The Modern Woman – A Modern Embarrassment (Part 1)

A series of articles presenting my ideas, as a ‘modern’ Christian woman in her early twenties. As you can probably guess from the title, I will be analysing the inner workings of the modern women and how it affects our societies, individuals and family life.

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Part one: Divorce parties

An estimated 42% of marriages in the UK are expected to end in divorce. Even though there a thousand reasons why you would get a divorce, I think it is fair to say that modern (third wave) feminism has had a part in it.


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If you are reading this, you most likely don’t need to be told that third wave feminism is about extracting women from men – teaching that all men are abusive in some form and all *white* masculinity is toxic. This is done under the name of ‘independence’.

Being an ‘independent women’ does not require being hateful towards men and thinking you are better off without them. It is my belief anyway, that independence comes from being able to take of yourself when you don’t have a man in your life. And by that rule, I am myself an independent woman. I have no husband, no serious boyfriend and a father figure that travels constantly. I make dinner in an empty apartment and eat it watching Netflix.

What’s so bad about the new fad of a ‘divorce party’?

Without mentioning my traditionalist views about marriage being ‘until deaths do us part’ – celebrating divorce is not only ultimately showing disrespect for the marriage and life you had, it can have a severely detrimental effect on any children involved.

The new booming industry of ‘divorce parties’ including expensive cakes, extravagant parties and degenerate behaviour only exploits the selfishness and greed of the modern woman – who is no doubt affording it all by the large divorce settlement she bullied out of her ex husband.

Won’t someone think of the children?

Naturally, divorce will affect children of any age. In addition to causing extreme stress, children who have divorced parents are more likely to suffer from physiological and behavioural problems.

Parents are the number one influencer in a child’s behaviour and emotional pattern.   So it’s important that they set the correct example. This is as important as ever, considering we are living in a world where children are being over-exposed to adult topics and are suffering because of it.

How do you think a young girl would interpret seeing her mother having an over the top divorce party – celebrating ‘freedom’ from her father?

Why are we teaching our children that this is freedom? Happiness?

A young girl will see this and think that men only cause harm and grief and therefore, follow in her mother’s footsteps to treat men like empty wine bottles to throw away. This phenomenon is already happening and is visible in the message of third wave feminism and it’s hatred of men.

Where is the line drawn?

In some instances, divorce is the better option. And under no circumstances do I believe that divorce should be banned or result in public humiliation.

I think that divorce should be something that isn’t considered so normal. It teaches greed, selfishness and takes away the importance of relationships between men and women. Especially when raising children.


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