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Video: The Discovery of New Deep Underground Tunnels In Colorado

I recently interviewed Paul Martin regarding the discovery of new found deep underground bunkers. This is not your Continuity of Government program. Here is the story…

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I recently interviewed Paul Martin regarding the discovery of new found deep underground bunkers. This is not your Continuity of Government program. Here is the story…

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This Underground Hobbit-style Home Is Absolutely Astonishing

If you have ever doubted that architecture is not creative and artistic, Javier Senosiain is here to prove you wrong with his masterpiece. A hilly site near Mexico City has become the perfect place for the marvelous home that Javier constructed – a house resembling a peanut. There are green dunes and lovely trees encompassing the entire place where this peanut-shaped house fits perfectly as a home and remains almost invisible. There’s no surprise why it has drawn so much attention since 1984 – the year of its completion.

Even back then, this 1,873 square foot organic house was seen as something quite ahead of the times. The house is so seamlessly put together in the natural setting that if you walk in the garden, you might even walk on the roof of the house without realizing it. That’s the beauty of the Mexican architect – he has been able to use natural settings and build houses inspired by the shape of a snake, mushroom, shark, and even flowers.

The organic house is modeled after the shape of a peanut shell, which makes it quite spacious. It has two oval spaces which are connected by a narrow passageway. One of the chambers can be used at night and is there for privacy, while the other is bright and used for social purposes.

While the inside might look like a cave, there is actually a large window which opens up to a beautiful landscape full of greenery.

Javier has made it a point to integrate all the essential elements of a house like the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, dressing room and living room within this art piece. You won’t feel out of place at all.

For Javier, the purpose of the house was to have a psychological and physiological clean-up. With so much pollution and stress running wild all over the world, this house in a wonderful green area can act as a refreshing resort. The insides have been made cooler and the house is protected from sunlight, noise, and dust. It’s the ideal peace haven if you wanted one.

The staircase leads down to the sleeping rooms, too, which are a bit darker to aid sleep. Otherwise, this half-buried house is quite sunny with proper ventilation systems. It is perfectly engineered for human use and may look like a cave, igloo, or something troglodytes made out of the earth. But you will always feel like it is a masterpiece.

Javier Senosiain has developed a perfect hobbit house. Are you craving to live in it once?

This article was sourced from Truth Theory

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Deep state underground bases taken out? SOUNDS OF DOOM Mystery booming sounds shake houses and terrify residents across America after ‘flashes of light’ spotted leaving experts baffled

MYSTERY booming sounds have been shaking houses and terrifying residents after “flashes of light” were spotted across America.

Experts have been left baffled by a spate of seismic booms from Arizona to New York that appear to have gathered pace over the past week.

The string of phenomena was first reported last Thursday morning when locals in three separate Tennessee counties reported hearing loud booming noises.

On the same day, North Carolinians contacted police reporting unexplained loud blasts and booms that kept them awake at night.

READ MORE HERE https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8378268/booming-sounds-shake-houses-america-experts-baffled/

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Netanyahu Orders Cabinet Meet In Secret Underground Bunker, Fears Leaks On Syria And Iran

In yet another sign that broader war between Israel, Syria, and Iran may be on the horizon Israel’s Channel 10 has revealed in an exclusive broadcast that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently ordered all national security cabinet meetings to be held in a secure underground bunker in Jerusalem. 

The National Security Cabinet (NSC), also known as the “inner cabinet,” is akin to the US National Security Council and convenes regularly under the authority of the prime minister in the Prime Minister’s building in Jerusalem. However, according to Channel 10’s Barak Ravid, who broke the story, Netanyahu made the decision out of fear of leaks related to “sensitive discussions on Syria and Iran.” 

Prime Minister Benjamin (c), Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, (r) and IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkott, attend a previous security cabinet meeting at the Kirya, the IDF Headquarters. Image source: Israeli Ministry of Defense

The underground secure Jerusalem bunker normally hosts the National Crisis Management Center, responsible for emergency planning and response during times of war or national crises.

Thus far, according to Ravid, “two security cabinet meetings have been already held in the secure bunker and according to the schedules of several ministers.” Sources within the cabinet speaking under condition of anonymity to Channel 10 revealed that, “Netanyahu’s moved the security cabinet meetings to the bunker because of the fear of leaks from sensitive discussions on Syria and Iran.”

It appears the underground bunker location will become the semi-permanent meeting place, as Ravid further reports that “the next four security cabinet meeting are also planned to take place in the sensitive facility.”

Israels YNet news has described the bunker as costing “hundreds of millions of shekels” and set up “to enable the government to run the country in times of emergency,” while Arutz Sheva national news has described cabinet meetings as taking place in a soundproofed room.

While it’s unclear if significant security leaks on Israeli war planning have already occurred, or if Netanyahu is merely taking extreme precautions, the original Channel 10 report confirmed the move is “an attempt to prevent leaks.”

According to Israel Channel 10’s reporting, further measures are being taken within the bunker to ensure security during the highly sensitive meetings (rush translation):

The number of people who can enter the shelter is very limited, and as a result, ministers’ assistants are no longer present at the meetings. In addition, the conduct of the bunker requires those present to attend the meeting without cell phones, and even when they are allowed to access the devices, it takes 10-15 minutes to reach the area where the reception takes place.

Currently, Israel is in a de facto state of war on two fronts: the Golan border with Syria and against Hamas in Gaza, which it has periodically bombed over the past months. Two weeks ago Israel’s attack on multiple locations inside Syria marked the biggest military escalation between the two countries in decades.

Israel says it was attacked by Iranian troops inside Syria and has repeatedly threatened to go to war over what it perceived is “Iranian expansion” up to Israel’s border.

Also according to Channel 10, Netanyahu’s NSC — now meeting in an underground bunker — will have the power to go to war and execute war plans even apart from the rest of Israeli government (rush translation):

At the beginning of the month, the bill passed from the government to the cabinet approved the authority to go to war or to carry out a military operation. This proposal constitutes an amendment to the Basic Law: The Government, which will allow the prime minister to make do with the approval of the cabinet, even without the full presence of his colleagues.

Netanyahu has constantly stressed that Israel sees Iran’s operations in Syria in support of the Assad government as an existential threat.

“Iran is already well on its way to controlling Iraq, Yemen and to a large extent is already in practice in control of Lebanon,” Netanyah said after an August with meeting Russia’s President Putin, and continued with his ultimatum: “We cannot forget for a single minute that Iran threatens every day to annihilate Israel. Israel opposes Iran’s continued entrenchment in Syria. We will be sure to defend ourselves with all means against this and any threat.”

And after Monday’s bellicose speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, vowing that Tehran will struggle to “keep its economy alive” if it does not comply with a list of 12 US demands, including Iranian withdrawal from SyriaNetanyahu hailed the tough new US strategy on Iran as “the right policy.”

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List Of FEMA Camps, Underground Bases, HAARP Locations And Maps

After the major Hurricane Harvey storm, and with Hurricane Irma, a report circulated from ABC involving the deportation of Harvey victims to “shelters” via Walmart, helicopters, and other modes of transportation to nearby open facilities. Ever since the category-4 storm dissipated into a tropical storm, record flooding devastated the entire southern-Texas region — with rainfalls totaling up to more than 50 inches in certain areas. More than a quarter million were left without power due to the storm, and up to 450,000 Harvey disaster victims are expected to file for assistance, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). However, Brock Long, who is the current FEMA administrator, has also said that FEMA is expected to remain in Texas for years now..

And Michael Brown, former FEMA director, has called Hurricane Harvey “worse than Katrina.” Now that the entire National Guard has been called, curfews are enforced in Houston, FEMA is involved, and a ton of other Alphabet Soup organizations along with Walmart are teaming up — there is more to this storm than what the mainstream media wants you to know, and A WHOLE LOT that they’re NOT Reporting… Could Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and the other recent events such as the record wildfires, Cascadia Rising 2016 (Cascadia Fault Line), Yellowstone earthquakes, the involvement of Walmart, FEMA, and the National Guard ALL be test runs for martial law? In 1962, President John Kennedy signed several Executive Orders which would allegedly give certain dictatorial powers to the appointed elite in the event that a “National Emergency” should be declared by the President — whichever president is sitting in office at the designated time. At the president’s discretion “in any time of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis”, the Executive Orders could theoretically be enacted.

These Executive Orders signed by Kennedy would give authority to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to control communications, energy, food, fuel, farms, transportation, highways, railroads, inland waterways and seaports, health, education and welfare, drafts citizens into work forces under government supervision; relocation of populations, as well as control to all public storage facilities (Executive Orders Listed Below). These FEMA Camps are located nationwide — with hundreds of them functioned, fully furnished, and highly secured. But don’t be fooled! These “camps” are also being built under disguises, and are planned to be functioned in areas such as abandoned malls/warehouses, shopping centers, and Government-run entities such as schools, libraries, post offices, and even military bases.

One of these locations will also include places such as Walmart. There is even evidence showing the building and funding of underground tunnels, which will connect these Walmart locations and stores alike to underground military bases and FEMA Camps, in preparation for mass-evacuation come martial law. Chances are, when martial law IS declared and emergencies DO occur, Walmart may be one of the only stores available “for your shopping needs.” Along with FEMA, Walmart, and martial law predictive programming in television shows such as Jericho, and films such as The 5th Wave, AmeriGeddon, They Live, The Crazies, The Siege, Children Of Men, Grey State, and many more… Couple that with all of the government and military documentation as it pertains to prison camps, labor inmate programs, national emergency centers, and even extremism (ALL Of Them Listed Below), And you’ve got yourself an Agenda at hand. What Are They Getting Ready For?!?!

Below are PDF compilations of all the FEMA Camp facilities that I could find. Some of you may already have them, but I usually update and post them every 6 months for those who may not have them or are new to the site.

Also, the camps that were listed from an earlier article posted on FTT a few days ago (http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/fema-concentration-camps-locations-and-executive-orders/72261) have also been updated to that list.

In addition to that, I have attached the locations of all the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) facilities that I could find, a list of HAARP locations, a list of US military bases, maps of bases and other miscellaneous maps that you might be interested in.

Some of the FEMA camps and HAARP locations also have GPS coordinates for your convenience as well. Have a blast!

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting this information out because we are nearing that time where this intel will be considered dangerous to have and will be crucial in order to save our country.

Save it, make copies, send it to your friends, do whatever you can to get this information out to the public eyes. Most of it can be found on the Internet, but I have decided to save you all the time in searching by compiling and listing the information right here in an easy to read format.

Detention Facilities, FEMA camps and Underground Bases


Immigration Detention Facilities

Combined Info on Underground facilities

GPS coordinates for 20 of the Top HAARP facilities

List of US Military Bases in the US

Map bases

Miscellaneous maps

A great resource for anyone who needs it or wants it or is just curious.  Lots of good stuff here, I highly recommend it and hope you spread this around as much as you can.  Enjoy.

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Plants use underground communication to learn when neighbours are stressed

Plants use an underground communication network to exchange chemical warnings, according to a new study.

Work by a team of biologists at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has provided new insights into the complex subterranean life of seemingly immobile corn plants.

The work adds to a body of research exploring the chemical pathways that plants use to “talk” to each other.

“Our study demonstrated that changes induced by above ground mechanical contact between plants can affect below ground interactions, acting as cues in prediction of the future competitors,” said Dr Velemir Ninkovic, lead author of the study.

Plants are known to communicate via touch. Trees, for example, tend to stop growing outwards when they make contact with their neighbours’ branches.

However, the mechanisms by which plants signal using touch are poorly understood, and Dr Ninkovic and his colleagues wanted to find out whether the answers could be found underground.

In recent years scientists have begun to disentangle the complex communication system that links plants together.

Science news in pictures

Unlike animals, plants do not have nervous systems and so cannot communicate using rapid electrical signals.

Instead, their signalling both within their bodies and with neighbours consists of the relatively slow exchange of chemical messages.

Some of this communication takes place via strands of underground fungi that plants use to share food, warning signals and even toxic chemicals – a phenomenon that some biologists have informally termed the “wood-wide web”.

In the study by Dr Ninkovic and his colleagues, they wanted to investigate whether chemicals released directly into the soil by stressed plants could change the behaviour of their neighbours.

The researchers began by applying a soft brush to corn seedlings, a touch that could represent any number of nearby stresses, including new plants encroaching on their territory or a plant-eating animal nibbling on their leaves.

New seedlings were then transferred into the same growing material as the recently touched plants to see if their growth was affected – the theory being that plants touched by the brush would have left chemical traces in the soil documenting their experience.

The scientists found that the fresh seedlings responded by growing more leaves and fewer roots than plants that had grown under normal conditions.

They suggested that the corn seedlings, upon being exposed to the chemical signals of recently touched plants in the soil, were responding by preparing themselves for the trouble ahead posed by new neighbours or becoming something’s dinner.

While they seem largely defenceless against outside attack, plants actually wield a variety of defensive strategies when targeted by hungry herbivores. Previous research has demonstrated that plants respond defensively to the sounds that caterpillars make when munching on their leaves – flooding them with unappetising mustard oil.

Engineers have figured out a way to make plants glow

To confirm that their plants were capable of telling the difference between soil occupied by touched and untouched plants, the scientists gave some corn seedlings a choice about which medium they preferred to grow in.

When placed near both, roots grew preferentially towards the growing solution that had previously contained untouched plants.

These findings were published in the scientific journal PLOS One.

The team suggested their results should be noted by other scientists when conducting experiments with plants, as even gently brushing a plant’s leaves has the potential to change how it and its neighbours behave.

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Antarctica: Governments Are Moving Underground (Video)

Antarctica, or the south pole region, is a continent which is covered with an immense ice shelf. Polar bears live solely in the Arctic areas, while penguins on the other hand, are found in the southern Antarctic regions. For that reason polar bears and penguins never cross paths.
Of, at, or near the South Pole. noun. 2. the Antarctic, the Antarctic Ocean and Antarctica. … 1325-75; < Latin antarcticus < Greek antarktikós (see ant-, arctic ); replacing Middle English antartik (< Middle French) < Medieval Latin antarticus.
Are governments moving underground via Antarctica and other places worldwide because they expect some tragic event with either war or Planet X? The video creators seems to think so. Let us know what you think in the comments about this situation and thanks for stopping by BIN Paranormal. Happy Halloween!


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