Trump Declares National Emergency! Tom Heneghan

Never in history has an American President stood up against such evil. With his recent executive order concerning seizing assets of people involved in child trafficking or fraud against the United States he’s in extreme danger. The deep state will try anything to kill him in the next 90 days before the bad guys get taken to prison! They will play every card they have but will not be successful! I believe God’s hand is on Donald Trump right now and as long as it is, he is untouchable from any force! Prayers certainly don’t hurt though so keep praying for all the evil to be exposed and for Trump to be victorious!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb cover many topics in this special Christmas Eve broadcast. Here are some of the topics covered.

Trump has declared the US in a state of National Emergency!

Trump’s executive order to seize property of the swamp is a GREAT thing of course! This had to be done before the prosecutions.

Andrew McCabe will be indicted.

The military tribunals are looking at 9/11 again and at Barack Obama’s narcotics trafficking!

Trump is being threatened right now. (note – I think Trump is the type who gets pissed when threatened and this might be what sent him over the edge to go full speed ahead on the prosecutions!)

Trump is getting bad advice on sending arms to Ukraine! This is against an agreement between Russia and the United States!

There is a tape coming out soon with Victoria Nuland plotting to overthrow Ukraine for Israel and the Bushes!

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