Tesla Executives Keep Leaving in Droves – WTF is Going On?

In this podcast, I rant quickly about the quality of the train stations in Philadelphia, where I live. At about 10:00 on, I start to address the question of what the fuck is possibly going on at Tesla – which saw yet another key executive reportedly leave the company. At a time where regulatory safety scrutiny is at all time highs with Tesla, it was reported that “executive Matthew Schwall, who had been the director of field performance engineering, has left the company for Waymo, as the NTSB investigates multiple crashes involving Tesla vehicles.” Schwall was said to be the key point of contact between Tesla and safety regulators. In addition, another executive at the company is taking a “leave of absence”. What continues to cause these executive departures? Could it be morale? Do people on the inside at Tesla know that the yellow brick road could soon be ending?

Philadelphia train station rant is from 0:00-10:00.

Tesla discussion begins at 10:00.


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