The Machiavellian Principle – The Key to the West

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While we see day after day the advancements of leftism among the Western world, we must begin to admit that they are strong in their means. This is painful to acknowledge, but since Marxism was invented, it has rapidly developed into a force to be reckoned with.

It’s current incarnation could even bring about the downfall of Western civilization; through mass immigration, modifying of the Constitution and the laws of the land  and via the subversion of traditional Western values. It has already been shown elsewhere how strong Marxism can be, given the right societal conditions.

The question then arises: Can it be stopped?

Many know the term machiavellian, usually as a negative expression. However few have read or know anything about the author from whom it derives: Niccolò Machiavelli. We can argue that his most important works are The Prince and the Discourses on Livy, which are political treaties.

In them, Machiavelli penned his famous quote “the end justifies the means”, but also an early form of pragmatism, political realism and, most importantly, republicanism.
We must take this into high consideration, for the West is composed of nation states that follow a Republic or form of government or something similar.

It can be said that the biggest danger that stalks our freedom, and the West itself, is Leftism. This can be summarized as all the political variations, groups and individuals that group themselves as being on the left, or adhere to socialism. From the more active and aggressive ideologies like communism and marxism, to the more passive and pacifistic like democratic socialism and even the political center. We ought to include the far-right as well, because it acts as a less idealistic left; that is, the left without internationalism or cultural relativity; but that is a topic for another essay.

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The left acts as an impulsive and rebellious force that legitimizes itself through morality, then it takes advantage of the masses. This passion based morality enables them to question everything that exists outside of them and, because it is rebellious, it seeks to destroy; directly, through revolution, or indirectly, through social reform or societal change. This does not mean that change or reform cannot take place outside of the left and its claims.
This inherently becomes incompatible with millennia of western thought that makes the west The West.”

Thus, why Machiavelli? Because today those who oppose the left, or seek to save their civilization, do so on the same ground as the left: through morality and the support of the masses. This is an uphill battle. The West was not made by endlessly discussing its morality, Christianity did that, but it was constructed using reason and virtue.

Machiavelli proposed that, if a republican government wanted to prosper and continue existing, morality was an incorrect means to that end.

If a western republic fights to continue its existence, as it does today, but does this by seeking or claiming a moral stance, then it is doomed.

In a realistic sense, the nations of today cannot compete against their own democracy and the cancerous left that influences their emotional thought.  Let us consider the political speech and how it is generally currently constructed.

Both left and right adopt moral arguments that are easily contradicted by the other side, and is nothing more than moral relativism fighting itself.

What is not relative, what is universal, what can get the current debate out of relativism is, therefore, the pragmatic republicanism that Machiavelli proposed. The universal rights of man, as seen in constitutions like the American and the French, were born out of reason and not morality.

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If we want western civilization to survive, we must enforce that which constitutes it. To fail to do that is to allow its degeneration. The corruption that we see today is a parallel of that which Machiavelli warned us; an anacyclosis where we found ourselves, promptly falling into an ochlocracy.

And the emotionality, the impulsive status of the majority and the political classes that exploit it, are simply symptoms of what we have allowed to happen. Let us keep what we have built, for no one else will.

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