Today Is The 85th Anniversary of Gold Confiscation In The USSA

One of the worst years in the history of fasco-communist USSA history was 1913, when both the income extortion tax was instituted, and the private Federal Reserve banking cartel took control of the US government.
1933 was the next worst year, since after the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression, they then used it as the pretense to confiscate gold exactly 85 years to the date on April 5, 1933.

Details are very slim on bitcoin inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, but according to him, his birthday is April 5, 1975, marking his 43rd birthday today.

It is likely no coincidence that Satoshi chose April 5th as his supposed birthday, as many of the details related to bitcoin also mock or point to other egregious dates and events.

Like when the cryptocurrency experiment was launched and the first fifty bitcoins (the so-called genesis block) were mined, in January of 2009, Satoshi included this line of text along with the data: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.

And here we stand, more than 100 years since the takeover of the US by the Federal Reserve and exactly 85 years to the date since tax slaves in the land of the free were forced to turn in their gold.
It has been ten years since interest rates have been held under 1%, money printing by the Federal Reserve continues at banana republic levels, the US government goes further and further into debt and the latest emperor—the Great Orange One—continues to wage both military and economic war while locking down the borders ahead of the great collapse.

Interestingly, many of Trump’s supporters actually think he is locking down the borders to keep people out. I guess they’ll find out soon enough what’s really going on

This will all play out over the next few years with all fiat currencies inevitably collapsing, ending with the US dollar and creating a monetary, financial and economic collapse of biblical proportions. The Great Depression in 1929 will look like the good ol’ days by the time it is all over.Satoshi Nakamoto had the vision to see this was all coming and so he gave the world a gift in 2009—a decentralized, non-central bank controlled cryptocurrency which could, if the power and internet stays on through the collapse, allow people to continue on and rebuild after the collapse.Bitcoin is currently down over 65% from its highs in January when we told TDV subscribers to take profits.We still haven’t put out a major buy on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as we could still have some more selloff ahead.

But, we are getting close to the time to buy back in again (subscribe HERE for all our calls and predictions).And, if you don’t own any cryptocurrency, you really should make sure you have at least a small percentage in your portfolio, along with gold and silver, and even some lead (bullets) for what is coming.You may notice the US government is rushing as quickly as it can to try to confiscate firearms now, including an orchestrated propaganda campaign using prisoners in government indoctrination camps as pawns, as they prepare for the final, planned implosion.You surely don’t hear this worldview analysis on CNN or any of the mainstream presstitute outlets. That’s because the revolution will not be televised.It won’t be televised but it will happen. I suggest you prepare now.

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