The Only Option Remaining for the NWO Globalist Cabal is: World War III

Deep State wants war.
The Shadow Government wants war.
The Military-Industrial Complex wants war.

The CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group want war.
The RIIA, LBMA and SERCO want war.
The Committee of 300 and Black Nobility want war.

Israel wants war.
Saudi Arabia wants war.
The United Kingdom and France want war.

Corporate America wants war.
The U.S. Congress wants war.
The Trump Administration wants war.

Why do all of these powerful entities want war?

Because there’s really no other way out of their unsustainable predicaments except by triggering a full-blown World War III scenario.  Truly, the New World Order globalist cabal now finds itself in an untenable situation as it grows more desperate by the day.

The rapidly deteriorating state of international affairs, as well as domestic affairs for many nations, stands as a testament to this ongoing and engineered clash of civilizations.  What follows is a list of serious developments which spell the final end of the British-American Empire.  And these are just a few of the major events clearly signaling the end of the era.

• Iran’s decoupling with US dollar and transition to the Euro

• Unlawful attacks of unprovoked military aggression by Israel on Syria

• Occupation of Syria by the U.S. military and C.I.A.

• Attacks on Syrian government forces by the US-led coalition

• PM Benjamin Netanyahu gives fake presentation on Iran’s nuclear program

• Incessant warmongering by NATO and its proxies

• False flag chemical attacks staged by Western powers

• Operation Gladio attacks carried out worldwide

• Extreme volatility of the stock market especially the NYSE

• Repatriation of gold by several G20 nations

• Multi-decade institutional downward manipulation of gold price

• Unprecedented explosion of crytocurrencies and their extreme volatility

• Deep State plots and conspiracies executed daily in broad daylight

• Soft coup being carried out against the POTUS

• ZIRP and NIRP are the new normal throughout the G8

• Escalating trade war between the U.S. and China

• Imminent Brexit and Anglo-American trade wars with European Union

• Perpetual persecution of Russia and her BRICS allies

• Russia and China form close trading relationship with massive energy contracts

• Wave of Russian diplomat murders and arson fire spree throughout Motherland

• Unparalleled expulsion of Russian diplomats by 30 nations based on false accusations

• US Ambassador to UN Haley exposes herself as hardcore warmonger and Israel Firster

• Neocon Zionist John Bolton appointed as National Security Advisor

• Neocon puppet Mike Pompeo appointed to Secretary of State

• Torture advocate Gina Hapsel appointed to CIA Director

• War cabinet shoehorned into place by Trump after peacemakers fired

Problem past, perilous future

First and foremost, the only way TPTB can get away from their utterly corrupt and criminal past is to destroy all the records… and erase the memory.  Even then, digital records will surely exist for the foreseeable future.  Nevertheless, the cabal is now compelled to disappear their warmongering history so that present and future generations are unaware.

The pervasiveness of the Internet, with so much incriminating truth now available, has necessitated this initiative.  The only practical way for TPTB to accomplish this goal is during the predictable fog of war that would inevitably predominate during a Third World War.  For instance, if martial law was declared in the USA, adequate cover could be provided for shredding every sensitive file deemed dangerous to the cabal.

As for the future, the only way forward for their New World Order, as defined by a totalitarian One World Government is, again, a Third World War.  Only such a devastating and global-scale armed conflict will provide them the opportunity to create sufficient chaos worldwide — in the spirit of Ordo ab chao (i.e. order out of chaos) — so they can foist a One World Government upon the world community of nations.

KEY POINT: In reality the New World Order has been with US for well over 100 years.  Ever since the Federal Reserve System was established in the United States of America, the NWO globalists have effectively ruled the world.  Even before the FED was formed in 1913, the bankster elites have governed nations, controlled societies, and managed trade and commerce the world over.


Now here they are in 2018 and with their backs are up against the wall.

They have nowhere to go.  They have nowhere to hide.

The Internet has been humming 24/7 since the last century and that hum of damning information is only getting louder by the day.  The unparalleled explosion of truth about those who have ruthlessly controlled the entire planetary civilization is now reverberating around the globe.

Whether one researches the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers on the World Wide Web, the same search results indicate that these banksters finally got caught in the same web of deceit and deception.  Most are unaware that these two banking families are but fronts for the numerous Illuminati families that have operated surreptitiously since the Black Nobility gained notoriety post-Marco Polo (i.e. lated 13th century).

As a matter of historical fact, the real perpetrators behind the World Wars and Great Depressions have been revealed like never before.  Therefore, the NWO perps are between a rock and a hard place with not a whit of wiggle room.  So there’s no getting out of it this time…except, so they think, by starting a Third World War.

Of course, there is also the obsessive advancement of their NWO agenda.  Only by subjugating Russia (and China) can total world domination come closer to reality.  In fact, both world wars were started to prevent a powerhouse alliance from being formed between Germany and Russia.  The 20th century globalists knew from playing the Great Game that such an eventuality must be averted if global hegemony was to be achieved.  For more details, see: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Why Russia?

The Deep State now fears a “partnership for peace” between the United States and Russia more than anything else.  It used to fear the natural alliance between Russia and Germany, since the Anglo-American domination of the world would be genuinely threatened by such a powerful geopolitical relationship.  The two World Wars were engineered to pit Russia against Germany in order to preclude such a bloc from forming. The same Neocon cabal has been very busy setting up Europe for yet a Third World War by manipulating Merkel’s government (as well as the entire European Union) against Putin’s Kremlin.  The immigrant crisis that began with the wars in the Middle East and North Africa was literally manufactured to destabilize Europe as a precursor to World War III.

However, in the wake of the Trump presidency, Deep State now has a much bigger ‘problem’—the very real prospect of a United States-Russian Federation entente.  For this reason, the C.I.A. and MSM (mainstream media) have been beating the war drums like never before.  Russia has, overnight, become the whipping boy for everything wrong with the Democratic Party as well as the scapegoat for every major (and fictitious) security lapse in the USA.  The U.S. Intelligence Community will continue to fabricate patently false stories about the Trump Administration with respect to Russia as pre-emptive strikes to make any meaningful dialogue politically precarious.  At the request of the C.I.A., the MSM will also continue to publish fake news and naked propaganda in order to greatly inflame anti-Russian sentiment.

Whenever the Neocon cabal wants war, they pull out all the stops.  However, in 2017, their New World Order is under serious assault around the globe and war has become an apparent necessity.  Populist movements and nationalist revolutions are springing up like mushrooms across the planet. After the controlled demolition of the Global Economic and Financial System, the cabal considers war — World War III — as their only real option (just as they created the Great Depression to set the stage for World War II).  Inciting extreme Russophobia has been the means to starting the real big wars. World War III will be no different, unless Trump and Putin meet in broad daylight and declare Deep State the archenemy of We the People everywhere.  That’s the short story, now read on for the extended back story.
(Source: What’s really behind all the fabricated anti-Russia hysteria?)

Trump card

A careful reading of this short reality check indicates that a major war is but a foregone conclusion.  Whether it develops into a global conflict is less likely because there are major players who will not be goaded into world war.  That doesn’t mean the warmongers won’t try however.

There is one wild card in this analysis which has escaped attention.  It’s actually a Trump card which can significantly alter the current trajectory toward war.  That would be President Donald J. Trump.  He campaigned fervently as a peace candidate and his base will hold him to his word.

Hence, whether you are an avid Trump supporter or ardent Trump detractor, every peacemaker in highly encouraged to pray for his edification.  For his determination to keep his promises and keep the peace.  For his willingness to make peace wherever he can; and to refrain from prosecuting any and all wars.

President Trump must not fail in this regard.  He must resist being used as Israel’s puppet.  The POTUS especially has an obligation to the American people (and nations of the world) to investigate any false flag attacks before he reacts without evidence.  Otherwise, he risks taking the country to war based on a lie such as this: Major False Flag Ship Attack on U.S. Navy in Mediterranean Planned as Pretext for World War III


Bottom Line: 2018 is the “Year of Endings” even if Trump doesn’t drop another MOAB.

May, June, and July of 2018 are destined to be highly consequential.  The world community of nations is facing its greatest challenge since World War II.

Those who have dictated the destiny of the human race up for centuries are likewise confronted with prodigious and unforeseen obstacles.  And their plight only worsens by the day.  The power elite have quite deliberately created this highly combustible situation.

As a result, globalists are bumping up against nationalists with increasing frequency and ferocity.  Facing existential threats as they are, the globalists have everything to lose.  And the One World Government they seek is but pipe dream.

As long as the American people keep their right to bear arms, they stand as the last major bulwark against the curse of globalization.  However, they must also retain their right to freedom of speech.  This is why they were ratified as the First and Second Amendments; true liberty can only be guaranteed with both firmly in place.

May God Bless America!

State of the Nation
May 2, 2018

Special Note

The state of the global geopolitical chessboard has never been so precarious.  2018 is certainly shaping up to host a defining moment for humanity.   Circumstances are now conspiring to make sure that specifically timed events occur—monumental events!  Only in this way can much needed release and resolution begin to take place.

As a year of great consequence, it’s quite likely that 2018 will become an epochal year of endings.  Not only will this year of completions bring extraordinary change, the international order will begin the process of profound and fundamental transformation.  Right now, however, we are still in the calm before the storm.

Therefore, it has never been so important to stay centered, grounded and focused.  Once the trigger is pulled a whole series of dominoes will fall, each one crashing into the next.  Only when the dust settles will it will be possible to properly assess the situation and respond accordingly.  Until then, the time is getting shorter by the minute so vigilance is the buzzword for the next few months.

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