببلدة حر بنفسه بريف حماة الجنوبي بعد إخلائها من الإرهابيين

A Syrian soldier raises the nation’s flag over a municipal building in the newly liberated town of Hurr bi-Nafsuh

According to Gen. Mayhoob, chief spokesman for the Syrian MoD, 65 cities, towns and villages have just been liberated from the stench of Zionist-Saudi-NATO-sponsored terrorism.  A total of about 1200 square kilometers have been retaken by the government in one of the most impressive accomplishments of the Syrian Arab Army since this foreign-inspired war began in 2011.  The surrenders have been massive and so has the cost of gassing up all those green buses to expel the rodents and their miserable families to either Jaraablus or Idlib Governorate.  After turning over all their heavy and medium weapons to the army, they left the region they had infested for far too long.  Tanks, APCs, Shilkas and every kind of ammunition imaginable were seized by the army.

Yesterday, the SAA liberated the entire Aleppo, Homs and Damascus Highway.  The highway to and from Al-Salamiyya to Homs was also totally cleared.  Sappers are now involved in removing the lethal remnants of these cockroaches; things like IEDs, mines and sniper perches.

The Al-Rastan Dam and the Hoola Dam are now in the hands of the army’s Corps of Engineers.  The Al-Zaarra Electrical Station is now being refitted for use.  Homs Refinery has been restored to government control.



The Hajar Al-Aswad suburb to the south of the capital is about to be liberated.  However, it is expected that pockets of ISIS murderers will remain for a few weeks in tunnels, trenches and upper levels of high-rise buildings.  That is what I was just told by my source.  Yet, the Syria Air Force and ground artillery are shellacking rodent positions on an hourly basis.  Monzer says he can hear explosions on a 24/7 basis as the army intensifies its assault to regain control of both that suburb and the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp.  Once this area is finally cleared, there is a reckoning to be had in Der’ah where the Syrian military expects a rapid terrorist retreat into Jordan.


Trump has no foreign policy to speak of.  He is an opportunistic diplomat, if at all, and cannot comprehend coherent messages from around the world.  You could call him an isolationist, a populist or even a nativist.  But, all that has come to mean that he is losing on every level of foreign involvement.  His decision to abjure his responsibilities to his European allies (who are now his enemies) is one such example of the rampant pandemonium bouncing between the subdural walls of his cavernous brain cavity.

In Lebanon, Iran’s favorite militia won more seats than any other party.  This means that Christians voted heavily for HZB or its allies in President Aoun’s own party.  The only groups which could be called friendly to the U.S. were, Hariri’s “Mustaqbal” or “Future” party which was stripped of over 9 seats;  Jumblatt’s Arab Socialist Party, which was almost a no-show; and, of course, the party of Sameer Geagea, the so-called Lebanese Forces which doubled its meager Parliamentarian numbers.  All were trounced.  The winners?  Without doubt, Iran and Syria.

In Iraq, Muqtadaa Al-Sadr, the menacing-looking, wide-eyed scion of Iraq’s most revered clerical family, stunned everyone with a strong showing at the polls.  Al-Sadr wants to get rid of Iran’s influence, and America’s presence.  All it will take is a new prime minister to insist on an overhaul of the security structure and the U.S. will be steaming back stateside. The handwriting on the wall in Babylon spells “disaster” for the United States.

Iran’s obdurate position on the nuclear agreement is serving it well with America’s former allies, Germany, France and England.  These occidental powers are beating the bushes, so to speak, to find the magical way out of the U.S.’s promised sanctions.  One writer has reported that the consensus in Europe is to use the Euro, instead of the dollar, to continue trade and relations with Tehran.  If that works, and it might, the U.S. will have engineered a completely unnecessary fiasco for itself – leaving Iran strong and the Europeans disaffected.

Turkey is acting as though its about to break relations with Washington.  They have already kicked the Zionist ambassador out along with the general consul in Istanbul; they are planning a resolution in the U.N.’s General Assembly condemning the American action in Jerusalem and the Zionist Entity’s barbaric reaction to unarmed Palestinians collecting athwart their racist fence on the borders of Gaza.

North Korea is about to cancel its meeting with Trump, which the meathead thought was his magic carpet to Nobel immortality.  I have mused to friends that this might be the first time in history that a revolting dingbat like Trump would get the much-prized Nobel for peacemaking after threatening to wipe out another country with nuclear weapons.  But, the Nobel Committee has done some oddball things in the past like giving Obama the peace prize for absolutely nothing but his being of mixed race.

He has another 2 and 1/2 years to go.  God only knows what grand disasters await all of us as his reign of imbecility continues.

Spectacular analysis of the decline in American power and the Trumpian fiasco:

Death to the Al-Khaleefa clan of chimpanzees.  Death to every one of them for their bigotry:

BAHRAIN: Former British Ambassador Resigns from Advisory Post after Foreign Minister Supports Israeli Aggression

I just received Sharmine’s latest analyzing the new facts on the ground:

Get Ready for the New Middle East Battlefield: The Golan

If you’re interested in the French snipers captured by the Syrian army in Al-Hasaka, read this one in French sent by Dimitri Porphyris:

URGENT L’armée syrienne a capturé des snipers français à Hassaké en Syrie…

Watch and hear George take down career idiot Loomer in this heated radio debate:

Watch George Galloway’s heated interview with Laura Loomer

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