Trump Smashes Democrats ‘Attempted Coup,’ Now Comes Payback

President Donald Trump is thrilled with the findings of the Mueller reported that haunted his presidency for 675 days.

But that does not mean he is ready to make nice with the team of angry attorneys who made it their life’s mission to end his presidency.

They did not find collusion because there was none to be found, not because they like President Trump and wanted to help him.

And it is for that reason, that they did everything they could to find something that did not exist, that he is still enraged.

“Well, the Mueller report is interesting. After $35 million with 13 increased to 18 angry Democrats, people that truly hated Donald Trump, truly hated Trump, they found no collusion whatsoever with Russia,” he said. Open the Video

“But I could have told you that and so could most people, and so could have everybody that voted for me, which was a lot of people,” he said.

“So, after wasting all of this money and all of this time with people that were haters, people that worked on the Hillary Clinton Foundation, people that were absolutely haters of Trump, they found no collusion,” he said.

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