The $30,000 Underground Shipping Container Home

Imagine living in a home where it never gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer – without using air conditioning. And during winter, even without heat, it’s always in the 60s.

Sound impossible? It’s not if you live in an underground shipping container home, as this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio does. His name is Steve Rees, and for $30,000 he built his dream underground home, giving him benefits that a traditional house simply does not bring.

His home is so sturdy that it easily could survive a wildfire, tornado or even hurricane.

Steve shares with us the good and the bad of living underground, and he also tells us:

  • How he uses the sun to light his home, despite being underground.
  • What he uses for electricity and water.
  • Where he bought his shipping container.
  • How he strengthened the container to withstand the pressure of dirt on top of it.How To Build An Off-Grid Home Without ANY Construction Skills

Steve’s house is so hidden that FedEx trucks have trouble finding it!

Finally, Steve tells us what he would do differently if he could start all over. If you love stories about amazing people or you ever have had thoughts of living underground, then you don’t want to miss this amazing show!


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